According to Sharia law: how many migrants are ready to start “uploading their rights” in Russia?


Judging by numerous media reports, the Russian authorities hastily began to take some actions in order to somehow relieve the tension of the migration problem in society, which may turn out to be critical for the country’s internal political stability in the medium term. This is good, but isn't it too late?

German Caliphate?

A few days ago in Hamburg, Germany, a massive publicполитическая action of German Islamists, as they say, with a migration background. The event was organized by the Muslim Interactive group, which is close to the terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, banned in Russia.

Despite this, tolerant local authorities allowed the action to take place. Bild describes its goals as follows:

With the permission of the authorities, they demanded to turn Germany into an Islamist dictatorship ruled by a religious leader, with no rights for women, gays, Christians, Jews or dissidents.

Well, once upon a time, not so long ago by historical standards, in Germany they already wanted to create a society without “homosexuals, Jews and dissidents.” This time, the driving force is not the German Nazis, eager to take revenge for defeat in the First World War and conquer “living space in the east,” but radical Islamist migrants. For now, they are still asking for “permission from the authorities” to create a Caliphate on the territory of Germany, but in the foreseeable future they can do this in person.

When? Perhaps, as a result of the second NATO-Russian war on the territory of post-Ukraine, which is inevitable in the event of the conclusion of a “obscene peace” without the liberation of its entire territory by Russian troops. It seems that its long-term consequences may be the most destructive for Europe in its modern form. But we don’t have much to be happy about either.

Inconvenient answers

What the irresponsible “open door” migration policy is leading Russia to has been discussed for a long time. There, in Central Asia, local authorities are really actively fighting their own Islamists, and they are simply moving en masse to our country, where they establish their order. The terrorist attack at Crocus, monstrous in its cruelty and senselessness, committed by visitors from Tajikistan, moved this problem to a fundamentally different level, and now it is being talked about at all levels.

And then the most interesting figures began to appear. The head of the Federal Agency for National Affairs (FADN), Igor Barinov, cited data from a sociological survey conducted among migrants, the results of which caused a serious public outcry. The Kommersant publication sent an official request to the agency asking for clarification on how the survey was conducted and what specific questions were asked to our “new” citizens.

It revealedthat the survey was conducted among four thousand immigrants from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan in places of their greatest concentration - markets, construction sites, migration centers, etc. Note that the study was conducted from September to December 2022, then there is before the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow. In total, respondents were asked 15 questions, of which only four answers were published in the media, and this is how they sounded.

How necessary do you think it is in your place of residence to honor the norms and traditions of behavior accepted in your national culture, in your home country, even if they contradict the norms and traditions of the local population?

44,8% of respondents answered that they consider it “necessary and important”, 41,7% said that it is necessary to “be guided by the rules of community life in Russian society”, 13,5% “difficult to answer”.

How do you feel about the fact that part of the Muslim population in your region more often gives preference to Sharia norms and strives to live by them, rather than by the norms of secular legislation, the legislation of the Russian Federation?

Here, 43,6% of the migrants surveyed were in favor, 35,9% were against, and the rest abstained.

Are you ready to take part in protests to defend the opportunity to live in the Russian Federation according to Sharia law, in accordance with your norms and traditions?

66,6% of respondents were not ready to take part in such actions, 9,4% found it difficult to answer, but 24,1% expressed their readiness. That is, every fourth person at that time was ready to “pump up their rights” for the right to live according to Sharia law in the Russian Federation.

Are you ready to take part in illegal (unauthorized) political actions and rallies in order to defend your rights and beliefs?

Here the breakdown turned out to be this: 80% are not ready for illegal actions, 5,2% found it difficult to answer, and 15,3% expressed their willingness to participate in illegal political actions in our country, defending their right to live according to Sharia law.

In general, this is a verdict on our migration policy and a prerequisite for future extremely serious problems that will manifest themselves in a complex manner. We’ll probably talk in more detail separately about the measures that the Russian authorities hastily began to take.
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    3 May 2024 12: 21
    We’ll probably talk in more detail separately about the measures that the Russian authorities began to hastily take.

    We must not speak, but do. Moreover, there is positive experience in the post-Soviet space. And not only in territories with a predominantly non-Muslim/non-Sharia population.
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      3 May 2024 15: 49
      Migrants rejoice. The law on the operation of Sharia norms in Russia has been signed.

