Oil prices: how Russia outwitted the whole world

This text is designed to reassure the most impressionable of our citizens, who are very far from the oil market and everything connected with it, but every morning from the end of November they start their day not with a usual cup of coffee, but with checks of quotations of the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil at auction ICE Futures Europe (an exchange that accounts for about 50% of the global turnover of futures for oil and petroleum products). Exchanges, where, in fact, the North-European reference brand Brent is traded, to which Russian Urals brand oil is also tied. Although they don’t understand anything about this, they were told on TV that the stock exchange had an unprecedented speed and power collapse of quotes, and in November we caught a bottom that we have not been catching since October 2017. And now they, frantically wringing their hands, shouting: “Everything is gone, boss! Plaster cast! The client is leaving! ”, The exchangers stormed in the hope of seeing 100500 rubles for one American dollar there. But for some reason they see there all the same 66-68 rubles for one green piece of paper with the face of the first president of America. After that, one client of a psychiatric hospital becomes more.

These are the same citizens who in December 2014 already scared each other and sellers with shouts: “Everything is gone, boss!” and “Don’t borrow after me!”, knocking down hooves in the blood, searching for the beginning of a cheap dollar, and then not finding one, in a fit of despair wrapping around the shelves of all electronics stores, jewelry and fur boutiques, as well as car dealerships, including those selling exclusive sports cars . Apparently then their own sad story did not teach them anything. What did they then do with the plasma panels and washing machines bought up for the future, when the dollar returned to its previous mark, I do not know? And now again in a new way?

I want to reassure them and everyone else who does not closely monitor the oil market - nothing bad happened, everything is under control, everything is within tolerances. Yes, there was a collapse of quotations and Brent crude for two months fell by almost a third (31,3%) - from 86 to 59 dollars / bar. So what? I've had worse! In January 2016, we already saw 27 dollars / bar, and nothing - survived. So should we be sad? Let the Americans worry - they have the cost of their shale oil ranging from 29 to 39 dollars / bar, and this is in the most profitable fields, and there are fields where the cost exceeds 50-60 or more dollars / bar, for them the reduction in the price of death is like . Although Trump calls for lower prices, but believe me, he is cunning. At least he says one thing and does the other - the sanctions against Iran announced by him will lead to the exact opposite. And even his rhetoric in the Khashoggi case contributes to this, despite the fact that Trump is unlikely to take action against the Saudis, but the sword brought over them has already begun to affect the price of oil.

The thing is that the oil market is very volatile, it instantly reacts to all kinds of info-reasons by falling-taking off quotes, some especially impressionable people are being led because they do not understand its mechanism, and if everything is explained to them intelligibly, they will understand that we ( RF), in general, there is nothing to worry about - we are in any case a plus. Many people think that the oil business is very complicated, something like higher mathematics or quantum physics, and everything is really simple there. The number of market participants is limited, extremely small, and everyone has long known (there are only large oil producing countries with a little more than 10, the remaining 40 are extras that produce oil only for themselves and heed the elders, and Russia among the last three will be happy for it!). Tac toe is only big, but they obey the simple rules of the market: a lot of oil - the price falls, a little - grows. Everything comes down to cost: the Saudis have 3 dollars / bar, we have 5-7, (along with taxes 21-23), and the Pindos, who have now flooded their own market with their own shale oil, (because of which there is no place for an excess of Saudi nine), the breakeven point of the five most profitable shale deposits from 29 to 39 dollars / bar. For the rest of the developed fields, the price even at $ 45 / bar is a complete finish! Due to hedging (risk insurance, on-lending), you can extend another six months, then the pipe! And the end to the taiga emperor, or rather, the new king, who recently ascended to the oil throne and outstripped even the luminaries of the market such as KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and the Russian Federation in terms of production due to the shale revolution. I’m talking about Donald Ibrahimovic, our beloved comrade, who, taking advantage of the success of his own shale oil industry, and the ban on oil export lifted under him, which had existed before in the USA since 1975, began to tar not only the domestic market with its own oil, but also began to supply it excess for export. Yes, it is so active that the United States in December 2018 for the first time since 1973 became a net exporter of oil and oil products (the last time the export of oil from the United States exceeded imports in 1973, then, in fact, the Ministry of Energy for the first time began to conduct relevant statistics). True, according to experts, the country's return to net exports will be short-lived, since the United States is one of the main consumers of energy in the world (the United States eats 22 million barrels per day and their appetites continue to grow). Well, about our hero, the King of the Oil Mountain, and his problems, I will tell a little below.

