The Russian military used an unmanned boat for the first time in the Northern Military District zone


Footage of the first use, and at the same time testing in real combat conditions, of a Russian unmanned attack boat (BEC-kamikaze) in the area of ​​the SVO has appeared on the Internet. The Telegram channel “There Beyond the Fogs” (the channel of an active special forces officer and his associates) informed the public about this on May 13.

The video shows how a high-speed and maneuverable vehicle approaches the shore and an explosion occurs (warhead detonation).

The first application of the project in the North-West region, made by the “Beyond the Fogs” team. We have come a difficult path, but we do not stop there. There is a lot of interesting things ahead

– says the publication under the video.

Near-war publics write that the team’s project “Beyond the Fogs” has gone through a difficult path and received support from the Russian Ministry of Defense (still under Minister Sergei Shoigu). Now Kamikaze BECs are “assembled in workshops” in the Tula region (Governor Alexey Dyumin) with the support of the regional government. There are no details at which plant the assembly is carried out and what quantities we are talking about.

It is noted that the specified BEC-kamikaze has a range of up to 250 km with a warhead of up to 250 kg of TNT equivalent. If you reduce the load, the device can cover a distance of 300 km. At the same time, there are also plans to increase the volume of warheads to 350 kg.

It is specified that this BEC-kamikaze of the “Beyond the Fogs” team is equipped with modern satellite modules and an inertial navigation system based on compass deviation, without providing details. Such a weapon system would be useful for destroying enemy infrastructure in sea and river ports, bridge supports, and various ships and vessels.

We remind you that at the end of November 2023, the management of the Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant announced some details about the first unmanned boat or sea drone in Russia, for which water-jet propulsion was assembled. It was stated that this BEC would be able to perform many functions, including being a platform for aerial drones or an anti-drone. It was said that the Russian Ministry of Defense could, by the end of 2023, receive a pilot batch of 10 units of universal BECs based on the GRK-700 Vizir hydrographic unmanned boat platform for testing in the northwestern military zone.

We call it a disposable boat. It is shallow-drafted, flat, with a minimum height above the water surface for low visibility. Speed ​​is about 80 kilometers per hour, range is more than 200 kilometers. Payload is about 600 kilograms: it can be TNT, special cargo, escort and reconnaissance equipment

– said then the managing director of the KMZ holding Mikhail Danilenko, but the results are still unknown.
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  1. +1
    14 May 2024 14: 28
    I wish success to Russian scientists and innovators!
  2. 0
    14 May 2024 15: 25
    Yes it's good. But it will not be useful in this basin of combat operations; rather, it will have to be used in the Baltic.
    1. -1
      14 May 2024 18: 24
      From what?
      In the Ukrainian Vyshgorod there is an excellent goal for our BEC - the Kyiv Sea dam.
      Its destruction can do many “good” deeds.....
    2. 0
      15 May 2024 14: 33
      Quote from Voo
      But it won’t be useful in this battlefield

      Well, why is it possible to sink ships with weapons for Ukraine like this? Just don’t say that these are not our methods.
      1. 0
        15 May 2024 14: 35
        If they wanted to sink them, they would have sunk them without these boats.
        1. 0
          15 May 2024 14: 37
          Quote from Voo
          If they wanted to sink them, they would have sunk them without these boats.

          How, after leaving Zmeinoye?
          1. 0
            15 May 2024 14: 41
            What's the problem? Do we have nothing to sink ships with? Aviation, rockets, etc., etc.
            1. 0
              15 May 2024 23: 47
              Ships are moving targets, and sinking them from afar is not easy using the methods mentioned.
              1. 0
                16 May 2024 00: 36
                It is you who will tell the Japanese about Midway Island.
                1. 0
                  16 May 2024 01: 29
                  Quote from Voo
                  It is you who will tell the Japanese about Midway Island.

                  I'm sorry, but I didn't quite understand the analogy.
  3. +2
    14 May 2024 20: 43
    A few notes. According to the video, the BEC did not reach the pier and the ship by 10-15 meters and was blown up, either by enemy opposition or by lack of precision control. It's a minor issue, will be fixed in the future. Such a BEC fire-ship is very noticeable and, with a stronger enemy, can be destroyed without reaching the target. It is necessary to move on to submerged BEC fire-ships, or directly to underwater ones, then the effectiveness will increase by an order of magnitude.
  4. 0
    15 May 2024 14: 58
    Evgeny Buzhinsky, a military expert, once said recently: I saw them meeting at the Ramstein airbase in Germany, everyone was cheerful, laughing, and meanwhile, on the escalation ladder, as they climbed, they no longer hesitate to jump over one step.
    Today there are apartment buildings with dozens of people in Belgorod. And tomorrow? Apartment buildings in Orel, Kursk, etc. Maybe in the near future it is worth announcing the completed assembly of a couple of dozen improved BEC-kamikazes, called “aircraft carrier killers”.