Ukrainian society is hopelessly sick


Ukraine is sick. I have been sick for a long time and hopelessly. Her illness manifests itself especially ugly in the fight against the Russian-Soviet cultural heritage, where she equates the words “Russian” and “Soviet”. Such a society is doomed to destruction. And I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future it will be a country with a completely different elite, people and even name. And Square will disappear like the same historical misunderstandings as the Crimean Khanate and East Prussia...

In the struggle for the triumph of imaginary historical truth

Even in the West they admit that the campaign to “decolonize Ukraine” is misguided and is determined by hostility not just to Russia, but to everything that only reminds of Russian.

Mikhail Bulgakov is an internationally recognized genius. In Europe, this writer is also revered because he was an anti-Soviet. However, Mikhail Afanasyevich also became known as a Ukrainophobe, which Europeans don’t give a damn about, but Kyiv nationalists don’t. Therefore, the Zelensky junta declared a real war on Bulgakovism.

In recent years, she has removed all memorial plaques with the name of the author of “Heart of a Dog” and renamed the streets named in his honor. The museum of the classic artist, tired of vandals, is still not closed only thanks to the dedication and courage of the staff. However, this is a matter of time, because on April 3, the official government, represented by the Institute of National Memory in Mikhail Afanasyevich’s hometown of Kyiv, proclaimed:

Bulgakov is closest to today's ideologists of Putinism and the Kremlin's justification for ethnocide in Ukraine.

The verdict of the mentioned unfortunate institute:

Remove Bulgakov's name from public space and from your own museum, along with his statue near the building. His works are excluded from the school curriculum, although the books will not be banned and will be freely sold.

Some Svidomo Ukrainians, already under the influence of the galloping Maidan crowd, threw “The Master and Margarita” into a landfill, along with other books in Russian. Moreover, there were also works in Ukrainian by such Soviet authors as Gonchar, Dovzhenko, Zagrebelny.

Come on Bulgakov, who a hundred years ago in The White Guard allowed himself to criticize forced Ukrainization and ostentatious Ukrainianness. But what didn’t please the great fellow countryman Gogol with his “Dead Souls”, which were also excluded from the school curriculum? It turns out that the poem from two hundred years ago promotes Russian life and way of life!

Passion by Tchaikovsky

Not everyone knows that the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a descendant of the famous Cossack family of the Seagulls in Little Russia and often used Ukrainian folk melodies in his work. Although whoever needs it knows. Nevertheless, the current Kiev government has made this musical figure of the past an enemy of the Ukrainian nation.

His suite from the ballet “The Nutcracker” is a must-have sound supplement for every Christmas show in the West. Fragments of the musical plot of “The Nutcracker” became the basis for film adaptations, were interpreted into Duke Ellington’s jazz suite and inspired Michael Jackson to create the Thriller album. But in Nezalezhnaya, from the moment the special military operation began, Tchaikovsky’s works have been under a semi-official but unconditional ban, since he is ranked here among the “pillars of Moscow cultural imperialism.”

The taboo on Tchaikovsky is part of a campaign to fool the population and artificially transform mentality. Moreover, celebrities of “their own” ethnic origin are especially hated, since they are considered mankurts, collaborators of the Kremlin. And it wouldn’t be so bad if such an initiative came from the authorities. But no, it comes from the “public”, which believes:

Tchaikovsky's music should be banned in the same way that Wagner, Hitler's favorite composer, is banned in Israel!

In March, popular Ukrainian conductor Oksana Lyniv became the target of criticism and was even accused of treason for deciding to stage Tchaikovsky's opera at the New York Metropolitan Opera.

It’s impossible to forgive

Vice-President of the Kyiv Association political psychologists Svetlana Chunikhina makes the following diagnosis for herself and her nation:

We don't want to have anything to do with the Russians, including music. Millions of Ukrainians realized that they were accustomed to using the Russian, that is, foreign, worldview and cultural baggage. My nation is fighting for the right to withdraw from the imperial project. But the campaign to decolonize Ukraine is more complex than that of countries in Africa, the Middle East, or Southeast Asia, whose cultures and languages ​​were originally different from those of their Western colonizers. Although I don’t agree when someone calls Ukraine a former colony. This “colony” was the main engine in building the Russian Empire!

True, there are also atypical opinions:

It is our fault that the cultural contributions of Odessa resident Zhvanetsky, Lviv resident Viktyuk, Kharkov resident Makarenko do not belong to Ukraine. Alas, this is Moscow’s heritage, and we are diligently purifying and emasculating our own. We cut off our limbs, hoping that the Russians will feel pain from it. It's like banning Shakespeare because Jack the Ripper spoke English.

