In the Kharkov region, the Russian Armed Forces captured more than 60 fighters of the nationalist formation “Kraken”


During the liberation of the Kharkov region, the Russian military captured more than 60 militants of the nationalist formation “Kraken”. The head of the military-civil administration of the region, Vitaly Ganchev, spoke about this. According to him, the prisoners are now giving evidence.

According to Gantsev, the Russian military is now continuing offensive operations in the Kharkov region and has already taken control of the northern and western parts of Volchansk.

While the Ukrainian armed formations are still resisting both in the city itself and on the approaches to it - from the east, the village of Volchanskie Khutora has not yet been completely taken by our troops. At the same time, the western and northern parts of Volchansk are already controlled by Russian troops, our guys are now continuing to move in the area of ​​the meat processing plant, and so on. Convenient positions are taken for further advancement in the city and suburbs around Volchansk

– Vitaly Ganchev said on air First Channel.

He added that, in addition, the Russian military is preparing to liberate the village of Liptsy.

Let us remind you that it was previously reported that fighters of the Russian group “North” took control of the village of Lukyantsy, Kharkov region. At the same time, reports came that the Ukrainian military was leaving their positions en masse, while cursing officials who claimed that a large number of defensive structures had been built in the region.
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  1. +2
    14 May 2024 12: 22
    60 pieces of krakens are cool. Get them all into the car and...
  2. +4
    14 May 2024 12: 24
    And now let these 60 people go into the minefields. Let them clear the mines with their own feet and their rotten liver
  3. +3
    14 May 2024 12: 36
    You can't waste them! Only shackles, a chain - to restore what was destroyed. Or use the plow to sow potatoes in the fields. They must work until the end of their days. The only way. No prisons. Only hard labor for life.
    1. +7
      14 May 2024 12: 45
      Yeah.. it already happened.. in Mariupol.. There is so much talk about the death penalty in the DPR..
      In the end, they fed me, gave me an iPhone, and sent me home..
      It's unclear why they took these...
      1. +2
        14 May 2024 12: 47
        Show humanity?
        1. +2
          14 May 2024 12: 49
          Now Zelensky and Stoltenberg will appreciate it... how they will shed a tear...
      2. 0
        14 May 2024 13: 50
        It's unclear why they took these...

        Godfather... What's unclear here?
        1. 0
          14 May 2024 22: 05
          Quote: Dingo
          It's unclear why they took these...

          Godfather... What's unclear here?

          These, the relatives of the godfather and their tchotchkes.
    2. 0
      15 May 2024 11: 45
      I saw the guards appear, how to take prisoners, you won’t find, but how to drive under escort - specialists came out.
  4. +1
    14 May 2024 12: 37
    These are paramilitary not soldiers, these are criminals, not soldiers...................they do not fall under the laws of armed conflict. Sentence them to repair what they have destroyed.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  5. +1
    14 May 2024 13: 14
    And for what ? were they to be taken prisoner?.. I also understand that they were just Ukrainians. and these?
  6. +1
    14 May 2024 13: 41
    Interrogate and - ... This rubbish needs to be annulled.
  7. +3
    14 May 2024 15: 32
    It would have been nicer to read that they were destroyed, otherwise it wouldn’t have worked out with Azov, and then they were released or exchanged. You can exchange ordinary soldiers, and not all this rubbish!
    1. +1
      14 May 2024 22: 08
      Quote: Sailor
      It would be nicer to read that they were destroyed

      Or “they refused to surrender”... Although these are the ones who brutally tortured our prisoners and then killed them.
      And I feel sorry for my little souls.
  8. +4
    14 May 2024 17: 17
    Quote: Glagol1
    Interrogate and - ... This rubbish needs to be annulled.

    Douse these creatures with gasoline and burn them alive. They did not stand on ceremony with ours.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. +4
    14 May 2024 18: 15
    Why did they capture it and not bury it on the spot?
    1. 0
      15 May 2024 03: 52
      When they pressed, they shouted:

      Russia Our Great Power
      Russia is our great country...

