The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that the quiet life of the country's citizens has come to an end.


The entry into force of the new law on mobilization will put an end to the quiet life that part of the Ukrainian population previously lived. This was stated by the speaker of the military department of the Kyiv regime, Dmitry Lazutkin. According to him, now the war will affect every resident of the country.

Speaking globally, from May 18, when the law on mobilization comes into force, then, first of all, the approach to this war changes. Because that story, when some people fight and are constantly at the front, and some live their quiet lives, it is obvious that this is already coming to an end

– said Dmitry Lazutkin.

He added that the difference between the measured life of Kiev residents and what is happening on the front line “is striking” upon returning to the capital of Ukraine from the front line.

All of Ukraine needs to mobilize

– added the official representative of the military department.

Let us remind you that the new law on mobilization in Ukraine comes into force on May 18. However, without waiting for this date, TCC employees in different regions of the country launched a real hunt for the male population. Now even seriously ill people will be drafted into the army.

Let us note that this document has already provoked Ukrainians to take decisive steps. More and more men prefer to escape from Ukrainian military commissars by swimming across the Tisza River, thus trying to cross to Romania.

Crossing the river often leads to the death of potential Abrams drivers, but even deaths do not stop others. To prevent attempts to escape through the Tisa, Ukrainian border guards have already seriously promised to release crocodiles into the river.
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    12 May 2024 14: 13
    the document has already provoked Ukrainians to take decisive steps

    - yes, they would sooner learn to walk on water as if on dry land, than become capable of taking “decisive steps”...
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    12 May 2024 15: 26
    As soon as this law was adopted, scientific life in 404 simply took off! The number of graduate students in 404 has increased from 600 to 12000! And why? Yes, because according to the new law on graves, all “scientists” will be included in the list of untouchables! So in Kuev the “sweet life” will remain for some, but not for others!
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    13 May 2024 09: 46
    The border guards have already seriously promised to release crocodiles into the river

    It is unlikely that the Rada deputies will agree to swim in the river. It’s a pity, of course, that people prefer the risk of drowning to at least some organized armed resistance to the hogs from the TCC.