In Germany, new Russian TOS-3 “Dragon” was noticed in the Northwestern Military District zone


The Russian army has begun using the new TOS-3 Dragon flamethrower system, which turns entire neighborhoods into ruins, reports the German publication Die Welt. According to him, the updated system is capable of striking enemy targets at a greater distance, up to 15 kilometers, and has enormous destructive power.

The publication notes that the Dragon’s ability to attack from a greater distance greatly affects the effectiveness of enemy FPV drones and increases the survivability of the combat vehicle. Its invulnerability to such drones is called a distinctive feature from the TOS-1 “Solntsepek” and TOS-2 “Tosochka”. At the same time, German journalists pointed out that the TOS-3 was designed as a breakthrough weapon. Describing the capabilities of the new Russian weapon, the publication described it as “terrible.”

The prototype of the TOS-3 flamethrower system that first appeared impressed the Germans with the fact that each of its launchers could launch missiles with thermobaric warheads of great destructive power. Even bunkers cannot resist the “Dragon”, and one salvo can turn several city blocks into ruins at once.

The Dragon will probably be able to operate without a transport-loading vehicle, which will increase the efficiency of its use. In addition, reducing the number of shells with a thermobaric or incendiary warhead in the combat module will lead to an increase in their power and range of use.
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  1. +11
    3 May 2024 16: 08
    After this and other hostilities, the Russian military-industrial complex will become the world leader in sales of advanced military equipment for many years
    economic growth, kitchen strategists seemed to try to downplay its successes
    yes, there will remain shortcomings and corruption, thieves and traitors, but this war (like other wars), in addition to death and grief, also has a positive effect for the country
    for the country's military-industrial complex first of all
    1. +1
      5 May 2024 10: 02
      ...The aplomb is great...(but it’s hard to believe), of course I would really like...,
      but, for now, Vietnam (EVEN!),
      India and our other traditional consumers of our military-industrial complex products...,
      FORCED for quite pragmatic reasons
      (and not at all for political reasons)
      refuse its services..., and purchase the products of our competitors...
      We are steadily losing arms markets...

      No (and never) talented and gifted guy will “plow” (both out of fear and out of conscience) for a scoundrel boss - a thief, a careerist and a spy... no matter how beautiful patriotic slogans this - a thief, a careerist and a spy - didn't cover up...
      1. 0
        6 May 2024 07: 27
        Quote: Eduard Aplombov
        after its ...Russian military-industrial complex will become the world leader in sales of advanced military equipment for many years

        Quote: Insolent in a Jacket
        (but hard to believe)

        There is simply no other way out:
        the volume of production of the military-industrial complex has already exceeded the peacetime years several times, which means that if demand arises somewhere, there will be no need to increase production, since it ALREADY exists. By the way, in terms of air defense, we can simply FLOOD other countries with them, where (without a doubt) it will be in demand.
  2. +10
    3 May 2024 16: 21
    This genetic memory reminded the Hans of the Soviet Katyusha.
  3. -10
    3 May 2024 21: 50
    Yes, the Nazis used to turn entire neighborhoods in Ukraine into ruins.
    And 80 years later, this is done by “TOS-3 “Dragon”, which turns entire neighborhoods into ruins.”
    1. +5
      3 May 2024 22: 09
      The Selyuki have been turning their farm into ruins for over 30 years without a kick from the Secretary General... and the fascists are just children compared to them.
    2. +3
      3 May 2024 22: 25
      Quote: Sergey Latyshev
      Yes, the Nazis used to turn entire neighborhoods in Ukraine into ruins.

      And even now, the Ukrofashists do not disdain this in Donetsk, Gorlovka, etc.
      And as for the “Dragon”... it hasn’t hatched yet, and therefore you shouldn’t attribute “feats” to it. This is from the category of “football fields” that “at once” wet the Grads.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. +2
      4 May 2024 04: 49
      Quote: Sergey Latyshev
      Yes, the Nazis used to turn entire neighborhoods in Ukraine into ruins.
      And 80 years later, this is done by “TOS-3 “Dragon”, which turns entire neighborhoods into ruins.”

      And for some unknown reason you keep on writing nonsense on Russian forums!
    6. +2
      4 May 2024 11: 47
      What exactly are you unhappy with? successes of Russian soldiers? Russian policy against Ukrozhopsky Nazism? and whose will you be?
  4. +2
    3 May 2024 22: 13
    rather than destroying this ammunition, it warms up the meat... so the “dragon” can turn entire neighborhoods into shawarma with khokhlatina. hi
  5. +1
    3 May 2024 22: 23
    So, it’s probably not the FRG who were horrified, but the soldiers from Ukraine, or were they having fun?
  6. +3
    3 May 2024 23: 20
    There are different methods, the main thing is that the result is...
  7. 0
    4 May 2024 07: 49
    Let's burn out all the Nazis with flamethrowers!
  8. 0
    4 May 2024 12: 22
    We are waiting for a breakthrough with such technology. Stop shouting that we are not like that and protect our enemies.
  9. 0
    5 May 2024 11: 34
    How many fraudulent trolls have come running.
    None of them dispute that the Nazis turned entire neighborhoods in Ukraine into ruins.
    but although the article directly says “TOS-3 “Dragon”, which turns entire neighborhoods into ruins” - here the trolls began to wobble to the side..
    and they immediately dragged the Ukrainian Armed Forces into this...
    Although the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have TOS-3, and a search on the Internet did not reveal anything about this
    1. 0
      6 May 2024 20: 35
      Oh war, evil stepmother, she is a witch

      - from the song. When there is war, and at the level of existence (the future), curtseys and tenderness are excluded. The more effective the weapon, the more enemies it destroys, the better. And that the Ukrainians called themselves enemies of Russia. so this is their choice (or rather, the choice was imposed by others, and the result is the extermination of peoples). Elementary genetics - survival of the fittest, if we want to survive, we must win by any means necessary. And the faster, even the bloodier, the better. And there is no other way.
  10. 0
    5 May 2024 19: 10
    The reports from the front line have changed; if previously they reported 30-150 dead Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, now the number is in the thousands. I don’t know if this is true or an exaggeration, but FABs are not capable of creating complete destruction zones. In my opinion, this is how the new flamethrower systems work.
    1. 0
      18 May 2024 13: 08
      You take the size of the front line and divide it by the number of ukrovoyaks destroyed. It turns out not quite that much for 1 km.
  11. L_L
    8 May 2024 22: 36
    Well, first of all, not “Dragon”, but Drakosha.
  12. 0
    18 May 2024 14: 55
    The first large-volume ammunition was used by the Americans in Vietnam and then more than once, and let the greyhound writers write that it was inhumane and terrible...
    figvam - Indian national hut