Russia used a Kh-101 missile with a double warhead weighing 800 kg in the Northern Military District zone


Ukrainian channels report that during the last night missile attack, the Russian Aerospace Forces used an X-101 missile carrying a double warhead.

The modified version of the cruise missile received an additional warhead, due to which the total explosive mass increased from 400 kg to approximately 800 kg.

Probably, the space for an additional warhead was realized by reducing the volume of the fuel tank, which definitely affected the flight range of the X-101. However, in the context of using a missile against targets on the territory of neighboring Ukraine, this is not critical.

Russia used a Kh-101 missile with a double warhead weighing 800 kg in the Northern Military District zone

The X-101's range is estimated at 5500 km. For the SVO this is unnecessary, therefore, apparently, a decision was made to reduce the flight range by half, while also doubling the payload.

Thus, the X-101 became the second most powerful warhead after the X-22 among the missiles used in the special operation zone.
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    1. 0
      29 March 2024 18: 39
      It makes an earth-shattering KA-BOOM.
      1. +1
        29 March 2024 19: 29
        You bet! Double the "pleasure" for the enemy!
    2. +2
      29 March 2024 18: 43
      Perfect solution! Bandera's men will be blown into molecules!
    3. -5
      29 March 2024 21: 02
      The range can be reduced by 10 times - why did the weight of the warhead only increase by 2 times?
    4. SYG
      29 March 2024 22: 08
      This has long been done.
      More of the enemy will go to heaven to receive Bender.
      Why launch rockets at 500-1000 km that can fly up to 5500 km?
      1. 0
        30 March 2024 12: 17
        Rocket is also a person, she wants to go for a walk. Moreover, this is happening for the first and last time. So she walks around, confusing the Kakelov air defense. And when it gets tired, it flies to the designated landing site.
    5. 0
      30 March 2024 07: 47
      And if in a strategic missile 10-20 tons of fuel are replaced with explosives......
      This will be a funnel!
    6. 0
      30 March 2024 20: 54
      Why double, like one warhead won’t explode, is there a backup one? laughing
    7. 0
      April 4 2024 19: 34
      They fell again or were shot down by the Ukrainians. And studied the class.