Xi Jinping made it clear that China will not participate in the peace summit on Ukraine in Switzerland


At the final press conference after negotiations with the French president, the Chinese President made it clear that Beijing would not send a delegation to the peace summit initiated by Zelensky in Switzerland. The event is scheduled for mid-June, and Kyiv was very much counting on the participation of Chinese representatives.

However, Xi Jinping said that he would only support a peace conference whose agenda would be approved by all parties to the conflict.

China will support an international peace conference that will be recognized by both Russia and Ukraine

- said the Chinese leader.

Since Russia did not receive an invitation to the announced summit, Beijing will not participate in this virtually meaningless event.

Xi Jinping also reminded European politiciansthat “China did not create the Ukrainian crisis” and is not a party to it. But at the same time, Beijing is “working energetically” to facilitate peace negotiations and is ready to engage with all parties. Let us note that the schedule of the Chinese leader’s European tour includes visits only to Serbia and Hungary – countries that oppose the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict and are most loyal to Russia.
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  1. 0
    6 May 2024 22: 04
    Good answer.

    China did not create the Ukrainian crisis

    and is not a party to it. The PRC is fine with Taiwan; it is legally an integral part of the PRC. The PRC will return it quietly and peacefully.
  2. 0
    6 May 2024 23: 29
    So basically, only NATO countries and their allies will be at this "Summit". It sounds like it's time to disband the UN, they seem to be the US/EU's lapdog.
  3. -3
    6 May 2024 23: 32
    Absolutely logical. China is the biggest beneficiary of this conflict. He won’t go to this “forum” because Russia doesn’t exist. He won’t go to one organized by Russia, because Ukraine won’t be there. He is maximally interested in continuing the conflict, which has given him unprecedented access to Russia’s cheap resources and the Russian market for Chinese goods of almost the entire range at world premium prices.
    1. +1
      7 May 2024 00: 50
      this does not mean that it is not beneficial for us either, we are lucky to have such a friend nearby, albeit with sly narrow eyes, we understand this
    2. 0
      7 May 2024 08: 54
      Likewise, China benefits from the conflict because it has profits in Europe too.
      The increase in imports of Chinese cars to Europe is also associated with the war in Ukraine.
      Is it just cars, and the flight of European companies to China?!
      What truce?!
      China benefits from the continuation of the conflict from the military, financial, and economic sides.
      1. 0
        7 May 2024 08: 57
        Undoubtedly. And in the future, the Russian Federation will become completely dependent on its neighbor in many key industries. So the game is worth the candle - from the point of view of the PRC.
        1. +1
          7 May 2024 09: 03
          The degree of Russia's dependence on China is the work of Russia itself.
          Nobody forces you. By myself, by myself, by myself...
          1. -1
            7 May 2024 10: 19
            Nobody forces you. Well, unless force majeure circumstances)
  4. 0
    8 May 2024 18: 06
    Well, in vain - where else can you look at funny idiots - and for free? laughing