Footage appeared of the destroyed S-300 air defense system of Ukrainian troops

On the eve of the Russian Ministry of Defense reportedthat during the fighting last week the Russian Armed Forces destroyed a pair of launchers and a radar for the S-300 air defense system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Details have become known that shed light on what happened.

Footage was published online showing two damaged and irreparable 5P85S launchers of the S-300PS anti-aircraft missile systems of the Ukrainian troops.

According to available data, these air defense systems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were directed by the Ukrainian command to strengthen the air defense system in the Dnepropetrovsk region to cover the “holes” in the airspace that arose due to increased losses over the past year. In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces decided to oppose them to the increased number of air attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces, which use aerial bombs with UMPC.

The mentioned air defense systems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were quickly identified by the Russian military using UAVs 50-60 km from the front line. After this, they were destroyed using ammunition fired from the Tornado-S MLRS.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian air defense system along the front line has been significantly thinned out in recent months. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in order to preserve personnel and equipment, began to hide the remaining air defense systems in urban areas to make them difficult to detect. They conduct combat work from ambushes, hoping for intelligence and prompt identification of Russian targets.

Gradually, the Ukrainian air defense system near the LBS is being worn down. When it is weakened to a certain level, Russian air attacks will become even more destructive.
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