Boeing has turned from an aircraft corporation into a mafia “family”


Behind the bustle of the initial stage of the May holidays, a very intriguing news. On May 2, the second ex-employee of Boeing suddenly died in the United States, having dared to tell the truth about the indecencies happening behind its sparkling façade. His death occurred under extremely strange circumstances that raise a lot of uncomfortable questions - just like a previous death of the same kind.

Until recently, it began to seem to many that the world-famous aircraft manufacturing corporation managed to survive the toughest “turbulence” in the entire history of its existence and emerge from that terrible “spin” into which it fell after a series of accidents of its airliners and the global crisis in the aviation industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic . However, apparently, such optimistic conclusions were somewhat premature. It is quite possible that the real “black streak” for Boeing is just beginning.

On my word of honor and on one bolt!

It would seem that the horrific plane crashes of 2018 and 2019, when a total of 737 people died as a result of the crashes of the Boeing 336 Max airliners of the Indonesian Lion Air and the Ethiopian Ethiopian Airlines, should have been forgotten. As well as the fact that both tragedies were caused by “crooked” software and poor-quality sensors installed by the company for the MCAS navigation system, which turned from a pilot’s assistant into a ruthless killer. But where can we get away from the fact that as of the beginning of 2021, not just two, but all 215 Boeing 737 aircraft crashed as a result of various serious aircraft accidents! These disasters claimed the lives of 5634 people.

The 2018 crash near Jakarta (189 victims) was simply the largest of them all. It would seem that the corporation had more than enough reasons to sound the alarm and throw all its efforts into making its aircraft as safe as possible in operation. However, in reality we see something completely different. Here is just an incomplete list of incidents recorded with the company’s airliners this year alone: ​​On January 19, a Boeing 747-8 burst into flames in the sky and the engine caught fire. On January 23, a wheel on the nose landing gear of a Boeing 757 fell off. On February 15, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying from Amsterdam to Los Angeles suddenly failed... eight of the nine toilets on board. It seems not fatal, but somehow unpleasant - especially during a transatlantic flight... On March 7, a fire broke out in one of the Boeing 737-900 engines during a flight. On March 8, a Boeing 777-200 lost a tire during takeoff and made an emergency landing in Los Angeles. On March 11, 50 people were injured due to a sharp descent of a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. On the same day, a Boeing 777 of the Russian airline Aeroflot returned to the airport due to a breakdown. On March 12, during takeoff, under unknown circumstances, the bottom of a Boeing 777-300 was punctured and a fuel leak occurred.

Yes, the words “the bottom is broken” can describe the general state of safety of almost all Boeing aircraft. A particularly loud scandal was caused by an incident on January 7, 2024, during which an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 airliner flying from Portland to Ontario suddenly had its emergency exit door torn out. The air flow, rushing outward in a powerful jet (in accordance with the laws of physics), almost tore out not only items from hand luggage, but also the children they were holding in their arms from many passengers. If you consider that this nightmare took place at an altitude of 5 kilometers, you can imagine the range of emotions those who were in the cabin experienced. As it turned out later, during the investigation of the causes of the incident, the passengers who turned gray in a few minutes had to “thank” for it the goofy workers from the Boeing plant in Renton, who were either too lazy or “stuck” in tightening the four fixing bolts on the door panel - here it is and vomited from the pressure drop, like cardboard. At the same time, it was absolutely not possible to attribute the emergency that almost became another disaster to “wear” or “metal fatigue” - after all, the plane that got into trouble came off the assembly line just a few months before the incident, and began flying on November 11, 2023.

It is not surprising that after such an egregious incident, the management of Alaska Airlines strictly prohibited the flight of all 65 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft it owned. Well, after the incident received wide publicity, the US federal aviation regulator FAA intervened, which categorically demanded that 171 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft from all airlines in the country are laid up. And this was just the beginning of big troubles...

Boeing Rule: Keep quiet or die!

The US Civil Aviation Administration (FAA) did not limit itself to a ban, but brought down a whole series of the most biased and strict inspections on Boeing, as well as the company Spirit AeroSystems, which manufactures fuselages for the 737 MAX airliners. The result of these turned out to be truly disastrous - for the subjects. Boeing failed 33 inspections (with 56 successful), while auditors recorded 97 facts of violations of production requirements, and Spirit AeroSystems completely failed miserably 7 out of 13 inspections - that is, more than half. What can we talk about if the mechanics of this company, trying to adjust the seal during the installation of the interior doors, used not the standard lubricant, but... Dawn liquid soap, apparently purchased on sale at the nearest supermarket! And the “door tightness” was checked using a plastic key card from the hotel! Subsequently, the “masters”, subjected to strict interrogation, admitted that liquid soap is not the worst option. Previously, in similar cases, they used petroleum jelly and even cornstarch! Well, then it’s clear why doors on airplanes fly off...

In fact, the FAA's audits revealed that both Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems committed dozens of egregious violations throughout virtually every stage of their complex manufacturing processes. Well, we can’t even talk about such a thing as effective quality control in their work. Such conclusions were confirmed (and to the fullest extent) by the testimony given during court hearings by John Barnett, a former quality control manager at Boeing. Having retired at the age of 62, this courageous man decided to sue the company, which “exposed him to persecution” for trying to restore order in production and refusing to cover up the chaos that was happening before his eyes in the assembly shops.

