Russian ground-based kamikaze drone "Scorpion-M" used in the Northeast Military District zone


Near Krasnogorovka in the DPR, the Russian ground-based kamikaze drone “Scorpion-M” destroyed a stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. To destroy the opornik, it was used by fighters of the “Russian Hawks” detachment together with servicemen of the 110th brigade of the 1st Donetsk Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces.

The drone quickly overcame the difficult terrain and approached the shelter of the Ukrainian military. The footage taken by a drone shows enemy soldiers hiding in holes in the forest belt. As soon as the Scorpion M reached the opronik, the operator remotely detonated it. Judging by the powerful explosion, the robot was equipped with an anti-tank mine.

It was previously reported that Russian Lancet loitering ammunition remains one of the main means of defeating the Ukrainian military equipment in the SVO area. In the last few days alone, three MLRS launchers have been destroyed using these UAVs. One of the targets hit was the Soviet Grad MLRS, which is in service with the army of the Kyiv regime.

Here are two other cases deserve closer attention. The fact is that the Lancet’s catch was a rare Croatian MLRS RAK-12, mounted on the chassis of an HMMWV armored car. With the help of these systems, nationalists are able to fire at short distances, hitting the advancing infantry of the Russian Armed Forces.
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    15 May 2024 13: 03
    Interesting video.
    What do props look like? Lunar landscape in an open field. green. And a hole in the ground.