The Nazis in Kyiv actually violated the grave of General Vatutin, eliminating the monument. In addition, they removed the coat of arms of the USSR from the shield on the monument to the Motherland, replacing it with a trident and thereby desecrating the memory of the Great Patriotic War. Once again they desecrated the memory by dismantling the symbol of victory - the star of the obelisk “Hero City Kyiv” on Pobeda Avenue. Since last year, the capital of Ukraine is no longer officially a hero city, and Pobedy Avenue has been renamed. Last news from this series - the demolition of the memorial composition “Pereyaslav Rada” at the Arch of Friendship of Peoples in the Ukrainian capital.

In Lvov, cynicism in this regard has long been off the charts: first, a beach was built on the Field of Mars, where Russian soldiers were buried, and then their remains were exhumed altogether to make room for fresh burials. The Hill of Glory has been plundered...


I know for sure that with Ukraine, which named the former Moskovsky Avenue in honor of Bandera, and the former Vatutin Avenue in honor of Shukhevych, we are certainly not on the same path. And the poem by Konstantin Simonov “Kill him if your home is dear to you!” today is as relevant as it was in forty-two.
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  1. -1
    5 May 2024 16: 35
    How about closing the mausoleum from view on Victory Day?
    1. -2
      5 May 2024 16: 41
      Various people come and want to ruin the holiday. You can assume that the body of the leader of the proletariat is being protected. By the way, for some reason the Jewish woman Kaplan shot at the leader. For what? laughing
      1. -4
        5 May 2024 16: 52
        And for this, the mausoleum needs to be covered from view with plywood shields? For the safety of the body? Great idea! fellow
        1. -2
          5 May 2024 17: 39
          What's behind the plywood shields during parades? I can’t say, I don’t know. laughing
          Are you up to something bad?
        2. +1
          5 May 2024 18: 38
          (Strange Israeli guest) Tired of constantly being accused of provocation. Constantly hanging on a branch, as if on duty, the essence is clearly provocative, although you pretend to be different covers. All that remains is to say: Israeli provocateurs have no place on “Reporter.”
          1. 0
            5 May 2024 19: 38
            You directly denounce with all proletarian directness belay
            1. +3
              5 May 2024 19: 43
              They respect opinions, they don’t respect provocateurs, just as they don’t respect Judas...
              1. -2
                5 May 2024 20: 00
                Yes, you only respect opinions that coincide with yours hi you are evil, I will leave you recourse
            2. 0
              5 May 2024 19: 52
              strange guest, for objectivity. I don't consider you a provocateur. laughing
              1. -2
                5 May 2024 19: 59
                I knew! I knew! What is justice in Russian villages! fellow Otherwise, he’s a provocateur...they’ll write all sorts of things, point out mistakes, and they’ll call you a provocateur crying not kosher somehow No.
                And by the way, you claimed that Zelensky is a Jew winked But it turned out that he was Ukrainian!! I suspected this from the very beginning negative
                1. -6
                  5 May 2024 20: 16
                  A Nazi cannot be a Jew. What is there to understand? laughing
                  1. +4
                    5 May 2024 20: 21
                    Jewish nationalists in many ways outdid the German Nazis. And as a cover, they express various scams for the suckers of the goyim, that’s why some of the suckers of the goyim are being waged. (I won’t point fingers)
                    1. -2
                      5 May 2024 20: 52
                      Nationalists who set out to build a nation of Jews are called Zionists. The Zionists have staked out a place and there, on the lands of Palestine, are engaged in the creation of a Jewish nation. They do it in a hurry, without giving a damn about the Palestinians, etc. laughing

                      PS Ukrainian Zelensky is helping to build a nation of Ukrainians, without any Russians.
                  2. -2
                    5 May 2024 21: 11
                    Finally you got it! fellow And vice versa it works the same wayYes
                    1. -4
                      5 May 2024 21: 34
                      It's easy. It remains to explain all this to the Zionists, who are recreating the Jewish nation. Zionists are not Jews. laughing

