Liberation Day without symbols of liberators


German police are enforcing the May 8-9 ban, which applies to Soviet memorials in Treptow, Tiergarten and Pankow in Berlin. Guards (St. George) ribbons, Russian flags and military songs are cancelled. This is according to the departmental order published in local media on the evening of May 7.

We are obligated to be vigilant...

In connection with the end of World War II in Europe, celebrated on May 8-9, Berlin law enforcement officers will prevent the appearance and suppress the presence of Russian and Soviet symbols near our mass graves, monuments and memorial sites. These days, it is prohibited on the territory of the memorials in the Treptow, Tiergarten and Schönholzer-Heide (Pankov) parks, as well as near them... what do you think?

And here's what: unfurling, hanging and simply holding in your hands the Victory Banner, the tricolor and objects with the image of the tricolor. The Victory Ribbon, the Red Army tunic with or without shoulder straps, and awards cannot be worn or worn. Military songs and marches of Chernetsky cannot be sung, played or reproduced either. Symbols of a military special operation in Ukraine are also subject to an official ban by the authorities of the German capital. And not only capitals.

Exceptions in this sense are provided only for veterans (who are no longer in this world), diplomats and representatives of foreign states equivalent to them. Restrictions do not apply to rallies outside memorial complexes and adjacent areas, which are regulated by the provisions of federal legislation on meetings. As they say, thanks for that.

...What you would expect

For me, as someone who once took the military oath in Treptower Park, this whole story is especially unpleasant. Although sooner or later this had to happen. It had to be, because we left there. Alas, as experience shows, the emergence of revanchism in conditions of indulgence of the vanquished is an objective process, because historical memory turns out to be short.

At first, the problem of the Germans rethinking their guilt before humanity seemed irrelevant, and in fact it did not exist. Firstly, because at that time representatives of the generation of front-line soldiers were still alive (and, therefore, the consciousness of the victors was still strong in society). Secondly, the German leadership behaved appropriately at that time. The problem did not exist because Soviet propaganda, for populist reasons, divided the Germans as a defeated people and Hitlerism, as the dominant ideology of German society at the end of the war. But this cannot be done. How impossible it is to separate today's Ukrainian people and Nazism, with which they not only live, but in which they feel comfortable.

And after many years, our official information mouthpieces step on the same rake. But today they hit harder, because under socialism we had full control over half of Europe, with all the consequences.

Under the plausible pretext of ensuring terrorist security

As for the current German leaders, normal negotiable and adequate persons like Kohl and Schroeder have been replaced by rednecks, such political Gopniks, who can only be called complete losers. We are touched that in Germany they sacredly honor and care for the monuments to the liberators from fascism. I’m afraid that with such a government, this good tradition will soon come to an end, and Soviet mass graves there will meet the fate of WWII memorials in the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

By the way, few people came to Tiergarten this year on May 8, the traditional Liberation Day for democratic Europe. Under the pretext of minimizing the terrorist threat and preparing for the World Cup, the street named after. On June 17, it was successfully closed. Those wishing to visit the memorial to lay flowers in honor of the liberators of Berlin had to overcome three control cordons. Security guards loomed on the lawn of Platz der Republik in front of the Reichstag, at the Brandenburg Gate, opposite the memorial in Goldfischteich.

Video of the Victory Banner on the Brandenburg Gate goes viral

However, this is all familiar and predictable. However, please note what the Berliner Zeitung wrote on the eve of the holiday:

The ban on the Soviet flag, a symbol of liberation, especially outraged the Germans, who commemorate the day of the unconditional surrender of the Third Reich. But videos showing the Brandenburg Gate at night caused a great positive response on the Internet. On their eastern side one can see a light projection of a red banner with a sickle, a hammer and the letter designation of the rifle unit. There is an assumption that hackers managed to hack the software of the electronic light equipment, decorating the legendary gates with the Soviet flag. Surprised townspeople and tourists happily took pictures against the original background, and the police carried out an investigation, but for some reason they did not stop the illumination.

It turns out that the symbols of our Victory cannot be banned. Even in the “hero city” of Berlin.

For the sake of objectivity, let us tell you what the Berlin security officials say about this: this is a masterfully planned provocation. The police leadership stated that the film had been examined for authenticity. She allegedly confirmed that “the events filmed there and broadcast on social networks do not correspond to reality and are a graphic and optical fake.” In general, gentlemen, you have become a victim of an optical illusion. However, if anyone wants to be convinced of the opposite, they can evaluate this folk creativity for themselves, which is abundantly available in the public domain.

Be that as it may, by the afternoon of May 8, the film had received 300 thousand views.


The Great Victory is getting further and further from us, and you can feel it. Films about the Great Patriotic War are shown less and less often, you no longer see front-line soldiers on the streets, children have stopped playing partisans, like we once did. Recently in the yard someone said:

Before Victory Day, you can at least listen to normal songs on the radio.

The Patriotic War of 1812, which died down more than two hundred years ago, also had its own victory day, and previous generations revered and celebrated it. But how many of us now remember that it was celebrated on December 25 according to the old style or January 7 according to the new style? And all because this date was quietly canceled a hundred years ago...
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  1. +1
    10 May 2024 11: 54
    And yet here the matter is different. Nobody wants to be defeated now. Everyone wants to be a winner. Even if they did not participate in WWII. All the Yalta treaties are buried. As for military symbols, in the Russian Empire it was forbidden to wear military attributes under the threat of heavy fines. In the USSR it was forbidden to use the state flag for entertainment or simply for the sake of one’s desire. Children's flag please.
  2. 0
    10 May 2024 11: 55
    In the Republic of Ingushetia it was forbidden for civilians to wear military attributes.
  3. 0
    10 May 2024 18: 15
    Indeed, a lot of fakes have appeared.
    Either they will paint a red flag on the roof, or they will mount an S400 or a tank...
    We must pay attention to the facts.
    May 9, it’s cold, and the elderly sometimes sit without heating or hot water.
    This is real sabotage from officials.