NATO and Russia are gradually approaching direct confrontation


The situation around Ukraine and the confrontation between Russia and the West is increasingly reminiscent of a spiral of escalation. This term in international relations refers to a situation in which two sides are slowly but persistently moving towards outright war through gradual steps ostensibly aimed at containing the other side. Responsible Statecraft magazine writes about this in an article by political scientist Connor Echols.

As the conflict drags on, hawkish elements in the West and Russia have managed to force their leaders to take steps once considered sufficient to lead to further escalation.

In fact, Moscow is upping the ante with nuclear threats, and NATO and Russia are moving closer to direct confrontation as hopes for negotiations remain futile.

The mere mention by Russian leader Vladimir Putin of the risks of using nuclear weapons in response to America’s actions in Ukraine and in the world was enough to cause a nervous reaction in the West. Such statements are very worrying for Washington, which is trying to avoid any escalation of a direct war between NATO and Russia.

The State Department called the nuclear weapons talk "reckless" but reassured some fearful people by saying the United States does not expect nuclear weapons to be used in Ukraine in the short term.

Fearing a potential defeat for Ukraine, Western Europe and the United States are increasingly signaling that they are taking off the proverbial gloves by challenging

Echols writes.

While Washington has secretly provided long-range missiles to Kyiv, the Biden administration has also made clear that those weapons can only be used against targets inside what allies consider to be Ukrainian territory, a restriction aimed at drawing a line between Russia's red lines and needs. Ukraine.

From Russia's perspective, all of these recent moves are likely aimed at restoring deterrence. But that doesn't make them any less scary. politicians in the West. Russia feels the same way as Western strategists respond to this fear with their own efforts to restore deterrence.
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    11 May 2024 09: 26
    Well, there is no subject for negotiations. Only surrender. Russia is not ready to talk about annexed territories. But the West is not yet ready to capitulate.
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    11 May 2024 09: 46
    Well, here the NATO members are confident, due to the power of delusions of grandeur and superiority, that we will be the first to blink and turn on the reverse... we will ask for mercy and negotiations with surrender.
    The Russian Foreign Ministry has seen the light and stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are using British weapons against Russian regions... and what next?
    The United States is disclaiming responsibility for the Ukrainian Armed Forces' strikes on civilian targets in Russia, said Russian Ambassador to the States Anatoly Antonov. According to him, the American administration is indifferent to the fact that US weapons destroy civilian objects on Russian territory.

    “The White House is hypocritically shrugging off responsibility for these strikes. Meanwhile, missiles are falling on residential buildings and schools in Donbass, Crimea, and the Belgorod region,” Antonov said.

    He added that Kiev forgot about the promise given to sponsors not to use Western weapons against targets in Russia.
    All these strikes with Western weapons became possible because we allow them to be done; there is no adequate response to those countries that incite Kyiv terrorists to attack civilian targets with Western weapons. Recently, someone hinted that we, too, can strike at the same Great Britain, we can also supply the Houthis with our missiles, which I have been calling for for several months now, and that again everything has died down, just empty chatter, and no action. Why shouldn’t the Westerners attack Russia, since it allows it and does not react properly. They sense weakness, so they will press even more.
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      11 May 2024 21: 38
      We will ask for mercy and negotiations with surrender.

      Maybe Putin didn’t lie.. when he spoke about heaven.. I would even believe him this time..
      But it’s not Putin who decides everything...
      Any of “you” who are “fighting” as a minister/oligarch for billions stolen from the people.. would decide to die along with America, or request negotiations??
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    11 May 2024 10: 07
    Someone has to capitulate. Either one or the other. Nobody wants negotiations.
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      11 May 2024 21: 41
      This is the trouble..
      We ourselves have brought the situation to such a stage that now the West cannot afford to capitulate.
      Everyone got involved too much... not even financially, but politically...
      It’s not for nothing that Macron says that their fate also depends on Ukraine.. Of course, he understands that we would not attack France.. But this is damage to everything Western, the loss of power in the world, and of money, of course..
      So they will go to the end!!
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    11 May 2024 10: 11
    Putin has already done and said enough to never be accepted or forgiven in the West.
    This means the escalation will continue.
  5. +5
    11 May 2024 10: 48
    While some will continue to chew snot, America and Europe will not stop increasing pressure on us; tomorrow they will deliver aircraft and military units, the day after tomorrow long-range missiles, then tactical nuclear weapons, etc. And all this is due to the reluctance to respond to the supply of Javelins in due time. We must respond firmly and powerfully not only to Khokhlostan/Ukroreich, but also to those territories whose representatives are actively participating in hostilities in Ukraine as advisers, instructors, missile system operators, and intelligence representatives.. Otherwise, there is no way we can avoid a global nuclear war !((
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      11 May 2024 11: 29
      And how to do it? Tough answer? The same France, USA, Britain?
      1. +2
        11 May 2024 11: 32
        Quote: Strange guest
        And how to do it? Tough answer? The same France, USA, Britain?

        Start with a complete severance of diplomatic relations and the seizure of all property and assets of disloyal foreigners from the G7 in Russia. We will get to this anyway...
        1. +1
          11 May 2024 14: 08
          So and so we arrest. Does not help. And break off diplomatic relations. So maybe no one is against it. This is not a harsh answer.
      2. 0
        11 May 2024 21: 44
        We are lucky.. we don’t get 5 lyams a day to deal with such issues..
        But every question must have an answer!!
        In the end, the West somehow plays its own game...
  6. +1
    11 May 2024 11: 42
    As soon as the West curtsies towards Putin, the ice will melt and offshore companies and real estate will bloom in a new way. Just what is needed for this? Choose the “right” elite. The current one has such a whiff of salesmanship that even professional traders of their homeland in the West are losing their spirit. But Putin has problems with this; his past upbringing does not allow him to change horses midstream.
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    11 May 2024 16: 52
    All statements that no one will use nuclear weapons are in the realm of slogans, you never know what they write on fences. At this rate, anything can happen. Military-political deadlock. How to get out of it? Nobody wants to lose face, not to mention money. Therefore, everyone will fight until the end and for a long time. The Russian authorities do not want to make a decision. There is a solution for the Russian Federation, a simple one. The Russian Federation is holding a referendum, as Venezuela held on December 3, 2023, for annexing part of the territory of Guyana. Then a law of the Russian Federation is issued, in which it will be written that the entire territory of Ukraine, within the borders of 1975, is an integral part of Russia. As a result, all interested parties save their faces. The conflict in Ukraine is coming to an end.
    1. +2
      11 May 2024 20: 05
      If there is some kind of military-political deadlock, it is only for us. And it was precisely the strategy of “many cuts” that drove Russia into it, when they try to solve the strategic tasks of destroying Nazism using police methods.
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    11 May 2024 21: 33
    NATO and Russia are gradually approaching direct confrontation

    If without any “ifs”... This is not beneficial for Russia, because victory cannot be won..