The hydrocarbon market, as it does not seem strange to anyone, is much simpler than the market for some FMCGs there, and not offend anyone present here. Believe it, the person who has lost the last 20 years of his life on the second of these. All the players of this terrarium have long been known to everyone, and they are accustomed to treat strangers only through the sight of a machine gun, virtual, of course, but shooting, nevertheless, without misses. The greatness of these gentlemen who wipe the walls of OPEC, along with the gentlemen who did not belong to this charitable organization (OPEC +), is given only by the mad sums with nine zeros rotating there. But the oil market, like any others, is subject to the same laws. economics, and demand determines supply there, but not vice versa. No cart has yet managed to ride ahead of the horse, and because this horse does not eat oats, but oil, nothing changes. The war in this market goes for demand, i.e. in other words, for markets.

And just imagine that a stranger got into this market, behaving like a cuckoo thrown into a nest, throwing out everyone else. Not only did he print out his own oil fields and began to take away bread from those who had previously supplied their oil there (this is a stone in the direction of the oil sheikhs), so he also began to download rights and try to dictate the terms of pricing to the rest. And this is already impudent! After all, before this, only the elect of this world, the closed OPEC club, which includes only 15 countries of oil exporters that control 2/3 of the world's reserves and 40% of oil production (at OPEC +, which also includes some countries that are not OPEC members, including the Russian Federation, the latter figure has already reached 60%). And now, to these respected people, is some presumptuous cowboy trying to dictate terms? And the funny thing is that he does it. This is only a fool, Obama laughed at us, calling us a gas station in Europe, smart Trump quickly realized that this is a bonanza. In FIG him, how is Koshchei over gold to wither when a scientifictechnical revolution and technological progress will soon turn oil into the rudiment of an era. What should he do with his oil? On her bread, what should I spread? And well, let's push everyone, getting into the market of the elect of this world. Like, I also want to become a gas station in Europe, well, at least for the beginning of Asia, well, guys, move in! The chosen ones looked at him like that and said: “Guy, who are you? At first you at least become a gas station in the United States! ” But I must say that Trump is sitting on a banner, because he imports heavy grades of oil for his own needs, and sells light shale (and only now he has started selling more than he buys, and not for long - the word "net exporter" means just that). The stretch is that Trump needs cheap oil and expensive oil for export. And this does not happen! The price is one! So it will be high. And the club of selected OPEC + in Vienna (with its December decisions to reduce total production by 1,2 million barrels per day) only confirmed this. What happens when demand exceeds supply? That's right, the price is rising! It just grows slowly due to the inertia of the entire oil mechanism (it’s not for you to turn off the tap in the kitchen!). And Trump also understands this perfectly, just says one thing and does another. Why then does it block Iran and drive it under sanctions that impede the supply of Iranian energy resources to the world market (sanctions will take effect in April 2019)? From this, the price is only growing!

But let’s leave our cowboy with his split personality to a psychiatrist, and we will consider the issue of his relationship with OPEC. This charitable organization, headquartered in Vienna, formed in September 1960, as a Middle Eastern response to the transnational Seven Sisters cartel (Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Texaco, Chevron, Mobil, Gulf Oil, and British Petroleum) in their attempt to dictate the price of oil market, risks not surviving to its 60th anniversary in 2020. And I'm not joking here at all. The days of OPEC's dominance are literally numbered. The score went for minutes! Everyone who thought that our Lord of the Mad Tomahawks, having entered the oil market, would put up with the fact that some Middle Eastern Bedouins still walking in their pajamas and sandals on their bare feet would dictate to him, the white man, the rules of the game, then he was deeply mistaken. Not attacked! Poorly, you probably know our Donald Ibrahimovic. No, he’s not going to persuade anyone, and even flinging cruise missiles at them, as he shied at “animal Assad” (c), he’s not going to. No, he's not a barbarian after all. Trump solved this issue more beautifully, in the legal plane, simply by multiplying all this “Sharashkin office” by zero. Why the American Congress has already begun preparing anti-cartel legislation called the NOPEC (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act - appreciate the humor of American congressmen, one name is worth it!). If adopted, domestic American courts will have the right to make decisions on antitrust lawsuits against OPEC member countries and other states for participating in a cartel conspiracy in the oil market. A cartel conspiracy is very bad! From the point of view of American legislation, it is equal in severity to tax evasion. And this is the worst economic crime in America. For him and the execution in some states can solder.

