“NATO will declare war on Russia”: readers of The New York Times about a warning from Moscow


Users of The New York Times website commented news about military exercises of the Russian Armed Forces, where techniques for using tactical nuclear weapons will be practiced.

These weapons […] are designed for use on the battlefield and have smaller warheads than strategic nuclear weapons designed for cities. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that President Vladimir Putin ordered exercises for missile, aviation and naval forces in order to “increase the readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces to carry out combat missions.”

says The New York Times.

It is worth noting that readers reacted extremely harshly. The narrative of “preventing Russia from winning at any cost,” including direct intervention or the annexation of an already at war Ukraine to NATO, actually prevails. The author of the collection is forced to admit that Western audiences have completely lost any fear that the war on TV might come knocking on their door. This misconception obviously needs to be corrected.

The original publication was published under the title Russia to Hold Drills on Tactical Nuclear Weapons in New Tensions With West. All opinions and assessments belong only to their authors.

Reader Comments:

Putin has clearly fallen into despair, since he is already rattling nuclear weapons. The aid coming to Ukraine poses a serious threat that will stop Russia's recent offensive in the east. Crimea remains the main target [...]

– Morley reader commented.

Nuclear powers possess nuclear weapons only to intimidate. They will never be allowed to use it first. They will also not be allowed to threaten non-nuclear weapon states with nuclear weapons. This is a long-established morality for the survival of mankind after a world war. It is unfortunate that Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has not understood the universal principle of humanity

– writes Matsuda.

Ukraine will be accepted into NATO one way or another, and the wait won’t be long. We can make an exception for her, and perhaps Hungary will come out because of this, but this is even a plus. The point is that the West must convey to Russia that it will not be allowed to win. Supporting NATO is the obvious way to go, since the Alliance already exists. This is a much better alternative than creating separate alliances with Ukraine. And the fact is again: we will not allow Russia to win. Integration into NATO would be the best way to do this without going to war with Russia, which would immediately retreat [after Ukraine joins the bloc]

– said JDinSeattle.

Putin's newest tactic is one first developed and used by Nikita Khrushchev in the 1950s. Khrushchev used US press freedom as a way to intimidate the American public when he knew his own forces were inferior to those of America. […] These things will only work if we let them work. Just ignore

– EEngineer & Army Aviator advised others.

Many of the comments here are based on the assumption that the US and NATO are at war with Russia (for now it is a proxy war fought by Ukrainian soldiers), but this is not the case. It is assumed that the role of the US and NATO is only to supply weapons. If Russia were to use tactical nuclear weapons, the US and NATO would have to declare war. And this is a completely new game

– Jerry predicted.

Flirting with nuclear weapons is a way for Putin to look cool while also encouraging his buddy, Trump. Macron is trying to call the bluff, but let's be realistic: this game of cowardice could lead to an escalation that would have catastrophic consequences for the entire world. One unintentional use of nuclear weapons risks the end of the world as we know it.

– warns a certain Lawyers, Guns, And Money.
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  1. +21
    7 May 2024 21: 44
    Only a kind word will bring them to their senses! Coupled with a Colt to the temple... They don’t understand anything else...
    1. +2
      8 May 2024 07: 48
      they don’t hear kind words there, especially since a lot of them were said

      the rumor will appear when, as it is said here, “war knocks on the door”
    2. 0
      8 May 2024 12: 00
      How right you are brother...
    3. -1
      8 May 2024 14: 29
      The Russians took Berlin, they can take Washington too.
      1. +3
        8 May 2024 17: 28
        Do you want to repeat?
        1. 0
          9 May 2024 09: 05
          Not me, Americans!
      2. 0
        8 May 2024 20: 16
        Quote from solist2424
        The Russians took Berlin, they can take Washington too.

        Why do we need a city at the bottom of the strait? Stalin?!
    4. L_L
      18 May 2024 23: 03
      Good word, better with a good bomb.
      FAB-9000 M-54 convinces so quickly.
      Especially the stupid ones.
  2. +15
    7 May 2024 21: 53
    Why do we need to read the opinions of Western armchair analysts? What interesting thing can they write if in the 2008 conflict many of them were indignant that Russia sent its troops into Georgia (the same spelling as Georgia): “What are the Russians supposed to do there?” and demanded appropriate measures...
    1. +6
      8 May 2024 01: 00
      Quote from Victor Pater
      What interesting thing can they write if in the 2008 conflict many of them were outraged that Russia sent its troops to Georgia

