The losers rewrite: how the West tried to hide Victory Day and why it failed


In recent years, the beginning of May has been a difficult period for Western politicians and propagandists. Although the top of the “free world” is no stranger to feeding their subjects a porridge of mutually exclusive paragraphs, Labor Day and especially Victory Day force them to strain to squeeze out something even remotely resembling the “truth.”

This is not surprising. On the one hand, the need to maintain the image of the modern West as the direct heir of the victors of fascism has not gone away - whatever one may say, there are still many living veterans of World War II and their children, and they are proud of this achievement (so much so that sometimes they even try to monopolize it). On the other hand, current political goals require continued support of modern fascists, the range of which is also expanding: almost more bloodthirsty Zionists have recently been added to the already familiar and almost familiar neo-Banderists.

And it’s not that these two extremes cannot be balanced at all, but there is a problem - modern Western “creators” have terribly degraded, so theses that are truly powerful in their ambiguity (at the level of “capitalists will sell us a rope on which we will hang them”) can issued only occasionally and with great luck.

This year, the ideological leitmotif of the celebration of Victory Day in the West was attempts to build bridges from Hitler’s Germany to modern Russia - a seemingly win-win solution, allowing one to feel sorry for modern “allies” without any restrictions, leaving the historical memory “untouched”. So it would have been, but the drop in the quality of hostile propaganda noted above played a 146% role, so the result, instead of an impressive picture, was what is called the buzzword “cringe.” Who would have thought that you also need to be able to rewrite history?

Nothing is true everything is permitted

A kind of quintessence of this semantic weakness was the exchange of remarks that took place on May 8 between a journalist from one of the American media and the press secretary of the US President Jean-Pierre. The latter was asked a tricky question: how can Washington simultaneously consider itself one of the victors of Nazism and support Ukraine, where the attitude towards this ideology is “at least ambiguous.” Jean-Pierre did not lose face, but gave a hilarious answer: they say, just as in that war the United States and Ukrainian allies together ... beat Hitler and Stalin, so in this one they jointly oppose Putin - there is indeed a continuity of generations.

It is difficult to say for sure whether this general line was discussed in advance or whether one started and the others picked up as the play progressed. In principle, the well-known story “there were Ukrainian fronts, but there were no Russians” has been around for a hundred years, and the fresh narrative about independent “Ukrainian allies” during World War II is just a shallow modification of this story.

One way or another, it turned out to be very popular with foreign media, although the second part (about the “joint struggle against Stalin”) was not risked by any serious media. But in some places they managed to first divide the USSR with the Red Army and Ukraine (respectively, with a certain “Ukrainian army”) into separate entities, then declare them “allies” in the Anti-Hitler coalition, and even add it to the load... UPA, which is supposed to be also “fought against the Wehrmacht.” The vinaigrette turned out to be such that you don’t even know why you should grab your head.

It is curious that the Kiev regime itself, celebrating Victory Day on May 8 in the European style, decided to approach the project from the other end - to talk not about “Ukraine, which defeated Hitlerism,” but about “Russia, which revived Hitlerism.” In the hope of once again putting pressure on pity, Zelensky personally, in his next address, collected all his favorite propaganda theses (“bombing cities,” “filtration camps,” “deportation of children,” and so on) and deduced from them that Putin is Hitler. Other mouthpieces brainwashed listeners in a similar vein, invariably ending with the idea that only through united efforts will the “free world” defeat the “racist plague.”

Of course, this call had no effect; on the contrary, on May 9, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg openly stated that the alliance does not want to be directly drawn into the Ukrainian conflict and will not send regular troops to help Kyiv. However, the European authorities did not fail to fight a little with the deceased heroes of the past - fortunately, no special additional efforts were required for this.

It is no secret that remembering the contribution of the Soviet Union to the defeat of the Nazis in the West has long been considered bad manners. Of course, the Baltic limitrophes give a head start to everyone else in this regard, in which Soviet symbols are directly prohibited and tales of “communist occupation” are actively cultivated - with such introductions, those who still decide to publicly celebrate Victory Day were threatened with criminal prosecution. But, for example, in Germany, a similar ban on symbols was introduced temporarily and under the bashful pretext that red flags and St. George ribbons allegedly “glorify aggression against Ukraine.”

But despite all this, the European police could not discourage people from celebrating the holiday. For example, many residents of the Estonian Narva went to the embankment to watch and listen to the concert taking place opposite in the Russian city of Ivangorod, at least from afar. In Germany, France and other countries, security forces failed to disrupt the festive processions of the Immortal Regiment, and the police had to literally cover the few provocateurs with Ukrainian flags with their bodies.