Given that OPEC from the very beginning of its formation was a cartel in a crystal clear form, it is not difficult to guess how events will develop after the adoption of the bill. The lawsuit of the "victim". Judicial Verdict Personal sanctions, including blocking capital, fines and even disconnecting from SWIFT. If the latter worked with Iran, then why not work with the oil sheikhs? And the Arab countries do not even have their own replacement for the system of interbank information exchange (but Russia and China already have it, the EU is developing, we can let it be used, if that). If OPEC is dissolved (no matter whether it is voluntary or forced), the US authorities will be able to bend any exporter personally, which will make the market weakly predictable and critically dependent on external and internal policy Washington. Other manufacturers, as well as consumers, will definitely lose in the end, which is clearly proved by the example of Iran and the EU. Thus, today the weakly predictable, but already irrevocable process of the final division of the recently common global united economy is launched. First of all, with a section on finance in the banking system.

See how simple it is. There was an OPEC “sharashkina office” and that’s all - there is none! Trump, dropping off to visit the oil sheikhs, behaves in their halabud like an elephant in a china shop, in one awkward (or rather dexterous) movement, carrying her to hell (sorry for my bad English). Or, as they say in the circles of the enlightened intelligentsia, there was OPEC - and there is no OPEC, welcome to the new reality! Thus, the Cartel members really had the prospect of surrendering to the grace of the United States, which would certainly begin to rob them openly, as the Saudis are now, or to seek the opportunity to transfer to someone else's “alternative” financial jurisdiction “without the United States”. And here we are with Vova Putin in white tuxedos and our alternative to SWIFT: Let’s go guys in the calculation of oil for rubles! In principle, we can do without you, we have enough KSA. Together, the Russian Federation and KSA, now, by unscrewing or twisting the oil tap, can dictate oil prices monopoly (as of 2018, they accounted for almost 30% of global oil production). You all remember the famous “patsian” handshake of GDP and the Saudi Crown Prince at the 13th G-20 Summit. And remember that Trump’s face. Donald Ibrahimovic is doing everything to ensure that our interests coincide. As with China, by the way. Agree that if Trump was not there, it would be worth coming up with. Grade kid!

Are you still worried about oil prices. Lord, what we want with the Saudi prince, such prices will be. Now we are satisfied with 65-70 dollars / bar for 2019. Please note that the Vienna agreement of December 7, 2018 OPEC + (15 OPEC countries plus 10 more countries not included in it, including the Russian Federation) to reduce production by 1,2 million bar / day has not yet entered into force (it enters into only in January and will last six months with a possible extension), and the oil price has already frozen at around 60 dollars / bar with a trend up. Lord, should we be sad? Look, let Donald Ibrahimovic worry, God grant him health! (As we were lucky with the 45th president of America, it was not in vain that we invested in its promotion!). Everything will be fine!
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 18 December 2018 14: 46
    - Something this author piled up ... - He himself understood this "something" ..?

