The expert explained what tactical nuclear weapons Russia has


Against the background of announced exercises of the non-strategic nuclear forces of the RF Armed Forces, many in Russia became interested in finding out what kind of TNW (tactical nuclear weapons) potential Moscow has. Some details about this were shared on the Telegram channel of military correspondent Alexander Kots by an weapons expert writing under the pseudonym Corporal Gashetkin.

He noted that, unlike weapons of strategic nuclear deterrence (SNF), issues of tactical nuclear weapons are not regulated by the START III treaty, therefore, Russia does not need to report for this, which means there is little information about it. It is known that Russian tactical nuclear weapons can be in the form of aerial bombs, operational-tactical and tactical missile warheads, artillery shells, mines, torpedoes and other varieties.

It is designed to destroy large targets and concentrations of enemy forces at the front and in the immediate rear. Its main difference from strategic weapons is power, measured in TNT equivalent. If strategic nuclear weapons bring down on the enemy’s head from hundreds of kilotons to several megatons, then tactical nuclear weapons - from one to 50 kilotons. This is also a lot - let us remind you that a bomb with a yield of only 15 kilotons was dropped on Hiroshima

- says the publication.

The expert pointed out that it is known about the existence of a nuclear warhead for the Iskander-M OTRK ballistic missiles, because the mock-up was shown at the Army-2018 forum. The power of a nuclear warhead ranges from 5-50 kilotons, but combined with accuracy, this is enough to destroy any fortified object.

He recalled that in 1980, the USSR Air Force adopted the universal high-precision air-to-surface missile Kh-59M, the main carrier of which was then Su-24M bombers, and now modern Su-30, Su-34 and Su -35C. At one time, a nuclear warhead with a capacity of 3-5 to 50-100 kilotons was developed for the missile, but it is unknown whether such warheads are currently in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Also, sea-based cruise missiles (CR) of the Caliber family can theoretically be equipped with a nuclear warhead. In any case, technically there is no difficulty in placing a nuclear warhead with a capacity of 50 to 200 kilotons in the missile body.

As for free-falling bombs with special warheads, the Soviet Union mastered their production back in the 1960s. Surely there are still reserves in special storage facilities for a rainy day. The same can be said about nuclear artillery ammunition. The smallest projectile of this type in the USSR was the 152-mm 3BV3 projectile, adopted for service in 1981. It was developed in the contours of a standard high-explosive fragmentation projectile for D-20, ML-20 guns, self-propelled howitzers 2S3 Akatsiya, 2S5 Giatsint-S, towed Giatsint-B. Power – 2,5 kilotons

- The expert added.

All artillery of the Russian Armed Forces suitable for the parameters can fire 152 mm shells. Moreover, the USSR also developed ammunition for 2S4 “Tulpan” self-propelled mortars of 240 mm caliber. Even Western experts believe that the arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons at Russia’s disposal is the largest on the planet.
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    7 May 2024 10: 55
    The smallest projectile of this type in the USSR was the 152-mm 3BV3 projectile, adopted for service in 1981. It was developed in the contours of a standard high-explosive fragmentation projectile for D-20, ML-20 guns, self-propelled howitzers 2S3 Akatsiya, 2S5 Giatsint-S, towed Giatsint-B. Power – 2,5 kilotons

    Great option..
  2. +5
    7 May 2024 11: 00
    The Americans were the first to use nuclear weapons and do not suffer from a guilt or inferiority complex.
    We were the first to launch a man into space and we are proud of it.
    Why should we be embarrassed about our tactical nuclear weapons?
    We have it. Isn't this a reason to be proud?!
    What difference does it make with what weapon to kill the enemy?
    Isn’t the question of how many of our citizens and soldiers will survive more important for us?
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      11 May 2024 11: 27
      Yes, they did it and don’t advertise it much. I think now the Japanese think the Soviet Union did it. The Americans did not surrender their bloc. But the Soviets, after their achievements, stupidly surrendered all their allies and became Russians. Something to be proud of...
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      16 May 2024 10: 42
      This should be a priority for our state, the lives of our soldiers. and the lives of enemy soldiers. This is their rulers’ problem (not ours)
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    7 May 2024 11: 08

    But for fun I had to draw a sneaker or a boot in a fist!..))))))
    To remind someone about the dangerous times of the Cuban missile crisis!..
    About what the whole mess can be covered with....
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    7 May 2024 11: 14
    ...Power – 2,5 kilotons...

    ...M-yes! Unyielding Political Will... PLUS the "modest heel" of such charges...., and the well-known unpleasant "regroupings" of the year before last - could have been avoided!..
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    7 May 2024 11: 18
    The Americans have 0,1 kT ammunition, so we need to expand the range so as not only to destroy cities and large formations, but also to knock down barriers during an offensive with one shot, and the quantity should be returned to the original (in the USSR they knew how to count, didn’t rivet more than necessary)
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    7 May 2024 11: 24
    With modern air defense capabilities, the use of tactical nuclear weapons is limited to glide bombs (with UPMK), hypersonic Daggers and guns; therefore, the Malka 203mm is preferable in terms of shot range. You may not have to use tactical nuclear weapons, but you should always be ready to use them. The assigned exercises on the use of tactical nuclear weapons are the right decision.
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    7 May 2024 13: 20
    Yes - Corporal Gashetkin is not alone, there are so many general agronomist-gynecologists experts on tactical nuclear weapons! He who is not a tactician is a strategist; he who is not Marx is Lenin; he who is not Bonaparte is a new Rokossovsky.
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    7 May 2024 18: 27
    Since we are talking about tactical nuclear weapons, they can also deliver them to Ukraine. All red lines were passed almost without obstacles. The West will not simply abandon Ukraine, and when Ukraine has a problem with shells and soldiers, the West will supply something more serious.
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      7 May 2024 19: 48
      It’s unlikely that the “Latins” are such COMPLETE IDIOTS!

      ...They won’t go for the “mad monkey with nuclear grenades” option...

      The West supplied them with a dozen shells with nuclear filling...
      And they put them on UAVs and sent them to Moscow...
      Even if they don’t reach, but detonate when the air defense is hit, the damage will be very serious...

      ...It is unlikely that anyone in the Kremlin in such circumstances will limit itself to drawing red lines or the usual rocket attacks on substations...
      And the history of European civilization (with a HUGE SHARE of probability) will begin all over again....
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        8 May 2024 09: 42

        This is the first bell, if the West does not come to its senses with tactical weapons, then it will have to use strategic weapons in New York, Washington and San Francisco are further down the list, but London and Paris are generally seeds