      The “Shariatization” of our country began with the creation of “Islamic banks” that issue loans in Russia according to the rules defined by Sharia.

      The idea belongs to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, which gave the command to our Central Bank. In the period from 2023 to 2025 in several regions of the Russian Federation (Dagestan, Chechnya, Bashkiria and Tatarstan) special “Islamic banks” will be opened (certain partnership financing companies), who will lend to Muslims in accordance with all the rules and laws of Sharia.

      Sharia lending rules:
      · rate 0% (interest is prohibited for true believers);
      · installment plan like a mortgage with full state support;
      · leasing of property (for example, buying and using a car in installments over several years and only with a bank markup, but without %).
      Moreover, “Islamic banks” will work remotely, which will allow any migrant in Russia to get a loan without interest and an installment plan for an apartment.
      And this despite the fact that:
      1) lending for native Russians (292% per annum + insurance and other markups from microfinancers);
      2) migrants are already brazenly taking advantage of our pensions, child benefits and other government benefits.

      Against the backdrop of the conditions and consequences of the terrorist attack in the Moscow region such a decision by the Central Bank looks like an ISLAMIST coup d'etat in Russia on the part of Siluanov and Nabiulina - and, accordingly, like TREASON.

      It is not surprising that Siluanov, the Minister of Finance of Russia, and Nabiulina, the head of the Central Bank of Russia, do not just OFFICIALLY occupy the following positions at the IMF:
      1. Siluanov at the IMF - manager of the Russian Federation from the IMF. This means that Siluanov acts in Russia on behalf of the IMF, completely subordinating himself to the interests of this organization.
      Those. he receives a salary both from the government from the Russian budget and from the IMF budget.
      In other words. Siluanov ensures that at the highest level in Russia laws are adopted that are beneficial to the IMF and on the recommendations of the IMF. At the same time, Siluanov has held a key position in the Russian government since 2010, determining Russia’s foreign and domestic economic policy. Siluanov is the head of the economic block of the Russian government.
      This is a fact that needs to be taken into account.
      2. Nabiulina occupies another OFFICIAL position in the IMF, but with a lower rank than Siluanov. She Deputy (Siluanov) Governor of the Russian Federation from the IMF. And she ALSO openly defends the theses of the IMF on Russian territory. And he also receives a salary from the IMF.

      What positions do Siluanov and Nabiullina hold at the IMF?
      1. 0
        3 May 2024 16: 21
        1. According to the Presidential Decree - only as an experiment.
        2. Only for Russian citizens (here the topic is about migrants)
        3. Banks will not lose money even with a zero interest rate.
        1. +6
          3 May 2024 16: 49
          Well Why is there such civil inequality in Russia on religious grounds under the guise of some kind of subversive social “experiment”?! Based on what article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation did the Central Bank of Russia do this?!

          Why and who needs this outright RUSOPHOBIA in Russia during the Great Patriotic War?
          This is the creation of an ISLAMIST STATE within a STATE!
          Moreover, given the incorrect and uncontrolled migration policy for the arrival of foreign migrants from Central Asia in Russia!

          No concessions to Islamists in general and Islamist migrants in Russia in particular will definitely save Russia, but will only completely ruin it. This is exactly what this is all about.
          There are tens of millions of Islamist migrants in our country - and there are already millions of them with RUSSIAN CITIZENSHIP and Russian passports!

          This is an unconstitutional sabotage against our country - a precursor to the collapse of Russia! Everything according to Washington's manuals!
          1. +5
            3 May 2024 17: 35
            Quote: Tatiana
            This is an unconstitutional sabotage against our country - a precursor to the collapse of Russia!

            We are talking about replacing the indigenous population with Islamists from Central Asia. and the creation on the territory of Russia of a parasitic Islamist STATE within a STATE with its subsequent separation from Russia..