    -Yes .., Trump is on the drum with all this OPEC ... -Trump wants to sneeze at him ... -and let this OPEC fall apart ...- Trump, if something happens, will take and create a "new OPEC" ... How once King Henry VIII created a "new English Church" or ... just the other day ... - Poroshenko from the comrades ... - created a "new Ukrainian church" ... and create some kind of "guardianship" ... - just spit at all ...
    -What are the problems ..? -All NATO members are inherently rogue in the sense that they have neither oil .. nor gas, etc. ...
    -But these are industrially developed states .. with a real leading world economy ... -well and ...- the most modern military potential ... of course ... -Well, and ...- what is there to talk about ..? - As a last resort ... - they put it and ... and ... and ... = they just took all these oil fields ..., mines and deposits ... - from the "Bedouins" ... - And all these "domineering sheikhs "...- will simply become" caliphs for an hour "... as in Arabian tales ... ... Remember Iraq ...- remember Libya ... -and where are they now ..? - Yes, nowhere ... - Here the fairy tale ends ...
    -Yes .., I forgot to say ... -All EU countries (they are NATO members) ...- as they walked on their hind legs in front of Omerika ... -so they still walk ... -And before until now ... - they are begging for ... - and they are begging for permission for Nord Stream 2. .. - they are already taking doubts ... - will it take place at all ... - Yes, and China is more and more he begins to look more like a tame bear ... - it seems to be snarling for now ... - but gradually he begins to "execute other people's commands" ...
    - Apparently the author of the article wanted to say this ... -but .., probably ...- he was modest ...- Hahah ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 December 2018 20: 17
      Everything the author wanted to say, he said! OPEC is living out its last days and orders analytical studies "The World After OPEC". If you have problems with the perception of printed text, contact your optometrist and do not force Claudia.
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex 20 December 2018 13: 23
        Author, your presentation style is quite similar to Dmitry Kulikov’s style ...
        Only you haven’t agreed on anything yet (well, that’s quite understandable - the article is not about Russia's internal problems): about the domestic policy of pricing oil and gas products. And this is more important for us (as for the citizens of Russia) than all these guardianships with their pluses or minuses, as well as with all these amers with their MacDacks ...
        The problem, after all, is that all these jumps in pricing in the WORLD will affect prices, as always. Prices for network gas (and liquefied gas) and prices for gasoline filling for us - consumers. After all, these international "games" by themselves (in their pure form) really do not concern us. BUT!!! Our owners of rigs and subsoil are accustomed to the fact that their super profits are INCREASING and MULTIPLICATING. And then what happens? Otherwise, they will start to FALL ... to them (our nouveau riche) it is a "zapadlo" - they will try to wriggle out AT THE EXPENSE OF THE POPULATION (this happens ALWAYS). After all, raising prices for network gas is a sure way to prevent excess profits from falling. It's the same with gasoline! You know very well that if the prices for energy resources "jump", the prices for everything else will jump. And the state here will simply keep silent. This is always the case with us. All these restrictions and "price freezes" are all for a certain time. Remember WHAT was at the beginning of this year? It was FORBIDDEN to understand the price of liquefied gas and gasoline (namely, our cars work on them). BUT - already at the end of spring, at the beginning of summer the price for s / y jumped 25% !!! Was 19 rubles per liter, but now 25 !!! With a little less gasoline, but also rose ...
        I summarize - what's the point to us from the fact that there will be with the trustees, with the bosses, with all these CA princes and trumpets, when in our country each of the "treasury fillers" (the very owners of the oil industry) will first of all think about his pocket and about super profits (even contrary to the instructions of the state). They do not care that for 500 cubic meters of used gas we already have to pay more than 1 thousand rubles for heating housing. (and our salaries are 10-11 thousand rubles - quite considered decent). But in winter you have to heat a house (which is) not in 500 cubic meters ... For heating in 3 thousand rubles is quite common ... Frosts, you know, do not ask ...
        Why do we need THIS? You see, people have long understood that all these "privatizations of subsoil and their processing" are lies and robbery of the people. It's just that dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in the country is growing ... Do you think we will not support THOSE who (once again) will try to "reshape" the property, promising to make it "public"? ... I really would not want to repeat the 404 path. ..Very ... But people are pushed in the back to do it !!!
        .......................... Shl ... as always, I am against any "Maidan" ........... ...
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 20 December 2018 19: 40
          And what does Kulikov also write? I have never read it. Listen - listened, I like his voice, and what he says is also mostly. The article, Alex, was not about gas, but about oil, and about the macro level, and you reduce everything to the micro level. There are petty speculators running the show, your petty speculators, which the bear promised to deal with. And there, at your micro level, there is a cartel conspiracy and it cannot be defeated until everything is nationalized back. But the GDP will no longer go to this. It's a pity! You won't have a Maidan, you don't even need to worry, from the word "absolutely". And not because the people cannot be roused to this, they cannot be raised anywhere, the people for the most part are extremely passive, and will begin to resent only when they are taken to execution, and then only if the road runs through puddles. And everywhere there are such people - in the Russian Federation, and in Ukrainian, and in Germany. There will be no Maidan in Russia, because there is no oligarchic stratum interested in it and able to pay for it. The GDP of this stratum through the efforts of our beloved Donald and Teresa's beloved turned over. They have nowhere to run. Toko RF and its army can protect them and their capital stolen by their back-breaking labor.
          Z.Y. And in the meantime, oil fell to 55 dollars / bar, and the ruble went to heaven, already 68 broke. Do not be alarmed, it’s necessary, the RF hasn’t screwed the faucet yet. Force of inertia. Extremely inertial mechanism. Saud in this sense is easier
          1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
            A.Lex 21 December 2018 12: 41
            Wolf, why do you all the time say "you", yours, "yours" ... And you yourself are not "we"? Not with us? ... Then where are you from? And with whom?
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 18 December 2018 21: 59
    Everything the author wanted to say, he said! OPEC is living out its last days and orders analytical studies "The World After OPEC". If you have problems with the perception of printed text, contact your optometrist and do not force Claudia.