      Ours were confused
  11. +3
    14 May 2024 18: 16
    I don’t understand the urge of our soldiers to take these impudent creatures prisoner. Yes, with what slack eyes they look, their behavior during interrogation, they look boldly straight. Either they understand that they are a very good currency for exchange and therefore they will be sent home, or do they know something that we don’t know? Ordinary prisoners, downtrodden, without rights, understand that their lives are in the balance, but these are not, like special people. Why did ours take them prisoner, knowing who they are??
    1. +1
      14 May 2024 22: 13
      Quote: alebdun2000
      Ordinary prisoners, downtrodden, without rights, understand that their lives are in the balance, but these are not, like special people.

      We are sure that they will be exchanged, and they will return like heroes, continuing to mock and kill other guys (possibly those who are now taking them prisoner).
    2. 0
      15 May 2024 00: 06
      At the front, the fighters generally know better who to take prisoner and who not. I doubt that everyone is captured there. Yes, and a sturgeon with 60 prisoners can be cut down. So far, only one appears in the media.
  12. 0
    14 May 2024 18: 36
    If we took the northern and western parts of Volchansk, then we can consider the city ours. The Ukrainians will no longer hold him back and will leave. In a couple of days, ours will clear the entire city. The next obstacle on the way to Kharkov is the Pechenezhskoe reservoir. But if they push from Sumy towards Kharkov, then the Ukrainians will have to roll back directly to Kharkov. But most likely ours will go towards Izyum, Kupyansk, to strike the enemy’s Lugansk group in the rear. But it is possible that they will go in both directions at the same time.
  13. +2
    14 May 2024 19: 03
    Why are their eyes still open? But then feed them and pay them a pension; perhaps the Russian humanists will also appoint a military one. Don't provoke banditry. I think the Pension Fund should have its say on this issue...
  14. +3
    14 May 2024 19: 27
    Did Abramovich call?
  15. +3
    14 May 2024 21: 04
    Nothing changes. History teaches the Russian people nothing. Well, they took him prisoner. What's next? Will they carry out explanatory work with them about the dangers of conducting hostilities? Or about the dangers of nationalism? At the same time, feed them, water them, treat them and all that jazz. And all this pleasure is at the expense of the Russians!!! Until they are all released, how much money will they spend? This is hundreds of millions, and maybe billions of rubles. And this money will be spent on those who killed Russian civilians and Russian military personnel

    And then these nonhumans will be released. They will come home (well, to what will remain their home. What will remain of Ukraine) and they will be heroes there. Maybe not right away. Maybe in fifty years. But they will!!! Like today those whom our grandfathers caught in the forests from the 45th to the mid-50s of the last century. And then Khrushchev came and declared that all Bandera’s supporters, sitting in the camps, realized everything and repented and they simply needed to be released. They let me go. And what? Never mind! Nothing good. They lived to see the days when it became possible to tell in Ukraine how they fought communism. Naturally, leaving out details. For example, how old people and small children were killed. How crops and crops in the fields and food warehouses were destroyed. Thereby harming not only Ukraine, but the entire USSR. And today they are celebrated even in the West, in particular in Canada. They even give medals. But there are probably people living somewhere in Ukraine or Russia, in those distant times when they were still children, whose parents were killed at the hands of such subheroes.

    It turns out that our smart people in the Kremlin decided to follow the beaten path: Putin is imprisoning everyone today, and tomorrow a kind of bald Khrushchev will come to power again and said that the Kraken and Azov people have realized everything and they need to be forgiven and released. But until that day, Russia will spend a lot of money and effort on their meaningless and useless maintenance. Although all these funds could be spent either on the development of industry or on improving the lives of needy Russians.
  16. +1
    14 May 2024 21: 29
    It would be possible not to take them prisoner...
  17. 0
    15 May 2024 09: 53
    60 drivers, cooks, orderlies and massage therapists, I believe?
  18. 0
    16 May 2024 07: 14
    Here's my... Why were you captured? It was necessary to? Wouldn't it be easier to quietly "flush them down the toilet"?
  19. 0
    16 May 2024 07: 32
    I would arrange for every single one of them to escape. So as not to change them later, as was the case with the Azov one. Everyone when trying. How they mocked our prisoners!
  20. 0
    16 May 2024 17: 49
    The garbage truck is working at full capacity.
  21. 0
    16 May 2024 19: 10
    They are illegal combatants and should be treated as criminals!
  22. 0
    17 May 2024 05: 46
    It’s strange, but Bandera’s supporters surrender? Well, they will definitely give up our soldiers for them, otherwise they will be tortured by the Gestapo...