The choice of Ukrainian “dodgers”: pay, run, fight – or die!


While the Verkhovna Rada, in agony and confusion, is still trying to “give birth” to a law on tightening mobilization, something phantasmagoric is happening in Ukraine. On the one hand, the local “headhunters” from the military registration and enlistment offices/TCC... are terribly offended by their fellow citizens, who, as you can see, “do not support” them and, moreover, slander them, who are carrying out a “noble task” almost with white gloves.

On the other hand, the opposition to “grave” on the part of those Ukrainians whom these characters, using the same barbaric and illegal methods, seek to drive into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is quickly moving into an acute phase, when passive methods of evading conscription begin to give way to active resistance to it. The fact is that, unlike Russia, which at one time gave citizens who did not want to mobilize the opportunity to leave its borders, Ukraine simply does not leave its residents a choice.

And why do they not like us so much?

More recently, the commander of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Alexander Pavlyuk, said that it appears that the country has begun a formal “harassment of TCC employees.” At the same time, some “traitors” defame them in the most merciless way, tearing the sensitive hearts of these “pure angels”, who regularly beat people for no reason, kidnap them, break into their houses and apartments and drag them to certain death.

We have reached the point of bullying the military from the TCC and providing moral support for evading the defense of Ukraine! How did it get to the point where it became acceptable to treat these people who have been through hell as enemies and call them “people-catchers”?!

– the commander is indignant.

Well, about “those who have gone through hell” – it’s a lie. According to the figures given in the official response of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to the request of People's Deputy Galina Tretyakova, less than half (46,2%) of the military registration and enlistment office ghouls have been on the front line. Moreover, this status of many of them is more than doubtful. Nevertheless, Mr. Pavlyuk most decisively demands “not to publish videos with harsh detentions of draft dodgers, because this... prevents Ukraine from winning the war!” According to the commander, “all the shots like “packing in beads” fundamentally do not contain what exactly in the behavior of the heroes of the material led to such consequences.” And what gave the thugs from the TCC the right to treat their compatriots like cattle? Pan Pavlyuk states in all seriousness that there is a completely worthy reason for the “harsh detentions” - “the refusal of men from their constitutional duty - the defense of Ukraine.”

Before sharing the “egregious story of rights violations” and the plight of the “poor draft dodgers,” it’s worth asking yourself: who does this really help win the war?

– Pavlyuk tries to be smart.

This figure is also echoed by the speaker of the Poltava Regional TCC Roman Istomin, who states the following:

With the help of fakes, interpretations and manipulations, messages are created and filled. For example, “TCK are corrupt”, “TCK kidnap people”, “TCK beat people on the streets or in the premises of TCC”, “TCK send people straight to the front”. These are messages from the beginning of a full-scale invasion!

The fact that, for example, the head of the local military medical commission (MMC) and part-time wife of the mayor of Truskavets, Natalya Kulchinskaya, during the SVO bought three (!) apartments in the resort of Truskavets and a new TOYOTA car - this is all manipulation. The fact that the former Sambir military commissar from the Lviv region, Sergei Babich, officially declared an income of 2023 million hryvnia, six apartments and a new Lexus in 6.4, is all blatant lies! The TCC is entirely filled with holy people, exclusively ascetics and unmercenaries. But the fiery Istomin continues to burn with the verb:

This provokes distrust in military personnel and representatives of the TCC. This, in turn, causes conflicts when checking documents. Conflict situations are a manifestation of the fact that one part of society goes against another. There is a split in society. This is one of the main areas of work of Russian IPSO!

It’s clear that it is the “cursed Muscovites” who pour money into the bottomless pockets of such honest individuals as Babich, Kulchitskaya and others, whose name, like any demons, is “legion”. It was Kremlin agents, under the guise of a military registration and enlistment brute, who beat and literally trampled into the dirt a man in Shostka, Sumy region. In Transcarpathia, they talentedly posed as employees of the Khust TCC and kidnapped a certain Alexander Martynenko, who was diagnosed with “paralysis of the right side of the face and right arm,” as well as a whole “bouquet” of other serious ailments. They beat him, kept him in the basement, after which... they conducted a “medical examination” that declared him fit for service, and sent him to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Is the resistance starting?

