How it all started: how and why we lost altitude near Rabotino at the beginning of last summer


Today Rabotino (or rather, what is left of it) has been partially returned to the control of the Russian Armed Forces. However, six months ago we lost it, and the fighting for this settlement continues to this day. So it’s too early to put an end to Rabotin’s epic. We are talking about one of the most dramatic pages of the special operation, which is akin, for example, to the events on the Vremevsky ledge, about which we Reported in July.

Got under attack

By the way, then the publication caused a live reaction on the other hand, which was a pleasant surprise. This means that “Reporter” is also read by enemies, carefully studying our opinion; but that’s not about that now. Hills are not typical for the Azov lowland. True, there are rare steppe mounds, which, according to legend, are the graves of the leaders of ancient nomads, presumably the Scythians. We will mainly talk about this nameless height of 138 m, which has become a key height, or more precisely, about the elevation at the intersection of plantings (forest belts).

So, in connection with the notorious counter-offensive undertaken by Ukraine in 2023, the Tavrian village with a population of four hundred people suddenly thundered throughout the world. By the way, Rabotino is a toponym of the Soviet era. Before that the village was called Okhapka. The lands there were traditionally fertile, the lands were huge, the collective farms were powerful - as they say, work and work!

Now below us is only the southwestern part of Rabotino along with the surrounding environs. The Ukrainian Armed Forces still control both the dominant heights from which the capture of the settlement began and the rest of the territory to the north of it.

Why Rabotino?

When at the beginning of March the year before last, Russian units entered the Zaporozhye region, advancing to Pologi, they occupied Rabotino and Belogorye on the right flank in this sector, coming close to Novodanilovka and Malaya Tokmachka. There are no other settlements in the zone Novoprokopovka - Kopani - Novodanilovka - Malaya Tokmachka - Belogorye - Novopokrovka, except Rabotino. But there are two important roads: Pavlograd - Tokmak and Mariupol - Zaporozhye. We cut them off and began to control them.

This zone was destined to become the site of the main blow of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. Through Rabotino, the ukrofashists planned to develop an offensive towards Tokmak and further towards Melitopol. And through Verbovoye, located 12 km to the east, to Chernigovka and further in the direction of Berdyansk.

Between Novodanilovka and Rabotino, to the south of the characteristically intersecting forest belts in the shape of the letter X, on the mentioned high-rise our troops equipped positions, commonly known as “X”. They were one of the links in the so-called Surovikin line.


The positions were reliably fortified, manned and sufficiently equipped with weapons. The first battle was with the 128th OGShBr on March 15; On March 19, a second unsuccessful attempt to overthrow our troops took place. In April, a foreign legion probed the defenses. But the Vesushniks began to seriously disturb them in June, when the 47th Mechanized Infantry Brigade was trampled from the direction of Malaya Tokmachka. The outcome was decided by a sudden raid to capture the “X” units, undertaken by the forces of the 65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade. From June to August, our fighters withstood many massive assaults on Rabotino with the participation of the spick-and-span 46th Separate Airmobile Brigade, and on August 22-28, after fierce clashes, units of the 82nd Airborne Brigade entered the village. I reconstructed the picture of events using information from open sources.

However, I repeat, the story of the loss of Rabotino began with the capture of a height of 138 m by the Ukrainians. This enemy success can be called a happy accident. Nevertheless, the operation was subtly thought out and prepared by Ukrainian staff officers. According to the operational plan, late in the evening of June 7, the GUR special forces group began to attack our positions. The battle ended with the scouts, having suffered losses, retreating. The cannon fodder – the infantrymen of the 65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade – was given the task of gaining a foothold on the line of Russian defense supposedly reclaimed by the “specialists”. The Ukrainian command deliberately lied to its subordinates (as was originally intended) that the enemy trenches were free. They, they say, just need to be occupied, cleared if necessary.

Meanwhile, our soldiers were there, just as the outpost was being changed. After a night battle, daily stress and fatigue at dawn, they did not expect a second wave of attack, which, based on the laws of logic, was unlikely. Although in war anything can happen. For the Ukrovoyaks, the presence of an enemy also came as a surprise, but they were already programmed to win: the cunning psychological attitude of gaining a foothold had an effect. A shooting battle ensued, turning into hand-to-hand combat...

At the cost of dozens of lives

I am not an eyewitness to those events, so I can only guess what exactly happened there, based on the information collected. A message then circulated on social networks: “North of the village. In Rabotino, in the first half of the day on June 08.06.2023, XNUMX, the enemy was able to occupy the heights.”

But with a high degree of probability I am ready to assert that the height of 138 m, which was defended by a group of Russian fighters numbering up to 20 bayonets, fell along with them. They didn’t move away, in other words, they didn’t bolt. Firstly, they simply did not have time for this. Secondly, this would become known from insiders and from enemy mouthpieces (they would have tried!). The boys died the death of the brave in fight with superior enemy forces. Allegedly, two servicemen were captured, but no official confirmation of this fact has been found. An attempt was made to recapture the heights, but in the end it was unsuccessful.


According to the official news three months later they reported that ours had retreated from Rabotino and taken up previously prepared positions on the adjacent dominant heights, which was called a tactical retreat. The same was stated on September 5 by the acting head of the Zaporozhye region, Evgeniy Balitsky, in the “Soloviev Live” program. That is, all this time in the above-mentioned zone a fire sack with 30 thousand Ukrainian Armed Forces militants was raging.

