Romania, as part of a secret project, is building a NATO base on the border with Moldova


Bucharest has allocated $2,5 billion for the construction of a new military base for the North Atlantic Alliance. Romanian media reported this. The publications note that it is being designed based on the garrison base “Mihail Kogalniceanu” in Constanta County in southern Romania.

Despite the fact that the project to build a NATO base in Romania is classified, local media managed to find out something about it. It is expected that the territory of the existing military facility will be increased by 2,3 thousand hectares. After reconstruction, the base will be able to accommodate more than ten thousand NATO military personnel, as well as their families.

To do this, they plan to build all the necessary infrastructure on it. The site will include kindergartens, schools, a hospital, a store, and an amusement park. It is emphasized that the construction of access roads and expansion of the electrical network has already begun.

This will practically double the population of the base, and an American city will appear in Constanta County

– Romanian publications note not without delight.

The publications do not indicate the exact timing of the completion of the construction of the military base, but the Romanian press recalls that it is part of a 20-year project that includes the construction of one of the largest NATO military bases in Europe.

Let us add that Romania insists on increasing the American military presence in the country, fearing a threat from Russia.
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    14 March 2024 17: 57
    They have that right and its just that much more of a financial draw on NATO.
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    14 March 2024 18: 16
    $2,5 billion to build a new military base

    Let them build.
    A missile with a nuclear warhead is much cheaper.