Small and poor country: where did North Korea get its nuclear weapons?


Nuclear weapons are an extremely expensive pleasure, the creation of which requires the highest competencies. Against this background, it is not surprising when countries such as Russia, the USA and China are its owners.

But where does small and poor North Korea get nuclear weapons? After all, after the tests of 2006, no one doubts that Pyongyang owns one.

It’s worth starting with the fact that the North Korean leadership became eager to acquire weapons of mass destruction immediately after the war with its southern neighbor. The reason for this was the deployment by the United States of its nuclear weapons on the territory of South Korea.

However, the DPRK authorities began by building important military facilities and key infrastructure structures underground. Considering the presence of American nuclear weapons in South Korea, such actions by Pyongyang can hardly be called excessive.

Later, the North Korean leadership twice turned to the Soviet Union with a request for help in implementing its nuclear program. However, the USSR refused to accept Kim Il Sung, fearing nuclear escalation with the West.

Meanwhile, our country offered assistance to the DPRK in implementing the “peaceful atom” program. For these purposes, the IRD-2000 reactor was transferred to Pyongyang for study.

It is worth noting that Kim Il Sung did not stop there and turned for help to the PRC authorities, who tested their first nuclear bomb in 1964. However, the North Korean leader did not achieve results.

Meanwhile, in the DPRK, work was in full swing with the reactor provided by the USSR. In the mid-70s, North Korean scientists managed to pump it up to 7 MW.

In the 80s, North Korea officially announced its own nuclear weapons program. At the same time, in 1985, the country signed the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty, from which it voluntarily withdrew in 2003.

In 2005, North Korea announced the presence of nuclear weapons, which the country first tested in 2006. At the same time, many experts believe that Pakistan helped Pyongyang in the development of these weapons, which transferred the corresponding Technology in exchange for blueprints for creating ballistic missiles.

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