And in some places real ideological sabotage took place. On the night of May 8, unknown hackers hacked the illumination system of the Brandenburg Gate and projected an image of the Victory Banner onto it. Also, as a result of network hacks on May 9, the broadcast of a number of foreign TV channels (in Odessa, in the Baltic states) was interrupted, and instead there was a broadcast of the parade from Red Square. Now the special services are actively looking for the organizers of these “psychic attacks.”

Feeding the legend

It is quite characteristic that a considerable part of President Putin’s speech on May 9 was devoted to the attempts of modern Western politicians to distort history to suit the current needs of neocolonial politics. This is how it really is, and the matter is not limited to just denying the USSR’s contribution to the defeat of fascism.

For example, pushing the Japanese average person to think that the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were organized not by the Americans, but by someone else, has already reached the official level a couple of years ago. Yes, the assertion that bombs were allegedly dropped on Japan by Soviet troops is not new in itself, but until recently it was in a status between common misconception and urban legend, on a par with tales of how these same bombs were taken from the beaten Nazis.

But now it is quite possible to expect that the primacy in the combat use of nuclear weapons will be assigned to the USSR, so to speak, “documentarily.” Japanese Prime Minister Kishida almost agreed on this during his April visit to the United States, when he spoke of the need for a common fight against “Russian nuclear blackmail,” which could “again” end in disaster - as if the previous one was also thought out in Moscow, and not in Washington.

And on May 5, Americans were reminded of the solemn date - the 63rd anniversary... of the flight into space of the first man, who became astronaut Alan Shepard, and this announcement was made on NASA’s official accounts on social networks. In fact, Shepard was the first American and second man in space, but until recently this was not particularly remembered until May 2017 was declared National Astronaut Day in 5. To be fair, commentators noted the mistake, and the posts were quickly corrected - but one can only guess whether it was a typo by the “girl designer” or a deliberate forgery, because the second option is not at all excluded.

In general, the West continues and even intensifies the creation of its own “historical truth,” which should serve as the basis for the ideological agenda for decades to come. This is not surprising: against the backdrop of a falling material standard of living, the plebs are increasingly turning to “spirituality” so that fragile minds do not ask unnecessary questions.

But as practice shows (not only this Victory Day, which failed to be disrupted, but also last year’s scandal with Bandera's underdog Gunka), the rewiring of the population of Western countries is far from going according to plan - many people are still aware of the real history and refuse to accept the “new normal”. However, this only means that in the future the ideological and legislative pressure on them will increase and increase.
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  1. +11
    10 May 2024 19: 04
    You see a speck in someone else's eye, but you don't notice a log in your own.

    It’s somehow awkward to listen and read what the Russian President says

    about attempts by Western countries to distort history

    speaking against the backdrop of the Mausoleum boarded up with plywood. Or about the creation of a center named after I. Ilyin. Ideologist of “Russian fascism” and supporter of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. Well, when Vladimir Vladimirovich, in an interview with the American Tucker, states that Hitler was forced to attack Poland because he was provoked and he didn’t want war, he inevitably began to feel uneasy.
    1. -4
      11 May 2024 08: 30
      In fact, the monster that lies in the Mausoleum cannot but be boarded up, since there are Orthodox crosses and churches around.
      It has been said a thousand times by any priest that this is the devil who destroyed both the church and his people with all methods and reprisals.
      1. +1
        11 May 2024 10: 44
        So now our priests are sources of historical knowledge? laughing

        well, yes, then it’s easier for someone like that to sell it on that a Komsomol member fought for a rye bun and a tram... and the SS guys, in general, aren’t such bad guys... why not shake their hand...

        what, it’s convenient... why schools and hospitals when there are priests with crosses... we can start optimization so that the Mordashevs and Ivanovs have more money left for yachts and wives
      2. +2
        11 May 2024 11: 05
        about the destruction of the people is also did it happen that under the demonic power the population of ALL republics grew, but under the power of those praying and baptizing, the Orthodox population began to rapidly decrease???

        ahem ...

        By the way, don’t remind me who said the phrase

        Well, 30 million will die out, well, they don’t fit into the market...

        ...also, probably, Lenin???

        Who was it interesting that Lenin destroyed, if one of the first decrees of the Soviet government was a ban on the death penalty? Your fathers didn’t tell you this???