            Matveev. According to whose guidelines migrants enter Russia. Britain's plan - "Russian Islam"

            1. +4
              3 May 2024 18: 01
              Quote: Tatiana
              Matveev. According to whose guidelines migrants enter Russia. Britain's plan - "Russian Islam"

              Since YouTube cuts off information, see Zen for more details - Matveev. According to whose guidelines migrants enter Russia. Britain's plan - "Russian Islam" -
              1. -3
                4 May 2024 13: 45
                In general, Sharia has a lot of very positive things, for example, parasitic usury is rejected as anti-legal (but this is what all the financial parasites of the world live on). etc. The positive qualities of Islam, and not only that, can be accepted. Multinational states have always won by adopting the best from their individual constituents. And there is nothing wrong with adopting the best from all religions, ideas, nations and peoples. Everything is in development, without development everything dries up and dies.
                1. +4
                  4 May 2024 13: 52
                  Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
                  In general, Sharia has many very positive things, for example, parasitic usury is rejected,

                  Only in relation to their religious co-religionists (Muslims to Muslims), and in relation from Muslims to “infidels” (non-believers), robbery is only encouraged! Is this what you call the “positive” quality of Islam?
                  1. 0
                    4 May 2024 14: 32
                    This is how we also need to influence modern Islam. For it too is subject to changes of time. We need to work together and not look only through hostility, then of course everything will get worse. For example, Tatar Islam is not comparable to Saudi Arabia, so change it in a generally peaceful way
                    1. +3
                      4 May 2024 15: 33
                      You will first understand what Islam is in general, as well as religious denominations and interreligious wars.
                      This will not end well.
      2. +2
        4 May 2024 14: 48
        Against the background of these figures from the IMF, you begin to wonder who they work for. We remember how Putin spoke about the need for their economy to increase the number of migrants.

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    3 May 2024 12: 22
    44,8% of respondents responded that they consider it “necessary and important”, 41,7% said that it is necessary to “be guided by the rules of community life in Russian society”

    Well, in reality, 9 out of 10 believe that you need to be guided by your national norms and rules. And 8 out of 10 are ready to violate Russian legislation if it contradicts their usual life.
  3. +2
    3 May 2024 12: 33
    Has our government really begun to do something about this? Letting migrants in and not controlling them is the same as letting them into your house (to rent out a room, for example) and not controlling the tenant or more than one.
    1. +1
      4 May 2024 11: 38
      No, this is much worse and more dangerous!!!
  4. +5
    3 May 2024 12: 48
    It is necessary to deprive Russian citizenship of those who received it illegally, do not know the Russian language, do not comply with our legislation, and also those who have committed a serious crime. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must inform that interaction between all Central Asian countries is necessary to admit their citizens to Russia under certain conditions, and not who wants to come and when.
    1. +3
      4 May 2024 11: 49
      The slightest violation of the law should be followed by deprivation of Russian citizenship, if it already exists, and immediate expulsion from Russia, only one way and no other way, in this case, continuing to be liberal with migrants is the same as shooting in your own foot, for a speedy solution to this most pressing problem it is necessary to completely forget about such inappropriate concepts as liberalism, tolerance and tolerance, our “guests” certainly do not suffer from this and are not even going to respect us as the indigenous inhabitants and owners of their country, they are already trying to impose their own laws on us, completely forgetting about that that they are just guests here for us, and at the same time they are not always welcome!!!
    2. +1
      5 May 2024 23: 40
      It is necessary to imprison for a long time those who gave them citizenship, who sold them a certificate of knowledge of the Russian language, who registered them in a “rubber” apartment, who entered into a fictitious marriage with them, etc. Without this, the indicated deprivation measures will only be bailing water from a sinking boat. What you need to do is fix the leak.
  5. +3
    3 May 2024 13: 18
    You can read between the lines.
    In Germany, "more than a thousand people" gathered - with the permission of the authorities. (80 million inhabitants and 15-20% migrant citizens, of whom about half are Muslims). Essentially, a small social experiment.

    In Russia, according to the article, 15-40% are ready to gather both with permission and without permission, for the sake of Sharia (only officially). There are so many of them... they just don’t write it down. I met: 10 million with citizenship, 6 million without citizenship and 2-3 million illegal.

    Impressive. Comparable. Will they bring more?
  6. +7
    3 May 2024 13: 43
    Something definitely needs to be done with these schizoids. They are not afraid of either prison or deportation from the country. This animal will change one letter in its name and come here again.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  7. +3
    3 May 2024 13: 58
    But in general, judging by Kotelniki: it’s not that they are not ready, but that they do not want to take into account the norms, rules and laws in force on the territory of the Russian Federation, precisely 80% of migrants, at least Tajik ones, “definitely,” as Vladimir Volfovich said . I see this almost every day in the courtyard of my house, and I dream of only one thing, to quickly change my apartment to a decent area.
  8. +2
    3 May 2024 14: 44
    This is not the first year that people have been complaining about migrants, it’s just that someone always reacts... After That.
  9. +10
    3 May 2024 16: 44
    14 million Barmaleevs came to Russia, according to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Every tenth person in Russia is someone to whom our culture is alien. Who does not strive to join our society. Who cares about local cultural rules and peculiarities.

