The Ukrainian command fled from Kupyansk, leaving cover units in the city


The entire leadership of the brigades of the operational group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces left Kupyansk and moved beyond Kharkov. State Duma deputy Viktor Vodolatsky, coordinator for interparliamentary relations with the LPR parliament, told the RT television channel about this. According to him, only cover units remained in the village.

This suggests that they do not hope that they will be able to stop the advance of our “West” group... Russian forces in the Kharkov direction have a huge advantage, even Zelensky admits this

– Vodolatsky emphasized.

He added that every day Russian troops liberate not only fortified areas, but also two or three settlements.

Let us note that the critical situation of the Ukrainian army in the Kharkov region is also recognized in Kyiv. In particular, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov*, stated that he no longer has any reserve units that could be transferred to the Kharkov region.

Meanwhile, according to Ukrainian military analysts, the Russian Armed Forces may soon launch an offensive in the Sumy region. The day before, a large-scale artillery preparation had been carried out there. Local authorities have already announced the evacuation of civilians from the cities of Belopole and Vorozhba.

Let us remind you that the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kharkov region began several days ago. During this time, the Russian military took control of more than ten settlements.
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    14 May 2024 12: 56
    It went well..
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    14 May 2024 13: 01
    Not yet a BREAKTHROUGH of the defense - but soon! soldier
  3. 0
    14 May 2024 13: 06
    I suspect the Russians are even surprised with the collapse of the defense.
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    14 May 2024 13: 12
    It's time to introduce the last reserve - the Verkhovna Rada, with commander Zelensky.
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    14 May 2024 13: 32
    The last 4 articles here on the site in the "News" section - the song is simple! drinks
    Keep it up!
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    14 May 2024 15: 55
    The elite gave in, leaving candidates for the elite as cover. It remains to be seen how long the cover's candidate's term will last.
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    14 May 2024 16: 22
    We need, we need to advance in the Sumy region, but if we also advance in the Shostka region towards Kyiv (and there are almost no fortifications there at all), then this means that a certain General Gerasimov finally remembered before the face of the new Chief (I wonder why before the face VG did not remember before) that at the school (KVTKU) and at the Academies (named after Malinovsky and the General Staff) he passed (by, or?) not only the science of Tactics, but it turns out the science of Strategy too. Even the beloved teachers of the highest warriors - the Ukrainian fascists Keitel (OKW) together with Guderian (OKH) could not have withstood such a stretching of the front line. And if Belarus had also been involved in the matter, then already this year the Strange Military Operation would have turned into a Complete Military Operation (CVO), allowing the Russian Federation to go forward without being distracted. But alas, unlike some leaders, the West clearly draws its “red lines” and never deviates from them, greatly frightening these Leaders. Or maybe this time they won’t be afraid of the West, after all, there is a real Scarecrow in response? But this question is no longer for Gerasimov...
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    16 May 2024 06: 55
    The Ukrainian command fled from Kupyansk having smeared its heels with high-quality Ukrainian lard.