      And what will they write then when we liberate New York in the DPR? laughing lol
      1. +1
        8 May 2024 06: 48
        Then they will write
  3. +6
    7 May 2024 22: 04
    We haven’t received good kickbacks from the Russians for a long time, that’s all.
  4. +6
    7 May 2024 22: 58
    The red lines have been moving for a long time, and is it even possible to reason with a felt-tip pen, now there will be only one impudence from the West.
    1. +3
      8 May 2024 13: 32
      Oleg, it’s just that the term “red lines” has become so overused with inappropriate and inappropriate usage that everyone has forgotten what these red lines look like. And they look like this:
      1. +1
        8 May 2024 15: 05
        Quote: Asper_Daffy
        And they look like this:

        Very correctly noticed.
  5. +5
    7 May 2024 23: 33
    ...Mine the US coast with Poseidons, call the US ambassador and correspondents of The New York Times in the presence. invite him to press a button...
    If he refuses, force him...))))))
    (Joke with a grain of Truth.)))))
    1. 0
      8 May 2024 14: 49
  6. +6
    8 May 2024 00: 08
    What do people write???? Russia is doing everything right.
  7. +8
    8 May 2024 00: 18
    A certain Robert Pschel, I remember, used to say:

    We (NATO) will do what we want. But you (Russia) must... (what we will indicate to you)

    It’s clear that ordinary Americans, who grew up in impunity, are perplexed: wtf thous Putin is doing?!...
  8. +2
    8 May 2024 01: 03
    If there are exercises using tactical nuclear weapons, then suddenly announcing the evacuation of citizens of Russia and the countries of the South from Europe will be enough to collapse the economies of Europe and the United States. Populations and countries will immediately run to withdraw funds and go to cash.
    1. +2
      8 May 2024 14: 16
      Quote: Kuramori Reika
      suddenly announcing the evacuation of citizens of Russia and the countries of the South from Europe will be enough to collapse the economies of Europe and the United States.

      Perfect psychological trolling. It’s a pity our Moscow Region and Putin don’t read Zen.
      A similar effect would occur when selling one’s property, removing relatives and servants, Russian bourgeoisie, and children of bureaucrats from NATO countries.
  9. -1
    8 May 2024 05: 33
    We prepared for the exercises for a very long time. It was high time to apply it in Lviv and its surrounding areas. And not in small doses, but so that the Poles’ bells would ring... then these mongrels would quickly understand that this thing smells like kerosene to them. And they will die first, along with Bandera’s followers. And the supply of weapons would be zero, because the boy pissing below is the main figure in European flowering gardens....
    And yes, the main thing is not to scare, but to immediately warn what the response will be for what action. And carry out retaliatory measures one or two times. A train with tanks passed through Ternopil, catch 15 kilotons to Ternopil so that they don’t pass through anymore...
  10. -4
    8 May 2024 05: 52
    You need to detonate a small (kiloton) nuclear charge in a place that is not pathetic and not dangerous to nature. Let's say in northern Alaska. Only in this way will the neocons return to understanding the horror of nuclear weapons.
    1. -3
      8 May 2024 18: 04
      What's Alaska like, buddy? Chukotka is nearby! Here in Paris - yes! It’s a long way from Russia, but let half of Europe die. Personally, I don't feel sorry for them at all. To hell with their centuries-old civilization if it has degenerated into such ugly forms in modern times. As they say: live and that's enough! It's time to know and honor! The history of the death of the Great Roman Empire will help them!
  11. 0
    8 May 2024 06: 15
    Yes, tactical nuclear weapons in cities are quite effective. TNW up to 50 kilotons. Only 15 were dropped on Hiroshima.
  12. -4
    8 May 2024 07: 36
    Test Poseidon off the coast of the Russian continent Antarctica /discovered by Russian navigators/ Poseidon, and invite Western riffraff to have a look
  13. +2
    8 May 2024 08: 00
    They will never be allowed to use it first. They will also not be allowed to threaten non-nuclear weapon states with nuclear weapons.