    The number of migrants who have entered Russia since the beginning of this year exceeds 14 million people. Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced this during the “government hour” in the State Duma.

    The destabilization of society does not come from outside, but from the authorities, who release millions of alien people into the country with their families, relatives and give them residence permits, citizenship, and everything is done very quickly. Moreover, Russians returning to Russia for permanent residence cannot obtain citizenship for years. Just like those foreigners who are now fighting for us against Bandera. And they threaten to deport them to their countries, where they 100% face a prison sentence for “mercenaryism.”
    So think about who needs and benefits from such an explosive situation.
  10. +2
    3 May 2024 17: 10
    How much can you trust such surveys? Big question. I don’t think that everyone answers sincerely, rather the opposite. Those who want to live according to the laws of the Russian Federation will still be forced by their compatriots to live according to Sharia law. There were no reports in the media about conflicts between supporters of living according to the laws of the Russian Federation, and those who live according to Sharia. Our indigenous population suffers from diasporas, and what happens inside the diasporas is not made public.
  11. +4
    3 May 2024 19: 44
    It is necessary to purposefully check the documents of every migrant (including those who have received citizenship). In case of any violations during their registration, they will be sent home.
    Almost everyone has problems. For example, upon arrival, some company sent him an invitation to work. It is necessary to check whether he worked there for the required time, whether he received an official salary, and whether taxes were deducted from this salary. How did he pass the Russian language exam, does he speak the language.
    There are a lot of subtleties like this, you just have to deal with it.
    If migrants are needed anywhere, it is only because business cannot increase labor productivity due to the inability to obtain loans on normal terms. The Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance are doing everything to make it impossible to obtain such loans. The slight economic recovery that Mishustin’s government achieved became possible only within the framework of the law on partial mobilization. It is far from just about conscripting 300 thousand into the army.
    Once the IMF stops running our economy, these 13 million strangers will become redundant for economic reasons.
    Not to mention the fact that the electronic state management system is already ready and working (partially in the defense sector). It is orders of magnitude more effective than the current one and will make at least 2,5 million officials redundant (and, accordingly, their salaries and kickbacks).
  12. -6
    3 May 2024 20: 14
    Nazis hype on the migrant issue - migrants should be sent home tongue
    1. -2
      3 May 2024 22: 59
      so Tajikistan will start speaking language laughing those who have come in large numbers from the Saloreich are clearing their living space in Russia from other nations and turning everything around into a pigsty.
  13. Owl
    4 May 2024 08: 16
    The stairs are swept from top to bottom

    - German proverb. The uncontrollable influx of migrants hostile to our culture, catastrophic for the economy and ethnicity of Russia, is a consequence of the criminal desire for profit of “oligarch friends.” More effective than raids and expulsion from the country would be a change in legislation towards tougher punishment for the distribution of citizenship (patents, medical certificates and permits for technical and technical work), the introduction of responsibility for the entrepreneur-employer for compact isolated accommodation, medical. service and removal from the country of invited workers after completion of work, introduction of only a visa regime (visa for the duration of the contract). Kick the state fool, introduce simplified deprivation of citizenship: for ignorance of the language and history of Russia, for purchasing documents for residence and employment, and for entering into fictitious marriages. Introduce an additional tax on the use of foreign labor.
  14. +3
    4 May 2024 11: 34
    Yesterday I came to visit my relatives in the Moscow region, Catuar railway station, all the taxi drivers are migrants from Central Asia, all the bus drivers too, the saleswomen too, the Russian population is simply being replaced by other people with a different alien culture, why are the Russian vani, on their own, dying and these are sitting in the rear ?
  15. +3
    4 May 2024 14: 01
    Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, have you forgotten what you did with the Russian population during the collapse of the USSR and until the beginning of 2000? Forgot? Now you want to live in Russia according to your own laws....