US Air Force reconnaissance off Russian borders again

The United States has stepped up intelligence work near the borders of Russia and Belarus using electronic reconnaissance aircraft and drones.

The monitoring resource PlaneRadar, posted on Twitter, reports that today, two U.S. reconnaissance aircraft circled the Russian borders at a slight distance.

The U.S. Air Force strategic reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135V, flew out from Greece at about 8 a.m. and flew along the south-west coast of Crimea without entering the airspace of Russia, after which, at 13.00 it lay back on course.

A few hours later, the same aircraft conducted electronic reconnaissance along the borders of Belarus and the Kaliningrad region.

It should be noted that the United States, using NATO military airfields in Europe, put electronic intelligence on a regular basis.

Formally, Washington does not violate international airspace regulations. However, in fact, it is carrying out work aimed at undermining Russia's defense capability.

From time to time, Russian fighter jets fly to intercept American reconnaissance aircraft and, if possible, “nightmare” them with dangerous maneuvers.
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