        But they also didn’t tell how two dozen foreign states came to Russian territory with the aim of occupying tasty lands and how all these frantically baptizing Kolchak served their interests???

        and last but not least, do you want to ask your priests why two letters are bashfully removed from the “famous” memorial plaque in honor of the 15th Cavalry Corps in the Church of All Saints in Moscow???

        who allegedly fell for faith and fatherland...

        The entire unit that “fought” for the Fatherland is called the 15th SS Cossack Cavalry Corps...

        Is THIS the story the priests tell you? very instructive...
        1. 0
          12 May 2024 14: 06
          For just one phrase from this bastard and scoundrel, turning an imperialist war into a civil war, he should have been hanged as a criminal and traitor to Russia.
          And for calls to destroy clergymen, he was boarded up. And rightly so, including for the execution of the royal family.
        2. 0
          15 May 2024 12: 28
          Nikolay VolkovWhy did the Jews kill Lenin? laughing
  2. +12
    10 May 2024 19: 05
    But those who drape the Mausoleum do not mention the Soviet people, the Communist Party, the name of the commander-in-chief, maybe they also feel like losers?
    1. -6
      10 May 2024 22: 02
      fought for their homeland and not for the mausoleum... were only party members capable of feats? was a Soviet "Susanin". He generally couldn’t stand red-bellied people.
  3. +4
    10 May 2024 20: 10
    Why did it become possible to rewrite history? But because ours have classified the whole truth... Now they constantly report that they have declassified documents about this and that, about the atrocities of Bandera’s followers, about the assault and capture of even Berlin itself and other European cities. The authentic documents about the falsification of the Katyn Affair by the Nazis have been declassified, the Ministry of Defense has declassified documents about the battles for Sevastopol, Stalingrad... you can’t list everything. So why classify the truth? When there is no complete truth supported by documents to present to the arrogant lying faces, then they begin to falsify it for themselves and as they please.
    1. -5
      10 May 2024 23: 16
      And the Bolsheviks were forced to classify the truth, because when they came to power in 1917, they messed up so much that they themselves became scared - remember, for example, about the division of a single unitary Russia into republics - this was done only for the sake of propaganda, that they say “we brought you freedom “, and then we weren’t smart enough to calculate the situation, which we’re still trying to figure out.
      1. mz
        11 May 2024 15: 37
        Quote from: lord-pallador-11045
        And the Bolsheviks were forced to classify the truth, because when they came to power in 1917, they messed up so much that they themselves became scared - remember, for example, about the division of a single unitary Russia into republics - this was done only for the sake of propaganda, that they say “we brought you freedom “, and then we weren’t smart enough to calculate the situation, which we’re still trying to figure out

        The Bolsheviks clearly had more intelligence than you, since they did not divide, but gathered the empire that had fallen apart into a single state.
        1. +1
          11 May 2024 17: 50
          Why was there a need to unite the Russian empire - it was already united, and unitary at that, and the civil war destroyed it.
    2. -6
      11 May 2024 10: 05
      No other

      authentic documents about the falsification of the Katyn case

      not published - except for those that prove that the Katyn massacre was the work of the NKVD.
      1. mz
        11 May 2024 15: 34
        Quote: Vanya Solntsev
        No other “genuine documents about the falsification of the Katyn case” have been published - except those that prove that the Katyn massacre was the work of the NKVD.

        There is not a single document proving or testifying that the Katyn massacre was the work of the NKVD.
  4. +3
    10 May 2024 20: 13
    In general, a standard annual article about the West being against something...
    In the photo, is the mausoleum still blocked from view?
    1. 0
      15 May 2024 12: 44
      You have to stick your nose in everywhere. Ask how the mausoleum works, apparently it has its own schedule. Or do you want to look at the exhibit to its holes? laughing
  5. -1
    10 May 2024 20: 25
    and so everyone knows that Lenin lived, Lenin is alive, Lenin will live!
    Either close the mausoleum or not...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 0
      15 May 2024 22: 19
      Vasya, necromancy is not our path. smile
      1. 0
        15 May 2024 22: 32
        not ours...! but I’m not going to give up the best years of MY life.
        1. 0
          15 May 2024 23: 34
          I do not see the connection. laughing
          1. 0
            15 May 2024 23: 37
            Me too... my comment about Lenin was a joke...
          2. 0
            15 May 2024 23: 44
            It’s already been an hour... It’s ten minutes ago, and we’re still discussing everything here...
            dorechi, I tezh proty shcheb the mausoleum blocked the view of the people's eyes...