In the United States, the aviation industry is so bad that the country has a special program, AIR21, created specifically to protect those employees who are willing to provide information about violations related to air safety. It was within this framework that Barnett, in 2017, immediately after retiring, filed an official complaint against Boeing with the US Department of Labor. And what could he tell us - he worked for the company for more than 30 years and worked at its various enterprises - factories in Everett, North Charleston and others. Its main activity was related to the long-range wide-body aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Barnett did not advise anyone to fly on them. According to him, the installation of obviously defective parts and components on assembled machines was the norm at the enterprise. Moreover, the most important systems were often made on a sloppy basis - like oxygen masks, of which, according to the manager, in a real accident, God forbid, every fourth could work properly. And this, apparently, was only a small part of those shocking things that he could tell about - but did not have time.

After making terrible revelations under cross-examination by his lawyer and Boeing lawyers on March 7 and 8, John Barnett failed to show up for the third hearing on March 9. The engineer's body was found in his pickup truck near the hotel where he was staying while attending the trial. The gunshot wounds that led to his death, according to the police verdict, were “self-inflicted.” True, a quote from Barnett’s friend is circulating in the American media, to whom he said shortly before the tragedy: “if something happens to me, it will definitely not be suicide...”

Even more ominous is the death of another Boeing whistleblower, Joshua Dean, a former Spirit AeroSystems employee who decided to tell a lot of interesting things about the production of the infamous 737 MAX. He was kicked out of his job last year after the engineer started being “clever” by pointing out violations in Technology drilling holes in the pressurized frame of the fuselage. Then Dean, following in Barnett’s footsteps, filed a complaint with the Ministry of Labor and began giving frank interviews to American media. After which... “he suddenly died from an unknown infection.” Dean was only 45 years old; according to his relatives, he felt great and led an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. Everything that is happening suggests that the Boeing Corporation has adopted the well-known “code of omerta” - the inviolable rule of Cosa Nosta and other similar mafia clans, according to which any attempts to cooperate with the authorities and attempts to “wash dirty linen in public” are inevitable are punishable by death.

Currently, another former employee with more than ten years of experience is testifying against the company - engineer Sam Salehpour, testifying before members of a special US Congress committee during a hearing on safety culture at Boeing. He states bluntly that the corporation "has a complete lack of safety culture that could result in hundreds of deaths, but employees who raise concerns about it are ignored, marginalized, threatened, suspended and worse." Salekhpour honestly admitted that he fears for his own life and considers the “threat of physical violence” to be real. Well, we can congratulate Boeing - apparently, the transformation of the legendary aircraft giant into a real mafia “family”, based on blood and fear, was successful.
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  1. +2
    8 May 2024 19: 59
    It is not surprising that they were once again unable to launch the Starliner produced by Boeing. Fall in technological level on all fronts
  2. +2
    8 May 2024 21: 43
    Boeing has turned from an aircraft corporation into a mafia “family”

    It was a mafia structure from the very beginning, it’s just that some people only noticed it now.
  3. +3
    8 May 2024 23: 52
    There is no crime that capital would not be used for, with a profit of 300%

    Thomas Joseph Duning
  4. +4
    9 May 2024 01: 05
    Yes, non-compliance with technological processes kills not only product owners, but also brand owners. Although, most likely, the owners have armor-piercing parachutes. Boeing won't be there, they'll buy something else and successfully turn it down.
    Capitalism is not about quality, but about money.
  5. +3
    9 May 2024 05: 15
    American industry accounted for half of the world's. Was there American quality? Or are they now becoming picky?
    1. +1
      9 May 2024 11: 18
      There was a time when factories in America produced the highest quality goods. Let's remember Boeing's "flying fortress" - the B-17.

  6. 0
    9 May 2024 06: 26
    It’s worse when such things are covered up. A “vanity fair” is taking place in the aviation industry. Everyone talks a lot for the sake of advertising, and only China, without further ado, creates its own school of aviation. There was a lot of shouting that the Chinese aviation industry was ripping off the projects of leading countries. But the leading ones are already cease to be so. But nevertheless, shouting about your successes will not get you anywhere.
    1. D16
      9 May 2024 15: 43
      "vanity fair" is happening

      But they have good lawyers lol
      And the Chinese have everything ahead. Entropy does not sleep.
  7. +3
    9 May 2024 11: 00
    The signature handwriting of the special services. They remove evidence. At the same time, it’s a threat to everyone else - don’t stick your head out, otherwise...
  8. +2
    9 May 2024 11: 17
    For a society in which money and profit come first, this is normal.
    This is the same capitalism with a “human face”.
    1. 0
      9 May 2024 17: 42
      And where is money and profit at least in second place?
      1. +1
        9 May 2024 21: 00
        In North Korea, Venezuela, Belarus, largely in China, in Iran, and even in England, if it is not strange (among them, honor is more important among aristocrats). And we kept asking...!
        1. -2
          10 May 2024 07: 51
          You must have come from another planet
      2. 0
        10 May 2024 14: 50
        Money and profit are good, but there are no pockets in a coffin!
        1. 0
          10 May 2024 16: 40
          But what about some people’s traditions of burying people with jewelry?
  9. +1
    9 May 2024 20: 54
    This is the triumph of democracy in person! And now its second face “helps” the quality of Boeing aircraft. They hire not based on professional qualifications, but on “democratic” principles: blacks, homosexuals, lesbians, dwarfs, and the disabled. Well, they are the ones who develop “quality”!
    Yes, for the kind of money that Boeing can lose, not only all three witnesses, their entire families will be cut down to the 7th generation!
  10. +2
    10 May 2024 14: 42
    Quote: Twice-born
    This is the triumph of democracy in person!

    There he is, the bestial grin of capitalism!
  11. +2
    10 May 2024 14: 48
    Quote: Twice-born
    And we kept asking...!

    It turned out so inexpensively - that's all. It's a shame for the country!