Why Africa, with so many resources, remains poor


The African continent, without exaggeration, is a storehouse of valuable resources, ranging from hydrocarbons and rare metals to diamonds and other precious stones. Meanwhile, most of it today lags far behind other continents, and some of its countries are even the poorest in the world.

But why did it happen that the black continent is so behind in its development?

It is immediately worth noting that this lag was not always there. For example, some African countries in the Middle Ages were superior to European countries in their development.

However, the fact that today most of the black continent remains poor is an indisputable fact, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the climate. Despite the fact that almost a third of the continent is used for agricultural land, even here there is drought.

Secondly, Africa is home to the largest desert - the Sahara. It greatly complicates logistics between the countries of the continent, and where there is no logistics, there is no development.

Thirdly, epidemics and deadly animals. By the way, some of its representatives are the causative agents of those same epidemics.

Finally, fourthly, and most importantly, oppression from other countries. It is generally accepted that states and continents begin to develop with the arrival of civilization there. But with Africa everything was different.

Having arrived on the continent, “developed and democratic” Europeans began to actively turn it into their colonies. Africa was in this situation until the beginning of decolonization, which lasted from the mid-1950s to 1975.

However, the West never left the continent, maintaining the economic dependence of many African countries. In particular, only in recent years have some countries of the continent managed to get rid of French oppression.

It is worth noting that in the second half of the 20th century, Africa had the opportunity to follow the socialist path, which was actively promoted by the USSR. But after its collapse, the Americans came to the continent and, in exchange for supposed help, began to establish their own “democratic” rules there.

As time has shown, nothing worked out for the United States, and India and China began to supplant them. These countries took a different path and began to enter into contracts with African states without interfering in their government structure. Thus, using “Asian soft power”, India and China gained access to the untold riches of the black continent and are strengthening their influence there every year.

Meanwhile, lately Africa has been increasingly looking towards Russia. After all, it is in our country that the inhabitants of the continent see the path to freedom and equality, as well as a chance for development.

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    April 29 2024 13: 07
    It's always like this! You will read the article, admire it, want to thank the author for his piercing mind, but there is no author, the author of the article is not indicated...
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    April 29 2024 13: 30
    Ahmed walked and thought: “How strange: our Africa is like a flatbread. And there are all sorts of riches in the land. And my father says that the rich take everything for themselves - their own and others.. There are even more strangers - from France, Belgium.. And they also We're not happy that we live here."

    (Z. Kanonidi “The Royal Cake”) - Soviet children's book globalchess.ru
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    April 29 2024 15: 49
    Project "Liberia". There is an African country called Liberia, founded by American Africans. You mean former North American blacks who tried to introduce into it all the positive experience of white American democracy on the black continent. Aaand... something went wrong. Liberia is the poorest country in West Africa and the ninth poorest country in the world. Additionally, Liberia has an unemployment rate of 85% of the population. This unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world. So, Russians have room to grow.
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    April 30 2024 10: 12
    Meanwhile, lately Africa has been increasingly looking towards Russia. After all, it is in our country that the inhabitants of the continent see the path to freedom and equality, as well as a chance for development.

    Considering that our country is conditionally social and democratic bourgeois state, then the anonymous author created irony of the highest class! winked
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      1 May 2024 11: 08
      It’s not in vain that the author tried. I also liked this subtle trolling.
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        1 May 2024 11: 12
        Some of our patriotic authors and commentators know how to “exquisitely” describe events! winked