Global South countries withdraw from peace summit in Switzerland


Ukrainian information resources report with regret that countries of the Global South are massively refusing to participate in the so-called peace conference on Ukraine, scheduled for mid-June in Switzerland. This is due to Russia’s influence on the countries of the region and the state of affairs at the front.

According to the Resident telegram channel, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has been tasked with attracting as many countries cooperating with Russia as possible to participate in the summit. However, the deteriorating situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front does not allow the Foreign Ministry to realize what it wants.

Our source in the president's office said that countries of the Global South began to massively refuse to participate in the peace conference in Switzerland due to the situation at the front and the influence of Russia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trying under any pretext to lure world leaders to the conference, but the defeats of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front negatively affect the situation

- reports the telegram channel "Resident".

According to a release published on the website of the Swiss government, at the request of Ukraine, Bern sent out more than 160 invitations to delegations from many countries, but Russia was not invited to the meeting. The summit will take place on June 15-16 at the mountain resort of Bürgenstock. At the same time, even in Switzerland they admit that the peace process is impossible without Moscow’s participation.

The summit in Switzerland is intended to begin the peace process. Switzerland is convinced that Russia should be involved in this process. A peace process without Russia is unthinkable

– says a press release from the Swiss government.
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  1. +5
    3 May 2024 19: 05
    As I understand it, there will be a get-together... their get-together
  2. +4
    3 May 2024 19: 27
    With its statement on a unilateral conference on Ukraine, Switzerland admitted that there is a war on the territory of Ukraine between the NATO bloc and the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation will not participate. The conference is being held by the aggressor, NATO, to legitimize its criminal actions and further use the decisions of this conference. Participation in this conference automatically makes the conference participants accomplices of the NATO bloc. Who will come and what decision they will make is already interesting, because... The world began to divide over the problem of Ukraine. How many invitations have been sent out, 160 or more, currently 193 states are members of the UN.
  3. +7
    3 May 2024 20: 29
    Such a long article, but who refused is not written ((Global South. Global North. Global West and East..water, water, water..
    1. +1
      4 May 2024 02: 05
      One of the strangest (to put it mildly) articles; I have not yet found a single news about those who refused on the Internet.
    2. 0
      4 May 2024 15: 30
      It is truly unclear whether Israel is the global south or the north.
      1. -2
        4 May 2024 15: 31
        For you specifically - Global Space wink
  4. +3
    3 May 2024 20: 59
    They are panicking, they urgently need at least some kind of peace - the Ukro-Reich began to crumble and exchange money about the shitty future
  5. +1
    4 May 2024 06: 58
    The West’s desire to drag at least its tail, even by its hair, more participants for gatherings in Switzerland in order to condemn Russia’s actions is understandable, but why do other representatives of states need this? fool
    1. -2
      4 May 2024 10: 09
      You see, many of these countries have their own neighbors... and these neighbors look at the experience of the Russian Federation with the annexation of the territories of their neighbor with great interest... which frightens the neighbors of these neighbors... this is the situation and the problem) and a way out of this situation while no one sees. Satisfy the territorial claims of your neighbors? Many people seem not quite ready for this. laughing That's why they hope for this gathering - maybe it will be possible to work out at least some kind of solution that will allow them to limit the determination of their neighbors in their claims. After all, there are very, very many disputed territories in the world. And this is a question not only for Russia and Ukraine. If serious.
      1. +3
        4 May 2024 12: 37
        Strange guest, what does “disputed - not disputed territory” have to do with it? On the land that we actually gave to our “brothers,” these same brothers began to destroy our Russian people. Or do you doubt it? Isn’t Russian men in work clothes buried alive, with their hands tied with wire, proof of genocide? And the Avenue of Angels? And the Gorlovka Madonna? Are you human?
        1. 0
          4 May 2024 13: 16
          I am human. Just lands that were “actually donated”, “taken away”, “conquered”, “departed” and “torn off”, “unjustly cut up”... There are a lot of them all over the world..
          And there are also a lot of murders based on ethnicity. At least in distant history, at least in the present. Is there a recipe for coexistence? Or just the military annexation of territories? This is the main question now for many states...
        2. 0
          4 May 2024 15: 35
          Russia did not transfer, sell or donate its territories, as well as its foreign assets, to any former union republic of the USSR. You will not find a single supporting document.
          All republics ignored the USSR Law of April 3, 1990 No. 1409-I “On the procedure for resolving issues related to the withdrawal of a union republic from the USSR.” Read for fun.
          1. 0
            4 May 2024 17: 32
            Yes, I understand that everyone violates everything. I'm talking about something completely different! What I'm saying is that there is no solution that suits everyone. That there are a bunch of countries with territorial, national and economic claims against each other. The question is how to deal with it. Is it permissible to resolve issues by force to change borders and resolve other disputes? There is no agreement not only on Ukraine. For Kurds and Turks with Syrians and Iraqis. For Jews and Palestinians. By Hootsie and Tutu. In Punjab and Kashmir. In a bunch of other places in the world.
            Russia proposed that everything is possible according to the right of the strong. Not the strongest, but specifically in relation to the neighboring state. Conventionally, “take it if you can.” The multipolar world just needs to be prepared for this. He will be one way and no other. But he's not ready yet. Hence the attempts at all sorts of summits, assistance and other things. Which are devoid of any meaning - I absolutely agree with this.
  6. +1
    4 May 2024 12: 28
    If one of the parties to the conflict is not invited to a “peace summit,” then this is not a summit, but negotiations on concluding a pact to attack the non-invited.
    1. -1
      4 May 2024 14: 14
      So Russia voiced its position in the form of an ultimatum.