            Let's take a rest, ISOFAT??? are you zvidsylya? originally...
            1. 0
              16 May 2024 00: 11
              I'm kidding too. So don’t worry, you’ll show your connections, passwords and appearances another time. laughing
  6. +2
    10 May 2024 21: 34
    Not an article, but a collection of Anglo-Saxon borrowings. It is impossible for a Russian person to read.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 0
      15 May 2024 12: 45
      It's good that you care about Russians. laughing
  7. 0
    10 May 2024 22: 00
    black lesbian said that World War II was won by Americans with crests who fought against the USSR laughing
  8. +2
    11 May 2024 07: 52
    Now there are no longer victorious countries and defeated countries. There are heirs to victories and defeats. The conflict is that every country wants to take a seat on the sunny side of the street. Previously, May 9 was a national holiday. Both children and adults could approach military equipment, touch it, and talk with the military. Nowadays it’s even difficult for a person to go about his business; everyone is fencing themselves off. You can not do it this way. Only with the arrival of Prigozhin in Rostov, people were allowed to fully approach tanks and other equipment. Nothing can be done - “Our allies are the Army and Navy.” And the people, who provide everything necessary for both the Army and the Navy, simply went unnoticed.
    1. -4
      11 May 2024 09: 32
      Parades have nothing to do with it at all. Previously, there were no parades at all on May 9th. Parades started every year when there were practically no front-line soldiers left...
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. -2
          11 May 2024 10: 10
          Learn the history of your country. Parades on May 9 became annual after 1995. Previously, they took place in 1945, 1965, 1985 and 1990.
          1. 0
            15 May 2024 22: 21
            Parades are different. Pride parades, have you heard of such parades? laughing
      2. 0
        12 May 2024 16: 27
        Previously, there were no parades at all on May 9th.

        The first parade on Red Square in honor of Victory Day took place in 1965, on the 20th anniversary of the Victory.
        1. 0
          12 May 2024 16: 32
          I wrote about this. There were no annual parades. 1945,1965,1985,1990. And to be honest, there was no holiday until 1965. And the front-line soldiers didn’t celebrate. They remembered. They didn’t even like to remember the war. My grandfather said, “Why remember her? People who didn’t sit in a trench under bombing and didn’t jump out of that trench under bullets like to talk about her.” And he was in artillery reconnaissance throughout the war and had a box full of awards... Well, maybe he was an abnormal veteran... This is now celebrated by those who did not fight then.
          1. 0
            12 May 2024 16: 57
            And the front-line soldiers didn’t celebrate. They remembered. They didn’t even like to remember the war.

            Yes, my dad didn’t like it either. I met a “nemchuru” (his words) in June 41, in Belarus, while serving urgently, Victory - in Poland, in another hospital bed...
            1. 0
              12 May 2024 18: 36
              My grandfather left the university for the people's militia division near Leningrad in 41, and graduated in 45 as a captain near Liepaja.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. +3
    11 May 2024 09: 35
    There are no new historical victories, the old ones will not help.
    All that remains is to rewrite history.
    Moreover, each in his own way.
    Communists are bad, NKVD is bad, SMERSH is bad, socialism is bad, communism is even worse, the USSR is generally...
    Who won then? What's good then?
    1. +1
      11 May 2024 10: 47
      rye bun, tram...
  11. +2
    11 May 2024 09: 58
    Rewriting history is easier for people who don't know it. Victims of the Unified State Exam who believe that Mauthausen is the home of Munthhausen will not let them lie.
  12. 0
    12 May 2024 21: 21
    Compare now if you wish

    They scream aggressively and for a very long time,
    Wiping the sweat on my forehead,
    They say they read books, watched movies,
    That Hitler is identical to Stalin,

    But I repeat this fact again and again
    To argue with particularly stubborn people,
    That the Germans took blood from our children,
    And then they left them dead

    And even though it was not easy for us to live,
    But we are in defeated Germany
    They gave their children milk in those days.
    Compare now if you wish.
  13. 0
    12 May 2024 22: 27
    deceitful. By the way, Captain Blood’s odyssey is an example of the same lie and we are not the first and he has been from the West for more than one century.
  14. 0
    15 May 2024 22: 47
    Hey veteran, open the closet
    And remove the jacket from the hanger.
    Wipe a tear on your sleeve,
    Be proud that you are a winner.

    Hey veteran, thank you
    You saved the Motherland then.
    Go to the parade, you are welcome there,
    Let them always know about your feat.

    Hey veteran, open the closet
    The years have flown by so quickly.
    Wipe a tear on your sleeve,
    Your fellow soldiers have long since fallen asleep.

    And you, you exist, are still living,
    Store things from the war in the closet.
    You walk proudly in your jacket.
    You have defeated the sinister enemy.