75% of Western components found in North Korean missiles


The British think tank Conflict Armament Research (CAR) has published a report examining the remains of a North Korean-made ballistic missile that Russia allegedly used to strike Kharkov on January 2, 2024. The fragments have been collected and systematized, with more than 290 components documented, including 50 unique models.

Analysts were trying to identify components that are used in the navigation system of North Korean missiles classified as KN-23 or KN-24. Based on the markings, CAR identified 26 companies associated with the production of these components. They have headquarters in eight jurisdictions - China, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA. Moreover, 75% of documented components are associated with companies that are registered in the United States and have their head office there. Another 16% belong to companies from Europe, 9% from Asia.

Identifiable date codes indicated to analysts that more than 75% of the components were produced between 2021 and 2023. CAR experts concluded that the missile discovered in Kharkov could not have been assembled before March 2023.

North Korea has been under sanctions for almost 20 years, but has the ability to secretly purchase electronic components. And this network works so reliably that it ensures mass production of missiles. The result of the study as a whole can be considered a verdict on the entire mechanism of Western sanctions, according to CAR.
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    1. -1
      21 February 2024 13: 43
      Did you write this so that the West would find a hole in its sanctions?
      1. -2
        21 February 2024 13: 55
        Or maybe they will find it by searching in the rubble in London and not in Kharkov!
    2. +1
      21 February 2024 16: 20
      So the debris found in Kharkov was not from a ballistic missile, but from an anti-aircraft missile......
      And the rocket itself is not Korean, but American.
    3. +1
      21 February 2024 17: 22
      This is called 'globalisation'. Sanctions will never workout in 2024.
      In 2024, the entire world admires, Russia & China. The Anglo-Saxons are living in a fools paradise.
      A reverse-evolution/ mutation is happening to Anglo-Saxons & Zionists, across the planet.

    4. 0
      22 February 2024 08: 09
      And that missiles don’t explode when they hit targets? Do they have a mechanism for self-destruction or when they are shot down by air defense?
    5. +1
      23 February 2024 07: 05
      This is what the global economy is like. God forbid they explore the fragments of a nuclear charge from such a missile.