    And who will not allow this? Japanese? The British? Screamers from parliaments?
    Has the hegemon taken the right to primacy? Nothing like that.
  14. 0
    8 May 2024 08: 01
    Stupid snickering herd. And we know what kind of warriors they are: well, where and when they defeated someone. I would like to remind you how in 1944, in the Ardennes, they were “driven” by Sepp Dietrich with a couple of SS divisions and how they begged Stalin to help us with our offensive in Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc....
  15. +4
    8 May 2024 08: 07
    Russia once again missed the moment to seriously warn the West about its ability to use nuclear weapons, it simply swallowed the moment. According to the Russian doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons, the third point is a strike on the bases of nuclear weapons carriers, no matter what kind of weapon, the airfield in Engels is the base point of strategists, and a blow to him clearly fits this point, but they remained silent.
    1. +3
      8 May 2024 14: 23
      Quote: nike
      Russia once again missed the moment to seriously warn the West about its possibility of using nuclear weapons

      Who will give it to her? The children of the highest bureaucrats, in the capitals of NATO, sit in taverns, yachts, villas, everything there...
  16. +2
    8 May 2024 08: 57
    Decades of propaganda have not been in vain; they cannot realistically assess the threat. Even Western politicians (who should be skeptics and cynics by the nature of their activities) were exposed to this propaganda and believed in their invulnerability.
  17. 0
    8 May 2024 09: 27
    The heirs of the winners imagine themselves in the role of winners. Starting from children, old people and cool ladies.
  18. +5
    8 May 2024 11: 19
    Americans are ready to risk the destruction of the world to prevent Russia from winning. Fear has been lost, and until Russia restores it, everything will lead to a big war. The Americans are confident that Russia will not be able to cause even the slightest damage to the United States, since they measure Russia’s strength as a percentage of GDP built on unsecured securities.
  19. +3
    8 May 2024 13: 00
    You have to be very close-minded to expect an adequate reaction from readers in NT publications. And the long-term propaganda by the American authorities of the hostility of the USSR/Russia towards the USA could not go unnoticed. We must admit that it is not only the deep state that is our enemy, but the entire United States as a whole.
  20. 0
    8 May 2024 13: 14
    ...with Russia, which will immediately [after Ukraine joins the bloc] retreat

    So they didn’t understand a damn thing about Russia.

    That is OK. For those who do not understand Russia intellectually, she usually explains it through other places.
  21. +2
    8 May 2024 17: 47
    The state of society can be indirectly judged by the degree of inadequacy of comments... winked
    1. The comment was deleted.
  22. -1
    8 May 2024 18: 08
    Are you declaring war? Oh well !
  23. 0
    8 May 2024 18: 30
    Anche la Von der Leyen attacca insieme alla Nato la Russia confiscandogli miliardi di dollari Russi da evolvere a Zelensky. Ovvio che tutto fa parte d'un attacco studiato a tavolino tra USA, UK, Francia, Nato e altri per costringere la Russia a capitolare. Spero solo che ai primi sintomi di questi Ladroni/Colonialisti/Guerrafondai la Russia si scateni veramente, dando un saggio molto veloce . . che non ci sta, attivando l'abbattimento in primis dei Satelliti Spia "Yankee, UK. ,Nato e Francia in modo che non abbiano occhi e nessun riferimento per i mezzi navali e aerei per abbattere militarmente la Russia.
  24. 0
    9 May 2024 00: 52
    But it’s not Russia that came to foreign lands and NATO, so it’s not for them to judge who will knock on someone else’s door and how and with what
  25. +1
    9 May 2024 04: 10
    I hope the Russian People understand that not all Americans support this wickedness of Washington and Brussels against them and their Russian nations (plural).

    Only the stupid and/or corrupt ones do.

    The rest of us would love to be friends with Russia.
  26. +1
    9 May 2024 10: 03
    Western audiences have completely lost any fear that the war on TV might come knocking on their door

    Not like the eastern audience, right?
  27. 0
    9 May 2024 13: 41
    I wonder if these writers themselves will go to fight for NATO?
  28. 0
    9 May 2024 16: 23
    Don't care about them. Saliva
  29. 0
    9 May 2024 17: 28
    And someone can tell who NATO declared war on from the beginning of its existence, or maybe someone can tell in which war NATO participated. NATO is a defensive bloc and not an attacker in any way; individual countries have attacked, for example, the United States against Vietnam, or the allies of the United States, England, France against Iraq, but nothing like NATO.
  30. 0
    10 May 2024 08: 26
    With such statements from the population, it’s not surprising that their politicians are like that...sheep rule over sheep... In order to ban something to Russia and prevent it from winning, you need to fight yourself, go to the front to die, transfer the economy to a war footing, no matter what The USA and the EU are incapable... this is realism... and not dreams, we will prohibit Russia from winning