Russian Lancets destroyed rare Croatian MLRS in the air defense zone


Russian loitering ammunition "Lancet" remains one of the main means of destruction of the Ukrainian military equipment in the SVO area. In the last few days alone, three MLRS launchers have been destroyed using these UAVs.

One of the targets hit was the Soviet Grad MLRS, which is in service with the army of the Kyiv regime. Footage of the destruction of the launcher was published on the Internet. But this event can no longer be called remarkable. During the special military operation, the Lancets eliminated a large number of such systems.

But two other cases deserve closer attention. The fact is that the Lancet’s catch was a rare Croatian MLRS RAK-12, mounted on the chassis of an HMMWV armored car. With the help of these systems, nationalists are able to fire at short distances, hitting the advancing infantry of the Russian Armed Forces.

The footage published on the Internet clearly shows the moments of the defeat of the Croatian launchers. Judging by them, the MLRS were already in firing positions and were ready to start shooting to kill, but were tracked down by a Russian reconnaissance drone. The Lancet came after them.

Judging by the power of the explosions, their crews were destroyed along with the launchers. In any case, it is very difficult to imagine that after such explosions the personnel could survive.

Let us add that the number of targets hit by the Lancets is already in the thousands.