    "And I also eat and smoke her" ... - Hahah ...
    -This is about that "object" that you have on your shoulders ... -Do not strain too much ...- this is the head ...
    -Well, so ...- apparently ... -familyarnost ... -this is not a skullcap ... and does not save ...- neither from the cold ... nor from the heat ...
    -And why would it be so OPECLO ...
    -But ... nevertheless ...- for you personally ... -The author of the article also mentions the word Trump, and not only OPEC ... and tries to link these "two concepts" together ... -and analyzes quite nimble ... but here's the conclusion to draw ... - he obviously lacked the courage ...
    -And you ... Mr. Volk ... -sufficient "inferences" only "on the oculist" and "on the keyboard" ...
    - The article is clearly not for your perception ... -Hahah ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 December 2018 22: 25
      "It is better to remain silent and seem like a fool than to speak up and dispel all doubts" (Mark Twain)
      When you want to answer again, re-read this quote from Samuel Clemens, better known to you as Mark Twain. Why try to talk about things in which you understand nothing? Do better knitting, in the country and without you there is someone to do oil
      1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
        gorenina91 (Irina) 18 December 2018 22: 40
        -Who's stopping you from knitting ..?
        1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
          Oleg9999 (Oleg) 23 December 2018 17: 39
          Gorenina91, the exact promise, and most importantly, everyone would benefit from this!
          All in the garden!
          Knit to everyone :)
      2. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 19 December 2018 02: 00
        Do better ...

        Vain attempts to reason.
        Such only the attending physician understands ... and then not always.
      3. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
        Oleg9999 (Oleg) 22 December 2018 20: 13
        And when did the wolves fumble in oil? It seems to me, neither in knitting, nor in oil.
        For others, they see a speck in the eye, and for the log itself in the eye (the Bible)
        1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) 18 December 2018 22: 08
    Are you still worried about oil prices ???

    NOT!!! I don’t worry and do not advise others!
    Because NO prices that could ruin Russia!
    There will never be such prices, even if oil is poured in the USA for free and distributed to everyone!
    In vain, Americans climb out of their skin and ruin their oil industry.
    The Chinese market will consume Russian oil and this will be enough for Russia.

    American myth that the USSR collapsed due to low oil prices - DECEPTION and FALSE!
    USSR fell apart HISTORICAL reasons that never depended on criminal American democracy.
    Remember! It was not the United States that created the USSR, and not the United States that destroyed it.
    Global DECEPTION Americans that they destroyed the USSR!
    Do not believe this American global DECEPTION!
    Russia has full order with energy carriers.

