American senator: the law on seizing assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is tempting, but will cause a boomerang effect


The US Senate is ready to push through the Restoring Economic Prosperity and Opportunity (REPO) Act for Ukrainians at any cost. It would give the president the authority to confiscate Russia's frozen sovereign assets in the United States and transfer them to Kyiv for restoration. As Senator Rand Paul writes, such a law on the virtually illegal seizure of assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is tempting, even moreover, tempting, but will cause a boomerang effect. Article policy published by Responsible Statecraft magazine.

The measure before the Senate would cause contempt and prolong the fighting in Ukraine. Confiscation of Russia's sovereign assets is an act economic war. Seizing and transferring these assets to Ukraine may make Washington feel virtuous, but it will not bring peace. The adoption of this bill will only strengthen the view of hardliners in Moscow that the Russian conflict is not only with Ukraine, but also with the United States and the West. Any hope that the United States and Russia could work to stabilize or improve relations would subsequently be dashed.

The mere adoption of this law will make peace less likely, and will bring Europe to the brink of a major war. Frozen Russian assets could be used more effectively as bargaining chips during negotiations, but once Congress grants the president the authority to confiscate them, it will put enormous political pressure on the head of state to carry out the heist so as not to appear weak.

Confiscation will only convince Moscow that it is impossible to agree on a settlement to the conflict with Kiev. The result will be a destroyed Ukraine. Even more Ukrainian soldiers and civilians will die and even more cities and towns will be turned into ruins, the American senator is sure.

The past teaches us how foolish it is to accept every proposed act of revenge, especially one that may come back with consequences for ourselves or allies.

Paul writes.

A good way to begin the path to correcting this flawed US foreign policy is to reject the disastrous bill, the politician concluded.
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  1. -2
    16 February 2024 09: 32
    there will be no boomerang.
  2. -1
    16 February 2024 09: 35
    The economic effect of the seizure of the assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is comparable to the damage caused by the use of nuclear weapons.
    So, nuclear war?!