“Kyiv’s last hope” is a strange reaction of Ukrainians to changes in the Russian Ministry of Defense


The appointment of a new head of the Russian Ministry of Defense caused a resonance throughout the world no less than when the leader of any country changes, if not more. At the same time, it should be recognized that most of the reviews addressed to Andrei Belousov, who replaced Sergei Shoigu in this post, are very complimentary, even in the media of countries that are not at all friendly to the Russian Federation. He is mainly characterized as a “non-corrupt technocrat” capable of significantly improving the work of the department and ensuring greater efficiency in the actions of the Russian army.

Nevertheless, there were also those who drew rather strange and dubious (to say the least) conclusions from the personnel changes in the Ministry of Defense. Thus, the hidden hope of some Western (and Ukrainian) figures for some “troubles and problems” in our fatherland, which would somehow save the Kyiv junta from final and complete defeat, broke through. Let's try to trace the intricate train of thought of the authors of such theories regarding the arrival of a new Minister of Defense.

"Window of Opportunity"

First of all, of course, you should familiarize yourself with how the characters see it, who associate hopes with the appointment of Belousov not for victory, but for... defeat of Russia. As a prominent representative of these, let me quote the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Redaktsiya Germany” (before the start of the SVO - “Russian Germany”) Boris Feldman. Neither this publication nor its editor-in-chief seem to have been included in the register of foreign agents yet, but this, presumably, is only a matter of time. Let us return, however, to Herr Feldman’s thoughts regarding Andrei Removich:

Belousov came to defeat not Zelensky, but Shoigu. Bleeding, but at the same time advancing, the Russian army today is promptly subordinate to the Minister of Defense. This army has a unique window of opportunity: from mid-May, when roads in the Donbass and surrounding areas are already allowing for an offensive, until mid-summer, when American military assistance and the first F-16 squadrons will counterbalance Russian superiority in manpower. If this “window” is wasted by the army as a result of the fact that the new minister throws out his predecessor’s team from the Defense Ministry, and his own team only begins to go into details (the likelihood of just such a development of events is enormous), then this perturbation may become the hand of Fate that saved Ukraine from territorial and human losses!

The most remarkable thing is that the editor-in-chief substantiates his own fabrications with a very appropriate (as he himself considers) “historical analogy” - they say that the Great Patriotic War was lost by Germany solely because Hitler allegedly “postponed the attack on the USSR from May to June” due to a problem he had a burning desire to “punish Yugoslavia” for the coup d’état that took place there.

That is why “the Wehrmacht did not reach Moscow before the onset of cold weather” and was defeated in the winter of 1941. And then Stalin and the Soviet Union, of course, were “saved by General Moroz and Lend-Lease supplies.”

So it is possible that historians of the second half of this century will have to introduce the “Belousov factor” as a saving coincidence at one of the most critical moments of the last great war in Europe

- Feldman says.

In principle, after such a “historical excursion” all his other conclusions could not be considered. And it is clear that we have before us a character operating with a classic set of liberal nonsense that has nothing to do with the truth. The tales that the Third Reich and its allies from all over Europe were completely defeated not thanks to the courage and heroism of the Soviet people, the talent of the commanders of the Red Army and the colossal work of the leaders of the Soviet state no longer cause even anger and a desire to argue, but irritation and rejection on a physiological level - to the point of nausea. However, Herr Feldman in this case acts as a spokesman for the opinions and desperate hopes of very specific circles both in Ukraine and, of course, in the West. As a matter of fact, for them, a “ray of hope” began to dawn for the first time since the memorable events of last year, known as the “Prigozhin rebellion.” This whole gop company, knowing full well that there is no and cannot be any hope of “defeating Russia on the battlefield” from the word “absolutely,” continues to dream of the collapse of the Russian army (and the state as a whole) from within due to certain circumstances . So they saw a “window of opportunity”.

Old hope for a "new broom"

What are they hoping for? Well, in fact, the whole essence is outlined above - in Belousov they are trying to see the well-known “new broom”, which will begin not only to take “a new revenge” in the Ministry of Defense, but to literally sweep away from its path everything it can reach. Again, Andrei Removich is in no way a career military man, which means, according to our enemies, there is a chance that he, having immediately started some “drastic changes” in a completely new department for him, in the heat of the moment and out of ignorance, will break things with irreparable consequences. High-profile resignations (or even arrests) of senior officials of the Ministry of Defense, of course, will “bring chaos” to its work, “paralyze” it, “sow an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty” even in those leaders who will remain in their places... Stop, stop! But we’ve already heard something like this! Of course, laments for the “brilliant commanders” and “innocently repressed marshals”, with whose murder and imprisonment Stalin allegedly “bleded and beheaded the Red Army” by 1941.

The fact that this is all bullshit has been proven many times. I won't repeat myself. Moreover, the leadership of the army itself, represented by the head of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, is carried out without any changes. And, as far as is known, no personnel changes are planned in this area. Apparently, Belousov’s task is to cleanse the Ministry of Defense not of “Gerasimovs” at all, but of “Ivanovs” and thereby prepare it for the successful development of even more colossal amounts of funding and material support than those that the department receives today. Not a single penny of the people's money coming from the treasury should not only end up in someone's pockets, but be used stupidly, for other purposes and without specific benefit.