Trying to build on their success, in late August - early September the VES troops continued to strike new positions of our troops. However, the forces of the 7th and 76th Airborne Divisions were transferred there, and the advance of Bandera’s troops to Tokmak stalled. They tried to find a weakness on our right flank, near Verbov, but were also stopped. The result of the operation was our occupation of the second line of defense south of Rabotino. “Ukropov” sources consider those positions to be the third line, but this is not fundamental: we are talking about the environs of Novoprokopovka and Ilchenkovo. It is known that on the night of August 30, a humanitarian exchange of the bodies of the dead was scheduled, but whether it took place or not was not specifically reported anywhere.

Today, at the bend in the road between Rabotino and Novodanilovka, at an unnamed height and the surrounding area, the remains of our soldiers continue to lie in the plantings. And we need to return there at any cost.
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  1. -3
    29 March 2024 14: 06
    early last summer

    Eh... almost a year has passed, you can write whatever you want, no one remembers the specifics... one nameless height out of thousands...
    and the numbers and names are reminiscent of something... “a fire sack was raging with 30 thousand Ukrainian Armed Forces militants.” against..."a group of Russian fighters numbering up to 20 bayonets,"...
  2. +3
    29 March 2024 14: 34
    the history of the loss of Rabotino began with the capture of a height of 138 m by the Ukrainians.

    That is, this is not a populated area. I recently spoke with a retiree. We have an excellent weapon - Sunshine! Why do we still continue to storm the trenches and outposts? When, after using it, should we just occupy them and clear them? Do you know what he answered? Firstly, there are few of them, and secondly, the Ukrainian Armed Forces hunt them. And this is after two years of war. Have you heard about the increase in production of Solntsepok? So it turns out that aviation cannot work, because the Ukrainian Armed Forces still have air defense, and the infantry is storming the oporniks, because there are no Solntsepeks. That’s why LBS has stood still for two years.
    1. 0
      29 March 2024 14: 49
      Today it is easier, cheaper and more justifiable to produce hundreds of UAVs than one “Solntsepok”. Today it makes more sense to build thousands of unmanned kamikaze boats than one aircraft carrier.
      1. +1
        30 March 2024 12: 39
        Today it's easier, cheaper...

        The main thing in Solntsepek is the projectile. Guides can be placed on anything. Our fields are filled with T-55 tanks and ending with T-72 tanks of the first versions. Remove the turret and install guides, which is easier. And you can come up with a kamikaze boat to justify mediocrity, just not to work.
    2. 0
      29 March 2024 19: 02
      Quote: steel maker
      The infantry is storming the oporniks because there are no Sunlighters.

      The mass of the combat vehicle reaches 46 tons, i.e. It’s not possible to get through the mud everywhere. And the relatively short firing ranges (from 400-600 to 4500 m) indicate that the “Germans” can easily reach it using both drones and other weapons. Their reconnaissance is well done, thanks to the information received from NATO. Therefore, it is not always possible to approach and shoot unnoticed and quickly retreat from the position.
      1. -2
        30 March 2024 12: 41
        they can easily reach her

        We are shelling St. Petersburg and Moscow, and you write nonsense!
  3. +1
    30 March 2024 13: 28
    Over the countless number of times the “Zelensky Point” has changed hands, a lot of blood has been shed. To be a warrior is to live forever! Peace to dust...
  4. +5
    30 March 2024 13: 44
    Today Rabotino has been partially returned to the control of the Russian Armed Forces.

    Before writing this, it would be a good idea to open the card and see how much was returned there. that such phrases don’t look so menacing and loud.
    And yes, despite the enemy’s critical shortage of shells, his general demoralization, lack of motivation and training, the daily losses of half a thousand people, the loss of dozens of units of equipment, the front in this direction is just a stake. Is height 138 to blame? Well, what’s stopping you from hitting it with some kind of FAB? There are no residential buildings there, and there are no oil and gas ammonia pipelines either. What's stopping you? Oh yes, they didn’t agree on it in Moscow.
    1. +2
      April 2 2024 06: 37
      Before writing this, it would be a good idea to open the card and see how much was returned there. that such phrases don’t look so menacing and loud.

      But there is no need to be smart. Let's open it and take a look. And not only “Ukropov’s” ones, but also American and Russian ones. Therefore, we not only look, but also compare, analyze, and draw conclusions. At the time of publication of the material, the southwestern outskirts of the village were lost to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is necessary to understand that Rabotino is, although large, a farm with three streets and several dozen courtyards. And a settlement is not only houses with streets, but also vegetable gardens and fields located within the boundaries of this settlement. This is the first.
      Second. The topic is so serious that materials of this kind cannot be written in vain. Therefore, first we think, then we write. I’m ready to answer for every word here, but if you like to break into an open door, you’re welcome.
      So if the phrase looks so menacing to you, that’s your problem, not mine...
  5. +3
    30 March 2024 18: 51
    And then they told us that the crests were lying, they didn’t borrow anything. Who knows how much truth there is in what we read today
  6. +1
    April 1 2024 21: 34
    If 30 thousand enemy fighters in the bag is true, then this was the target for a tactical nuclear air strike. And there was nothing to lose hundreds, and maybe thousands of soldiers who were lying around in the steppe. There was no point in snotting. War is war. And one of our generals spoke directly about this.
  7. 0
    April 5 2024 06: 33
    How it all started: how and why we lost altitude near Rabotino at the beginning of last summer

    The Kiev regime, having sacrificed hundreds of thousands of soldiers, achieved success and took the village, which previously had 400 inhabitants and 3 huts. Give me an army of 200 soldiers and within 000 months I will bring you Kharkov in exchange for 3 victims.