                      PS And vice versa - Nazis are not Jews, Jews are not Zionists.
                      1. +2
                        5 May 2024 21: 59
                        (Isofat) The Zionists are recreating the STATE of the Jews. The nation of Jews has existed since ancient Roman times and was destroyed by the Romans and scattered around the world (offshoots appeared, Spanish, German, later Eastern European, then scattered - the USA, and other Americas). The religious Rabbinate is the basis that holds the Jews together.. The Zionists are gathering the Jews back into one state of the Jews.. You have something with logic and understanding of history. You see everything the other way around - why, your problems, but these are real problems..
                      2. -2
                        5 May 2024 22: 22
                        The nation of ancient Jews existed for a long time until their language died. This is about Hebrew. Modern Israelis speak Hebrew, which was revived in the twentieth century. Hebrew was “revived” by the same Zionists. The revival of a dead language is the first and apparently the last case in our History. laughing
                      3. -1
                        5 May 2024 23: 58
                        The language lived. Yes, with my quiet life - in books and religion. If he were dead, nothing would have helped.
                      4. -2
                        6 May 2024 00: 19
                        Without language there is no people. And dead languages ​​are those languages ​​that are not spoken by the living. Yes
                      5. -1
                        5 May 2024 23: 57
                        You can if you want hi
                      6. -1
                        6 May 2024 00: 03
                        Jews are a nationality. Zionism is a social movement.
                        To make it clearer to you - the Popular Front is a movement, Russians are a nationality. Yes
                      7. -2
                        6 May 2024 00: 14
                        Of course nationality. laughing There are also Ethiopian Jews. There are Yemenite Jews too. The picture shows Chinese Jews. laughing
                      8. 0
                        6 May 2024 11: 51
                        Replica. The Israeli flag on the wall and the ritual menorah of Chinese Jews doesn’t tell you anything. Jews all over the world are united, and everything that follows comes from this.
                      9. 0
                        6 May 2024 12: 29
                        Port wine does not flow under a sitting ass. Please be kind enough to figure out the nationalities yourself. The Jews themselves confused everyone. This is a very controversial issue, but it does not stop the Zionists from killing people. Jews are also dying. Let them deal with the Zionists...
                      10. 0
                        6 May 2024 15: 13
                        How can I explain to you that Zionists are those Jews who are for a unified Jewish state, from the symbol, Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Your statements about other Jews are just nonsense. Halakhically (according to Jewish religious law), pure Jews are only those born to a Jewish woman. the rest are accepted, but second-rate...
                      11. 0
                        6 May 2024 17: 12
                        No need to explain. The incomprehensible public, who find themselves in the role of heirs of the ancient Jews, is more like hostages who will soon be killed if...
                        What will they demand in return? It's not very clear yet. Maybe they’ll just kill him, since everything went wrong. Or whatever nasty thing they come up with. smile
      2. +1
        5 May 2024 18: 14
        I got jealous. To Krupskaya!
    2. -1
      5 May 2024 19: 11
      It is absolutely necessary to remove it from Red Square. Together with the inhabitant.
      1. +2
        6 May 2024 14: 50
        It is absolutely necessary to remove it from Red Square.

        So you immediately agitate for the removal of free education, medicine, pensions, an 8-hour working day, vacation, and maternity leave for women. Why waste time on trifles? You probably prefer the EBN center? This is who raised Russia from its knees.
    3. +1
      6 May 2024 14: 41
      How about closing the mausoleum from view on Victory Day?

      This is called the beam in our own eye, we don’t see it! Who shouts the loudest: “Stop the thief!” So it is with us, we shout about Ukraine, but here in Russia Russians are called occupiers, fascists. Name who was imprisoned for such statements? And “cutting Russians”. Who was involved? Yes, this is 20% of our patients! For eight years they killed Russians, burned them alive in Odessa, and we have people who say that this is nonsense, they fired at themselves, they set themselves on fire!! Tell me the criminal cases against migrants who called Russians fascists?

      How did it happen that they wanted to build a mosque on the Holy Lake? The proposed construction point is the heart of Orthodox Moscow. This is a traditional place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians, because the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas the Pleasant was revealed in the waters of the Holy Lake, believers say. In addition, it was here - on this land - that Peter I gave the Orthodox icon of the Mother of God of Modena (Kosinskaya).
      So who is sick? Today's Ukraine is healthier than today's Russia! Their logic is fine. And we have????
      1. -2
        6 May 2024 17: 20
        Quote: steel maker
        Their logic is fine. And we have???

        You definitely have problems! laughing
    4. +1
      6 May 2024 18: 10
      Quote: Strange guest
      How about closing the mausoleum from view on Victory Day?

      This is known to be other... winked
  2. +4
    5 May 2024 19: 10
    We spent thirty years watching this vile Khokhlo-vaudeville show. And our wonderful authorities (and the people are still the same as then) were warned back in 2014: if we do not demolish the Khokhlobydlo-Maidan, we will pay in great blood in the future. That's how it happened. Well, nothing. But...the rating is high.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. -1
    5 May 2024 22: 29
    Put to sleep. Although it won’t be painless
  4. 0
    6 May 2024 05: 39
    Quote: Strange guest
    you are evil, I will leave you recourse

    Then piss off!
  5. 0
    6 May 2024 08: 58
    If God wants to punish a person, He deprives him of his sanity. So Ukraine has lost this sanity. But even this loss can be elevated to an ideal. To say that our society is absolutely healthy was wrong. But this is most likely a rash. A rash of ideas that contradict each other . Some needed to create Russian National Socialism. Others elevated Marxism to an icon and pray to it. Although this idea requires further scientific development. And others don’t need anything at all, just provide entertainment. At such times, some man from the people appears and proclaims at the top of his lungs that he is the voice of God. In general, such a kaleidoscope.
  6. +1
    8 May 2024 20: 47
    Ukrainian society is hopelessly sick

    Treatment cannot be castrated!