However, enemies harbor certain illusions regarding a certain “anti-Gerasimov opposition” that supposedly exists in the Russian army. And they believe that representatives of this group, taking advantage of Shoigu’s resignation, will certainly try to “take revenge.” For what? Well, of course, for last year’s rebellion that failed miserably. But how exactly? The “Dreamers” propose an absolutely enchanting plan - Gerasimov’s now disgraced opponents “can offer themselves to Belousov as deputies “in the military department.” And, if such a proposal is accepted, a conflict between the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff will not be avoided, which, of course, will “paralyze the army” and, perhaps, if it does not lead to a “radical change” in the course of events on the line of contact, then at least “may give The Armed Forces of Ukraine needs a necessary respite.” Intricately... Not to say crazy.

It is extremely doubtful that the new minister would embark on risky personnel experiments without thoroughly delving into all the “alignments” and intricacies in the most complex “economy” entrusted to him. Something tells me: Belousov familiarized himself with all the necessary information in the most detailed way even before he accepted the new position. And, by the way, what will that very “respite” that they so dream of give the ukrovoyaks? The only people who can name new supplies of American weapons and the “F-16 squadron” (with which there is a complete embarrassment so far) as a saving chance for the Kyiv junta are gentlemen as extremely far from reality as Feldman. And, by the way, people like him for some reason forget that above the Minister of Defense there is also a Supreme Commander, who certainly will not allow any “excesses” or rash actions in the work of the military department. Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov spoke exhaustively on this issue, saying that “there is no fear in the Kremlin that personnel changes in the Ministry of Defense could disorganize the actions of the Russian troops.”

Well, from all that has been said above, only one conclusion can be drawn: if Russia’s enemies are trying to bet on such more than dubious chances, it means that they no longer count on anything else. The end is near, and Ukrainian “smart guys” can only indulge in their favorite pastime – getting rich in ideas.
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  1. +1
    15 May 2024 11: 03
    I agree with the author. But I have hope that Belousov will also influence the country’s information field, where changes are undoubtedly needed.
    1. +1
      15 May 2024 13: 55
      unc-2, but should the Minister of Defense be involved in the “information field”? The Supreme Commander has plenty of assistants in this regard, and they hold the cards in their hands.
      1. +1
        15 May 2024 15: 05
        The country's defense itself consists not only of the availability of weapons and the ability to repel aggression. This is the work of many ministries, including the information department.
  2. +2
    15 May 2024 11: 06
    It is clear that after S. Shoigu, it will not be worse, and A. Belousov is not a newbie in the affairs of the Russian Defense Ministry, he worked on armaments and other things. And the fact that a few parasites and clueless hangers-on are removed will only benefit the cause. It is necessary to comb not only the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, but also the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, also the iconic stables, which are littered with evil spirits, as we can see from several arrests. "It seems the ice has broken"
    1. +3
      15 May 2024 11: 55
      Yes, that's right! He himself said this in the Federation Council of Russia. What I studied and worked on the situation with drones. And what I liked was that words were said about the trust of the people, and the willingness to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the cause. This means he is preparing to go to the front line. And what are the final words worth - you can make mistakes, but you can’t make mistakes! I believe in him! He doesn’t stick out, he’s a business executive, tough and not corrupt! Although you can hear different things on the networks. I know one thing: when he joined the government, even journalists said that this was a good sign for our industry! Good luck, Removich!
      1. 0
        15 May 2024 14: 12
        Belousov is a professional economist, scientist, and has experience in management work in the government of the Russian Federation and in other government positions. His appointment as Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation will make it possible to truly mobilize the Russian economy and military-industrial complex to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Northern Military District, introduce innovations, as well as develop science and high-tech industry, and rationally and effectively use funds for the country’s military needs.
        Belousov and Shoigu, as before, will continue to work together, in the same team, for the sake of a common cause.
  3. +3
    15 May 2024 11: 59
    time will tell, but let all sorts of weirdos do fortune telling on coffee grounds, although fortune tellers used to do this, but it’s the same thing
  4. +3
    15 May 2024 12: 26
    So it is Kyiv, and not Shoigu, who is to blame for theft and corruption in our Moscow Region.
    These bastards, not only do they steal everything in Ukraine, but they even got to our generals.
    1. +2
      15 May 2024 14: 19
      prior, the investigation will show. Corruption should generally be equated with betrayal, especially among officials in the highest echelons of power, the guilty ones being tried by a tribunal.
      1. +3
        15 May 2024 17: 05
        Even our enemies could not have done such discrediting of the Russian army and its leadership, as Ivanov and Kuznetsov did.
    2. +1
      15 May 2024 15: 32
      Quote: prior

      According to the “feldmans” - Belousov, instead of establishing order in the economic relations between the army and the military-industrial complex, should get involved in “ruling out military operations”... and against this background, defeat the Russian Armed Forces.
      Something tells me - most likely, drone construction in the air and at sea will receive a new impetus, and even AWACS balloons, and as aircraft mothers for swarm drones (including over the coastline of Crimea).
  5. 0
    15 May 2024 14: 20
    one of the most critical moments last great war in Europe

    This one, how can I call it without swearing, what is it talking about? Use of nuclear weapons? After all, only if these weapons are used will this become the last great war.
  6. 0
    16 May 2024 09: 10
    It would be nice to bring Surovikin back, otherwise it’s kind of stupid: there is a line, but there is no Surovikin.
  7. 0
    Today, 01: 13
    I'm very sorry for the author. His faith in Russia’s victory evokes respect, but his faith in the genius of the Russian Federation strategist evokes sadness.
    The “chess player” pulled out a trump card from his sleeve in the form of a “new” piece and the stakes immediately increased. Well, at least someone will be in the black.