Americans have nothing with which to intercept Russian Avangards


Russia's adoption and successful deployment of the latest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) RS-28 Sarmat or UR-100N UTTH makes it possible for the Strategic Missile Forces to “calm down” absolutely any enemy, including the United States, at any time. Moscow is now able to launch a lightning-fast global strike using the 15P771 Avangard missile system in response to NATO actions, and it does not matter whether this concerns the European or North American theater of operations.

It should be noted that the Avangard is the aforementioned ICBM, equipped with a warhead in the form of ten hypersonic guided maneuverable warheads 15Yu71 (Yu-71). These warheads can reach speeds of up to 28 M and move in an altitude range from 70 to 100 km. Therefore, no existing air defense/missile defense systems, including the American Patriot, THAAD and Aegis, can intercept them with their ammunition.

The thing is that the seekers available on their anti-missile missiles stop functioning at a speed of 3,5-5 km/s due to the large aerodynamic heating of the optically transparent fairing at altitudes up to 100 km, where the atmospheric density is still sufficient. This applies to EKV interceptors for THAAD, as well as Mk 142 interceptor stages of RIM-161B (SM-3 Block IA) missile defenses and a number of other Aegis munitions. At the same time, the THAAD and Aegis complexes are the main components of the eco-atmospheric interception of the American strategic missile defense system.

As for modern Patriot complexes, their MIM-104F PAC-3MSE endoatmospheric interceptor missiles, however, like the RIM-174ERAM (SM-6) anti-aircraft guided missiles for Aegis, due to insufficient energy indicators, are not capable of intercepting Avangards at altitudes above 35 km. At the same time, the RS-28 “Sarmat”, in addition to 10 warheads with a power of up to 80 kt each, can carry an additional set of means of overcoming missile defense in the form of mass-sized models, dipole reflectors and IR traps, infrared aerosols and autonomous electronic warfare systems, which is an additional obstacle for American air defense/missile defense systems.

The RS-28 Sarmat, in addition to its complex flat-quasi-ballistic flight trajectory, provides warheads with the ability to plan at a range of 18 thousand km, even through the South Pole. This is achieved thanks to the modernized rocket engines of the RD-264 liquid-propellant rocket engine, previously used in the heavy R-36M ICBMs (RS-20A or “Satan”).
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    1. -1
      1 March 2024 00: 06
      Lulling leads to defeat. We tried an analogue from the “Houthis” against Israel - destruction in Space. Draw your own conclusions
    2. -2
      1 March 2024 07: 31
      All warheads of strategic nuclear missiles in all countries of the world are hypersonic. There is no need for illusions - a nuclear war will be the end of Russian history.
      1. +3
        1 March 2024 08: 37
        All warheads of strategic nuclear missiles in all countries of the world are hypersonic.

        Yes, this is true, but the bulk are ballistic, and ballistics are easily calculated and intercepted; a maneuvering charge, and even at hypersonic speed, is very difficult to intercept.
        1. +4
          1 March 2024 11: 01
          As for “easily intercepted” during a massive attack, where does the information come from? Let's go without any mischief. A lot will come from different directions - the air defense will be overloaded - both theirs and ours will not cope. A lot of people will die. Straightaway. And the rest will have a hard time surviving in the wild field.
          1. +2
            2 March 2024 08: 13
            Well, this is understandable, and a nuclear war will not only be the end of Russia, but also the end of civilization, which is why I don’t understand those who are calling for something to definitely hit nuclear weapons. And if in Russia industrial zones are still poorly dispersed, then in the USA everything is quite compact, plus a lot is close to the coast. In addition to conventional missile defense, there is an additional defensive response to a massive ballistic attack: counter-detonations of nuclear charges in the upper layers of the atmosphere. And it is clear that 100% interception and destruction are still impossible, the question is who will get more... So against gliding controlled units this is no longer relevant, there are no chances at all.
            1. +3
              2 March 2024 08: 47
              Hardly the end of civilization. Europe and the European part of Russia (Russia as a state), and the USA (as a strong state) will perish. China's role will definitely grow - this "monkey" will sit on a tree and almost certainly the surviving part of Russia - Siberia and the Far East - will go to it. (and voluntarily and not due to lack of patriotism, but simply a matter of survival of a 15 million population on a vast territory). Japan will win with Sakhalin and the islands. Well, the entire Southern Hemisphere (three continents) with Hindustan, island states, Central, Central and SE Asia will survive. Life will go on. Only the leading countries will be different.
    3. 0
      1 March 2024 08: 31
      Maybe I don't understand what...

      These warheads can reach speeds of up to 28 M

      Well, let’s put it this way, don’t develop it, Sarmat accelerates them, glide in a controlled manner in the upper layers of the atmosphere, on the border with almost space, the unit does not have its own engine. And probably a typo, it can carry a charge with a power of not 80kt. and from 800 kt. and up to 2 m.t.
      1. +3
        1 March 2024 12: 26
        Yes, all strategists have warheads moving at a speed of 7 km/sec and higher. More than 20 M. Even the old Minuteman has the laws of ballistics) and interception is extremely difficult, including due to hundreds of false targets.
    4. +2
      1 March 2024 08: 53
      Mean while the American Navy....

    5. +2
      2 March 2024 03: 42
      Are there no other arguments other than the avant-garde?
    6. +2
      2 March 2024 07: 51
      I imagined how a naked patient escaped from a mental hospital wearing only a robe... and began to show passers-by his potential
    7. +4
      2 March 2024 16: 01
      Let's resolve the issue with Ukraine first, and leave “absolutely any opponents” for later. In my opinion, what is worse for the United States is not a hypothetical war, but the real defeat of Ukraine, and its transformation into part of the regions of Russia, the Kiev region and Poltava, and Lviv, and the rest.
      1. +5
        2 March 2024 16: 39
        The US doesn't care, to be honest. They have already achieved their goals. And they even exceeded it. There's no need to rush. An elephant must be eaten in parts. The Finns and Swedes in NATO have not been able to achieve something for 70 years. Europe switched to American gas instead of Russian. European money has again flowed to the States. Everything is okay.
    8. +1
      2 March 2024 16: 43
      This is why Americans do not openly fight against Russia. Otherwise, they would have made a second Yugoslavia out of Russia long ago. They fight only with the wrong hands. In this case, by the hands of non-slaves. The poet said the right thing about them.

      Eternal slaves of Europe.
      1. +3
        2 March 2024 18: 12
        Not necessary. At one time, the Americans, if necessary, very harshly entered into confrontation with the USSR under any party in power - regardless of conservatives / democrats - there were Korea, and Vietnam, and Afghanistan, and 40 years of the arms race and the Cuban missile crisis, and the collapse of the rival, like states, in the end. Now there is no such need - that’s why there is no consensus in the States. Ukraine is about the money of part of the American elite, but about necessity. What is typical is that even the interests of just one American investment fund (Blackrock) are enough for Ukraine to survive as a state)