    And for all AMERICAN IDIOT SANCTIONS and pouty-puffed ratings, we, in Russia, wanted to CLEAR!
    They DO NOT ORDER!
  4. Bagor Offline Bagor
    Bagor 18 December 2018 22: 14
    Test scarecrow! Thanks to the author for the topic raised! I think that the adoption by the US Congress of anti-cartel legislation, called NOPEC, may well become the trigger for the global economic crisis, about which experts say so much. And the division of the world economy into currency zones will occur very rapidly and very painfully. In a relatively peaceful time, you can’t even think of a more significant troubles (points of indignation of calm).
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 20 December 2018 13: 27
      Bagor, the main thing is that there should be a division not into currency zones, but into (separately) "soap bubbles" and (separately) into the "real sector of the economy" ... Isn't it time to get out of the influence of the fact that NOTHING produces ANYTHING? and sells ONLY "air"?
  5. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
    Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 December 2018 22: 29
    Quote: gorenina91
    - The article is clearly not for your perception ... -Hahah ...

    My article! Ischo questions will be?
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 18 December 2018 22: 44
      - Well ... so ... and why do you then ... - "knit" yourself ... and "dissolve" yourself ...? -Hahah ...
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 December 2018 22: 53
        "I know two infinite things - the Universe and human stupidity. However, I have doubts about the Universe ..." (Albert Einstein)
        Samuel Clemens is not a decree for you, can you listen to Einstein? Though...
        "The right to stupidity is one of the guarantees of the free development of the individual" (Mark Twain)
        1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
          gorenina91 (Irina) 18 December 2018 23: 52
          - "Ostap suffered" ...
          - As for me personally ... - I acknowledge your "monopoly" on the use of the sayings of the great ... - a fair breeze to you and "seven feet" under the keel ... - Hahah ...
      2. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
        Oleg9999 (Oleg) 24 December 2018 15: 55
        For what they pay, then we do, like that :)
    2. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 19 December 2018 02: 04
      My article!

      Normal article. Truthful. good
      Usually those who have appropriated the title of "the conscience of the nation" are subject to such articles.
      Never mind. hi
  6. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 19 December 2018 02: 17
    Wait and see... )
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves, time will tell.
  7. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 19 December 2018 09: 51
    Only the Saudi Prince, said that the Russian Federation will leave oil production.
    All these dances and jumps end badly, gasoline will rise in price anyway ...
    And "You and Putin" will come up with a new article
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 19 December 2018 18: 09
      Personally told you? Have you been talking for a long time? How does he imagine it? Aren't you with Putin? Are you with a Saudi prince? Does it pay a lot? What do you care then, what is the price of gasoline?
  8. atmaisi Offline atmaisi
    atmaisi (Victor) 19 December 2018 12: 52
    Russia is a capitalist country and Russian capitalists will tear theirs out of their throats. So those are the days when under the USSR we were afraid, as it were, of which something went wrong. Today, our oligarch - the capitalist, not only does not miss his own, but also someone else’s, if he doesn’t lie warmly. And not because it is bad, such is the nature of capital.
  9. NordUral Offline NordUral
    NordUral (Eugene) 19 December 2018 14: 41
    I am more interested in how “our” government outsmarted us and continues to do so?
  10. Chuvachok Offline Chuvachok
    Chuvachok (Dude) 19 December 2018 22: 22
    Of course, you can read mantras like in that joke, "prices won't fall, prices won't fall, prices won't fall ..."
    We outwitted everyone! Yes, there is nonsense "it used to be even worse ..", we will raise the price for benz from January and it’s not scary for the budget!
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 20 December 2018 13: 30
      Exactly! And I mean the same ... We have all these "will-not-be" games before the lantern ... We will soon be unable to refuel our cars. And you will have to pay for heating from a quarter to half of the salary.
  11. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 20 December 2018 15: 26
    -Ha ... -Here are my comments on this topic and their ... "ratings" of site heroes ...

    -Who's stopping you from knitting ..?

    -FOUR MINUS ...

    Ostap suffered

    As for me personally ... - then I recognize your "monopoly" on the use of the sayings of the great ... - a fair breeze to you and "seven feet" under the keel ...

    -Three cons ...

    - Well ... so ... and why do you then ... - "knit" yourself ... and "dissolve" yourself ...?

