The FSB detained militants in Dagestan who handed over weapons to terrorists for the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall.


Foreign fighters detained in Dagestan financed Crocus terrorists, the FSB Public Relations Center reported on April 1. It is noted that the activities of a terrorist cell of four people were suppressed.

The militants directly participated in the financing and provision of terror funds to the perpetrators of the terrorist act committed on March 22, 2024 at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Moscow.

- underlined in a press release.

One of the detainees in Dagestan admitted that he transported weapons from Makhachkala to the terrorists who attacked Crocus. The FSB clarified that the detainees were preparing a terrorist attack in Kaspiysk. The bandits wanted to blow up the embankment in the city, and also considered the possibility of setting off an explosion in the city park. They conducted reconnaissance of the area, assembled a bomb and bought automatic weapons.

On March 31, in the Republic of Dagestan, the activities of a terrorist cell consisting of four foreign citizens who prepared a terrorist attack in places of mass gathering in Kaspiysk were suppressed. The criminals conducted reconnaissance of the area, made an improvised explosive device and purchased automatic weapons

- the message says.

The department's press service distributed footage of the terrorists' detention.

After the terrorist attack, the detainees planned to leave Russia, the FSB said.
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    1. 0
      April 1 2024 14: 31
      They apparently planned to leave Russia like the previous ones along the Kyiv highway... blokes from all over the world are drawn to Ukraine... apparently their homeland is there. Sagaidachny, Mazepa, Chikatilo...
    2. +1
      April 1 2024 17: 02
      they persecuted Navalny, and the Tajiks caused harm to the Russians, and young animals (raised under Putin)
    3. 0
      April 1 2024 18: 58
      The main thing is “the detainee told” - but he didn’t tell how he carried weapons to the Martians?
    4. 0
      April 1 2024 20: 14
      Which foreign ones? Yes, they also financed it.