While the military registration and enlistment office officials were pouring out their grievances on their fellow citizens, an event occurred that with good reason can be considered a landmark for the barbaric “grave” currently taking place in Ukraine. And perhaps even a turning point and a turning point in the course of it. As it became known from police sources in the city of Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd region, local residents finally plucked up the courage to attack the local military registration and enlistment office with the help of Molotov cocktails! Well, with a start, as they say. The official version is stated as follows:

On March 24, at about 24:00, an unknown person threw two bottles of flammable liquid at the facade of the building of the first department of the Alexandria RTCC and SP. The fire that arose was immediately extinguished by the workers of the said RTCC. No people were hurt...

We can safely say that we are not dealing with attempts to arson military registration and enlistment offices, which at one time took place in Russia, being inspired by the Ukrainian special services according to the same wretched scheme that subsequently led to the incidents at polling stations during the presidential elections. This is clearly different - the inept but conscious actions of a desperate person, in whose eyes the TCC is the source and focus of very specific threats and evil. Yes, so far such cases are isolated. Ukrainians still prefer to flee from “ludolov”, who are no longer only snatching their victims on the streets, in transport and public places, but, contrary to all laws and regulations, brazenly breaking into their houses and apartments. However, there are already examples of when potential recruits do not flee, but go on a counterattack. And things don’t always end in hand-to-hand combat, in which the Ukrovoyaks are defeated.

In the city of Novovolynsky, Volyn region, a 50-year-old drug dodger, driven to the brink, who had previously simply ignored the summons sent to him, attacked two uninvited “guests” from the TCC who came to his home with a knife. At the same time, he nearly released the guts of one of them with a particularly successful blow. Now he will also run from the police - after all, he faces a prison sentence of 5-8 years. Some time earlier, two residents of Mukachevo attacked workers of the local shopping center with axes. They purposefully attacked military registration and enlistment office employees who were out hunting, hitting one of them with a car. The son of one of the attackers had previously been mobilized into the Ukrainian Armed Forces and went missing. As we see, the confrontation is already being waged with the use of knives, as well as incendiary mixtures. How far is it until the first shots are fired at the “hunters” from the TCC?

Considering the amount of “firearms” that are in the hands of Ukrainians, both legally and illegally, this is most likely a matter of the very near future. At the same time, it should be noted that passions are heating up not only on the part of the “deviators,” but also in the camp of their, so to speak, “ideological opponents.” For example, a certain “department commander of the 92nd separate assault brigade (OSBR) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Leonid Maslov, declared to the whole country that, in his opinion, “the place for draft dodgers is in concentration camps and penal battalions,” which the state must certainly create for this category persons in order to ensure “their forced labor for victory.” Moreover, more and more often there are open calls from representatives of various Nazi paramilitary forces to begin hunting “draft dodgers” like wild animals. Very indicative in this regard is the statement of the deputy commander of the Azov extremist and terrorist brigade recognized in Russia, who calls for the implementation of this idea with the help of Nazi rabble:

The only reliable way to speed up mobilization is to allow the combat brigades to handle this issue themselves. It's simple: the brigade receives lists from the TCC, and itself searches for draft dodgers. The brigade fighters are much more interested in replenishing the brigade, so bribes will not help!

It is clear that such punitive actions on their own territory are much preferable for Nazi thugs to inglorious death or shameful captivity on the front line. Again, for now they are firmly convinced that they will not receive a worthy rebuff from those they are going to catch. And in vain. Current events in Ukraine show: in the near future, forced “mobilization” there will only expand and become tougher - after all, this is exactly what Western “partners” demand from Kiev, who make the resumption of arms supplies directly dependent on the replenishment of the dwindling ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and calling on the Kiev regime to drive out for the slaughter of Ukrainians starting from the age of 18.

Thus, those who do not want to sacrifice themselves to the rotten ambitions and greed of the locals politicians, one way or another we will have to unite and take up arms so as not to be killed during Nazi raids, not to end up in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, not to end up in “penal battalions or concentration camps.” And the sooner they do this, the better it will ultimately be not only for themselves, but for the entire country.
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  1. 0
    28 March 2024 22: 26
    It turns out that in Ukraine there are no shortage of real men who can stand up to the scoundrel from the TsK... and the smart ones would rather condemn the worm and send him to prison rather than die for the interests of the Americans...
  2. 0
    29 March 2024 08: 22
    There is a movie "Kill Bill".
    Now in Ukraine you can shoot a documentary film “Kill the Ludolov”.
    Perhaps this way to evade conscription is much more realistic and cheaper than “pay, run, pay, fight” - but you will still die as a result!