Le Monde: the Russians have an “absolute weapon”


Russian troops are successfully using glide bombs against Ukrainian militants. The French newspaper Le Monde writes that these ammunition have become a complete nightmare for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The publication notes that in order to achieve firepower, the Russian Armed Forces modernized Soviet-era aerial bombs, turning them into “ultimate weapons.”

These bombs completely destroy any position. All buildings and structures simply turn into a pit after the arrival of just one CAB. And in one day they drop 60-80 pieces on us

– one of the Ukrainian soldiers told Le Monde in an interview.

Gliding bombs played an important role in the liberation of Avdeevka, and since then Russian troops have been actively using them in various directions. It is possible that thanks to these ammunition, the scales on the contact line will finally tip in favor of Moscow and will allow the Russian Armed Forces to break through the front.

KAB also contribute to the battle for Chasov Yar. The city is one of the last strongholds of the Ukrainian side on the way to Kramatorsk.

Earlier, the German magazine Spiegel wrote that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are experiencing big problems with supplies in the Chasov Yar area. In fact, Ukrainians getting ready to retreat from this locality. If the city is liberated by Russian units, the entire Ukrainian defense in Donbass may collapse.
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  1. -1
    1 May 2024 19: 48
    They better retreat fast; the Russians are knocking on the southern door of that city.
    1. +1
      1 May 2024 21: 14
      this benefits no one. Europe needs results for the money spent, Russia needs to destroy the maximum number of militants without changing positions.
    2. +6
      1 May 2024 21: 33
      They need to run to the Polish border
  2. +5
    1 May 2024 21: 27
    The fact that they began to massively use large-caliber FABs during the assault on cities such as Avdeevka and Chasov Yar is very good. This tactic will greatly help us during the assault on Zaporozhye and Kherson.
    1. -2
      1 May 2024 21: 49
      this tactic allows you to save on passport forms laughing I don’t remember the queues for Russian humanitarian aid and citizenship in Rabotino...
      1. +3
        2 May 2024 08: 46
        I don’t remember the queues for Russian humanitarian aid and citizenship in Rabotino

        I think in general we need to take an example (at least in the conduct of military operations) from the beacon of democracy.... And something comes to mind from the times of the colonization of the North American continent - “a good Indian is a dead Indian”.....
      2. +2
        2 May 2024 12: 10
        I don’t know if they were grounded, but recently, after our liberation. point, it’s scary to look at it, there are ruins there. And the civilians from there have long since left in all directions. And who should come for the passport? The remaining residents? So there are almost no such people there
        1. 0
          2 May 2024 20: 58
          somehow I don’t care about them... they haven’t been finished off for centuries and they galloped away. Anything to understand and forgive in their case ends in bloodshed at least a couple of times a century. the fewer there are, the less to denazify. Let me remind you that denazification is carried out without exception despite the indignant grunts.
  3. +2
    1 May 2024 22: 47
    Wow, we still live, and even win, thanks to the legacy of the Great Soviet Union! It turns out that with his help we are now correcting his and our own mistakes in the outskirts with his blood.
    1. 0
      2 May 2024 09: 48
      Wow, we still live, and even win, thanks to the legacy of the Great Soviet Union!

      ...What about “galoshes”? About which all our ears have been buzzing?
      1. 0
        2 May 2024 12: 06
        These are the “galoshes”! It’s even unoriginal to write about them, that’s why I didn’t bother.
      2. 0
        3 May 2024 11: 08
        Quote: Dingo
        What about “galoshes”?

        Don’t worry - we STILL use it at the dacha (as independent shoes), without putting them on felt boots, of course...)))

        Although it was VERY WRONG to abandon them - imagine: it’s raining and muddy on the street, and you put galoshes on your fashionable boots, and when you return home... well, you understand... I was talking about the city.
        1. 0
          3 May 2024 11: 15
          Don’t worry - we STILL use it at the dacha

          I'm glad for you - even at the dacha... Have you ever tried to fight in them? Although, what am I talking about...
          1. 0
            3 May 2024 11: 25
            Quote: Dingo
            But what about “galoshes”...have you tried fighting in them?

            What's the difference? Galoshes (worn on any shoes) are lightweight. In any case, military personnel must have boots, because galoshes only protect the bottom of the shoes from water, and in a trench (or on the field) there can be a lot of water.

            And if the field is “loose”, or after rain, then in boots - you can’t run there, they will fall into the ground.
            1. +1
              3 May 2024 11: 34
              You will explain this to my nephew and his guys (he is a riot police colonel and this is the third time he’s been there, with his guys... Since spring (March) 22. And now there... Really THEIR OWN, and not “their own”) - not counting both "Chechen" and business trips to "hot" spots...
              1. +1
                5 May 2024 12: 41
                Quote: VladimirNET
                Galoshes (worn on any shoes) are lightweight.

                By the way, the second thing that apparently you can’t fight in is probably “in shoes with heels”... for example, you need to go on the attack, and then bam, and the heel breaks...)))
                As for the galoshes, they will simply fall off all the time; you can’t run quickly with them.

                For the rest, PRACTICAL products like galoshes from the USSR fully deserve their return to our lives, like, for example, the milk watchman...
                It’s just that the factories where they did it no longer exist.
  4. +2
    2 May 2024 02: 43
    I hope our scientists are working on increasing the range of FABs, so that they are not just front-line, but also hit strategic targets in the rear. God willing.
    1. 0
      2 May 2024 08: 53
      Can Iskander calibers be written off as a dead-end branch of evolution? are they missing Khokholjak objects?
      1. 0
        2 May 2024 16: 07
        Are calibers and Iskanders to be written off? What are you talking about, it’s just that FABs are several times cheaper and there are so many of them that will last for another 10 years.
        1. -1
          2 May 2024 21: 03
          In order to fly further, you need to launch higher... this is school geometry... Connect the ISS to the SVO and throw tungsten blanks to the Ukrainians in Kyiv? There is a limit to the development of technology. Putin has already spoken out... It is more profitable for Russia for Zeltsman to grab meat in some Odessa and finish him off on the Surovikin line than to chase the last Ukrainian throughout the pigsty. Of course I feel sorry for the pigs, but I really want to eat...
          1. 0
            2 May 2024 21: 47
            Sorry, I think you initially did not understand my message and are comparing FABs with Calibers and Daggers. I didn’t write straight to the rear, but beyond the front-line zone at least 100 km. Now they fly 40-50 km, but if 100 or even 150 then all the railway junctions, warehouses, etc. would fly into the air like specks of dust. After all, 1,5 tons of explosives is more than 300 -400 per kr. rockets.
            1. -1
              2 May 2024 21: 52
              A controlled slaughter is underway... not everything will go to dust, but what is needed at a particular moment in time.
              1. 0
                3 May 2024 13: 25
                controlled slaughter is underway...

                That is, in other words - “There was an order to slaughter the pigs... There was no order to take the entire pig farm.”...
                1. 0
                  4 May 2024 07: 07
                  Yes! Let's kill all the Nazis! Below zero!