The Russian Army adopted the Bulava ICBM.


The sea-based Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile has been adopted by the Russian Armed Forces. The agency reports this with reference to the general designer of the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering Yuri Solomonov TASS. The developer of the intercontinental ballistic missile clarified that the decree on its adoption was signed on May 7 of this year.

On May 7 this year, a decree was signed on the adoption of the Bulava missile system.

- said Solomonov.

Let us remind you that the Bulava sea-based strategic missile is the latest Russian solid-fuel ballistic missile. Its carriers are Project 955/955A nuclear submarines.

According to the stated characteristics, the launch weight of the rocket is 36,8 tons. It is capable of carrying six individually targeted nuclear units and has the ability to maneuver in course and altitude. As the developers note, the design of the Bulava ICBM includes a system for overcoming enemy missile defenses. The minimum range of the missile is eight thousand kilometers.

Note that the development of the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile began in the mid-1990s. The initial launches of this ammunition were unsuccessful.

We would like to add that on November 5, 2023, the fourth-generation nuclear submarine Emperor Alexander III launched the Bulava missile as part of the completion of state acceptance.
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  1. +1
    14 May 2024 15: 54
    The minimum range of the missile is eight thousand kilometers.

    Well, this is unlikely, the minimum range of action for ICBMs, according to the agreement, must be at least 5500 km (3500 according to another interpretation), and 8000 km is the minimum declared version of the maximum range.
  2. +1
    14 May 2024 21: 51
    Those. we are imposing a nuclear arms race on the West, primarily the United States, which is still armed with Minuteman missiles, which, according to regulations, should have ceased their service in 1999...
    They will have to shell out a lot to fend off our actions and create their own new samples.
    In essence, this is our adequate response to NATO’s current attacks on us.
  3. 0
    14 May 2024 22: 35
    That is, Bulava has been on duty for 10 years, and she was accepted only now?
    1. +1
      15 May 2024 10: 52
      Not such miracles happen in the Ministry of Defense.
      There, probably, according to the documents, the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov has been in service for several years.
      How much money was spent on the Nitka complexes, and what?
      Everything is like in the fairy tale about Pinocchio - a field of miracles in the land of fools.
      Is not it?
  4. 0
    16 May 2024 02: 11
    Actually, the mace is a blow to the security of Russia. Crude, unfinished, inferior in throw weight and range even to 40-year-old Minuteman missiles. This is what the behind-the-scenes games of the Moscow Region have brought
  5. +1
    17 May 2024 19: 17
    The blow to the security of the Russian Federation was dealt in the “holy” 90s, when they foolishly cut everything that the thieving hands of the “reformers” could get their hands on for scrap!