      New regions are not discussed.

      What they took is ours. If we want, we'll take more. That is, our position is clear, it has been repeatedly voiced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev constantly confirms it..
      So other countries will think about what to do about it and how to live. Only the right of the strong decides or whether something can be done about it for the safety of the weak. Does the weak even have the right to any independent policy or should he act only in the interests of a strong neighbor under the threat of various types of influences? If only force, then accept or not accept. And how to generally act in such situations. To help is not to help. They want to develop at least some position in relation to such territorial situations in principle. Because it is already obvious that neither the UN nor Helsinki guarantees anything to anyone. The world is rapidly regressing in security matters to the situation of the late 19th century. I fully admit that nothing will be accepted. The strong don’t care - they are strong, but the weak would like at least some guarantees from the territorial claims of their neighbors - but who will give them?)

      Every man for himself in the new multipolar world

      quite a possible solution. This summit is not about the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, or rather, in general, mainly not about it. This is about security issues in a multipolar world. Who can give them, and who can keep the promises made. Where and what are the guarantees... At least some kind of agreed position for the future. If it is possible at all - which I personally highly doubt)
      What can Russia add new to the discussion at this summit? Whatever you say, the NWO is on the territory of Ukraine (as long as such a state is on the political map of the world). And Ukraine didn’t start it. What can the Russian Federation offer at the summit? Tighten the requirements even more? This is already clear to everyone. That we are ready for the English Channel - as many here write))
      1. +1
        4 May 2024 16: 26
        All international requirements are written for the weak; the strong have one law, and that is strength. So it was, so it will always be. All alliances of countries, any kind, are always directed against someone. The alliance of NATO countries is directed against the USSR and Russia. According to the wording of “territories”, there are disputed ones, and there are those taken away as a result of the state. coup, like Ukraine. Here there was still a division into parts of one people. In accordance with the Helsinki Agreements of 1975, the entire territory of Russia is the territory of the former Soviet Union. All new states formed on the territories of the former union republics of the USSR are not legitimate. At the state The coup of the USSR in 1991 has no statute of limitations, it is a criminal offense.
        1. 0
          4 May 2024 17: 42
          Haven't you understood yet? Yes, no one really cares about Helsinki-75 in particular and the UN in general) The world is changing - I completely agree with you on this, and I write about it all the time. And in this new-old beautiful multipolar world, the stronger will tear the throat of the weaker, not limited in his impulse by anything at all! Like at the end of the XNUMXth - beginning of the XNUMXth century. No pieces of paper called "agreement" or "rules". Because the strong have the right! And I also absolutely agree with you on this! And for the strong, the territories he likes will always be “illegally seized”))) no “disputed”! And that's the whole joke)
          And any laws not only between states, but also within states are written for the weak. You didn’t discover America here))) In general, all laws are for weaklings! This has been known since the very concept of “state”. The strong do not need the law! The law does not protect it, but limits it! And I think that sooner or later it will come to the point that laws will not be respected not only between states, but also within them))