The oddities with the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the successes of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kharkov region are analyzed


This is the fifth day of offensive operations by the Russian Armed Forces in the north of the Kharkov region. The zone of Russian control is systematically expanding, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are retreating deeper into the territory. Row Russian и Ukrainian Experts have already noticed that something is wrong with the defense of Ukraine in this area.

An analysis of what is happening made it possible to clarify a number of reasons and circumstances that affect both the defense capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the pace of advancement of the RF Armed Forces. Firstly, the defensive structures of the “Zelensky Line” have disappeared somewhere in this area, along with huge amounts of money and PR on the Internet. Secondly, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine itself has not yet shown sufficient flexibility in making decisions aimed at containing the Russian group “North”.

What is striking is that all the firing positions where artillery and armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were destroyed in recent days were dug out around the same time. They had no camouflage and were not equipped in any way. At the same time, the area itself was well targeted by the Russian military, which made it possible to hit Ukrainian forces as they deployed.

In addition, about 90% of all positions were not filled by personnel. In fact, the Ukrainian command limited itself to setting up barriers, rather than creating a defense in depth in the border areas. This indicates that Kyiv is limited in reserves and resources, since Ukrainian officials, who spent several months talking about the “inevitable Russian offensive on Kharkov,” never bothered to prepare for defense.

As for the Russian troops, it is worth noting the successful destruction of a significant number of Ukrainian air defense systems (mobile air defense systems) right on the march. This indicates high-quality reconnaissance and visual control of adjacent roads, even dirt roads. At the same time, Russian artillery and aviation actively supported the advancing ground assault units.

Thus, the creation of a buffer zone on the territory of the Kharkov region is developing quite successfully for Russia. But there is no point in talking about taking Kharkov in the near future. First, it is necessary to ensure that the specified buffer zone is created, the units are consolidated, and the cannon artillery reaches the huge city. After this, it is necessary to create the prerequisites for a successful assault - to strengthen the “North” group, since implementation will require more troops than for the buffer zone, which should protect the Belgorod region from enemy shelling and raids by enemy DRGs.
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  1. +17
    14 May 2024 21: 26
    All sorts of expressions are constantly heard: Minsk, Istanbul, gestures of goodwill, grain deal, agreements, sanitary zone..... and again the buffer zone sounds, but the Russian authorities have no words: Victory over the enemy, capitulation of Kyiv. In the Russian Federation, what is the goal of the Northern Military District, is the creation of a buffer zone? Then let's create a buffer zone along the borders (1975) of Ukraine in the territories of Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia. What naivety or betrayal of Russian interests. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have missiles and drones with a range of 3000 km. What size buffer zone is needed to prevent missiles from reaching Belgorod??? Time will tell what strange things the RF Armed Forces will do. There is only one way out, the liquidation of Ukraine as a state, the return of the territory of Ukraine to Russia. If you leave Ukraine, the war will be eternal.
  2. +9
    14 May 2024 22: 45
    We're tired of posting about this fabulous "buffer zone"! For whom is this nonsense, for “dear partners” as an excuse?! Russians already know the truth.
    And in this notorious zone, it’s not people who live, they don’t give a damn about the war and don’t care about them?! Either Russia or not, there is no third option. And so on until the end, to the Polish border!
  3. +8
    14 May 2024 22: 48
    Yes, this strange war is not going on “with” Ukraine, but “on” Ukraine. With the West, because what is Ukraine without the West? When a significant amount of dill understands that the alternative is to really die and that’s it, then things will move forward. That’s why they don’t say in the Kremlin what and how, because they themselves don’t know yet. Victory will be certain, but the format... It may be different. Otherwise they will say, but you will have to achieve something completely different. It already was.
    1. +8
      14 May 2024 23: 56
      Ukraine was deliberately destroyed and the question arises: is it necessary to give at least part of this land to those people who destroyed the country, non-Russian Ukrainians?
      The national fuss began in the nineteenth century. This concerned not only Ukraine, but also Hitler, Israel...
      I’m not a historian, but it couldn’t have happened without the British, no way.

      War is not strange. The world is strange. What is clear is that the British built their bastards ineffectively, poorly managed and falling apart.
      USA, Canada, Australia... Israel. Once upon a time, the British began to build all this. Then they seemed to give up. Or they pretend to quit. And they left the EU and abandoned them. But the trace remained. The only language left to manage all these buildings is English. They are struggling with the Russian language. The monarchs were exterminated.

      And the United States is at war again, again for independence. As I understand it, Jewry is actively involved. But they can’t cope. smile
  4. 0
    15 May 2024 05: 28
    After all, we are talking about a buffer zone. If this is really the case, then it is a pity that there is no serious offensive. Not to Kharkov, of course - that’s too early, but to the flank of the Kupyan group.
  5. +5
    15 May 2024 08: 29
    Buffer zone?!
    Well, what kind of buffer zone could there be in a world war?
    In which active hostilities between the parties have not even begun yet?
    Who can say with confidence that the SVO will end in a month, in a year, in three?
    The West has not retreated even half a step from its stated goals.
    Maybe Russia has achieved its stated goals?!
    How many Western sanctions have been lifted? None?!
    This means that everything is just beginning and all verbal statements are a verbal fog of war.
    1. +1
      15 May 2024 13: 16
      The West is waging an information war against the Russian Federation, and Moscow is responding in kind. It doesn’t matter what it’s called: NWO zone or buffer zone, the result is important. By liberating Kharkov and Sumy, the Russian Armed Forces will prevent shelling of Russian cities and villages by the Nazis and Bandera’s Armed Forces.
  6. +2
    15 May 2024 12: 26
    until this Nazi entity called Ukraine is liquidated, until then all these buffer or sanitary zones will move to the west, so the result is clear, this is liquidation, the only question is whether it will take a long time and with interruptions for agreements, or will it end in the current war
  7. +1
    15 May 2024 17: 59
    line ze... the funds for its construction were stolen and it itself initially had no meaning.