    - TWO MINUS ...

    Is that ...- the life credo of sofa inhabitants ..., the herd of monotonous thinking ... ???
    -Dear Admin ... -who gathered on the site ... ??? -Who and what ...- "they are" .. ???
    -What are these creatures .. ??? -What is their political position .. ???
    -Stupidly poke the cons ... -and that's it .. ???
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 20 December 2018 19: 47
      It is foolish to blame the mirror if the face is crooked ... As comrade. Stalin: "I have no other writers for you!" And I have no other readers for you. (Admin)
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex 21 December 2018 08: 42
        smile yes good drinks lol laughing laughing
        So them so! And a face to the substance, so as not to imagine about yourself!
      2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex 21 December 2018 09: 17
        Wolf ... I have a request for you, as a representative of the administration ... Could it be possible to EDIT comments at any time, and not only for a limited time? And it happens that I remembered something and I want to add or correct an inaccuracy ... But already, mustache - is the time out?
    2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 21 December 2018 09: 11
      Ira ... And who said it would be easy? There is a war, a war not declared. The war against OUR Russia. And you, as an amer’s tool, are at the forefront of these battles. So why are you surprised? Say thank you that the site administration is fighting with us, otherwise you would have already been thrown THIS !!! ...
      I don't know about the administration, but for me you and 9999 are enemies, it was you and people like you who helped to kill our great Motherland - the USSR. It is you and people like you that CONTINUE "pouring water on the mill" of the Anglo-Saxon LIE propaganda. It is thanks to you and people like you that all sorts of "open r ... s" appear (I do not want to stain the name of my Motherland in the name of this vile organization), bulk and babchenki. Tell me - WHAT IS THE BUSINESS to amers and impudent people, WHAT AND HOW did the newspapers say to television in the USSR, and now in Russia? Namely from this all the "mess" and brewed! What business HOW did our state treat its citizens, any dissident bastards and other traitors to the state? On what equipment do they say WHAT AND HOW to us to do? Who are they? In what way are they better than those Russians who conscientiously go to work every day, serve in the army, and do everything that MY COUNTRY needs every day? And I will answer you - NOTHING !!! The whole problem is only one thing - we (ordinary Russians, and not some kind of liberda or "oppa") interfere with only our presence on the territory, which THEY have already divided more than once, in dreams. You say that these are all my fantasies? Well, well ... You can say whatever you want (as long as you are tolerated here - after all, we have democracy mmmathieuichi) ... We see the ACTIONS of the Naglo-Saxons - and what they are doing on the planet (all sorts of sanctions, and not LEGAL. .. wars unleashed around the world ... LIES from all their media and the Internet) - is nothing more than a fight against competition by all available methods. Including the most cruel, dishonest, arrogant and meanest. For them, we are COMPETITORS on the planet who (if we play with honest methods) will destroy them in an honest fight. And since an honest fight is not possible, and "does not allow you to win, then the" gentleman "changes the rules!" Here they get out as soon as possible. And let me remind you that you are just a tool in THEIR hands! So, no offense! In war - as in war!
      PS ... Be healthy and don’t be sick - we will still need you to show the unstable citizens how someone who helps the naughty Saxons in destroying our Motherland looks like ... Help us educate our population while the state lazily scratches itself ... it still won’t wake up ...
      1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
        Oleg9999 (Oleg) 22 December 2018 22: 09
        And who are you to teach life? :)
        Thank God, the population is laughing at you, because in the madhouse you don’t want any sane person.
        What languages ​​do you know what you read, with whom do you communicate besides neighbors?
        I already wrote that it’s difficult for an adult to understand the course of your thoughts: everything is either very childish, or the fanaticism of pure water, or the completion of a task. Of course, there may be more options, but I'm not a doctor.
        1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex 24 December 2018 14: 50
          Hear, learn to write correctly.
  12. Sandro1974 Offline Sandro1974
    Sandro1974 (Sandro111) April 2 2020 13: 43
    Ah, how Putin has muddied up all slyly, there would still be a lot of stocks of money. But the United States can be punished, they must weigh out from the heart.