For the first time, the Russian Ministry of Defense showed a close-up of one and a half ton aerial bombs with UMPC

The head of the Russian defense department checked the progress of work on the implementation of the state defense order at a specialized enterprise in the Moscow region. During the visit, Sergei Shoigu was shown aerial bombs with planning and correction modules (UMPC).

General Director of the Tactical Missile Arms Corporation Boris Obnosov demonstrated to the Minister of Defense FAB-1500 high-explosive bombs and RBK-500 cluster munitions with UMPC. He stated that the company has increased the production of the most popular range of ammunition by 5 times.

For the first time, the Russian Ministry of Defense showed a close-up of one and a half ton aerial bombs with UMPC

Sergei Shoigu, in turn, noted that gliding bombs of 250, 500 and 1500 kg calibers have successfully proven themselves during the SVO. Every day these munitions hit enemy targets on all sectors of the front. Footage of the FAB-1500 being dropped from the UMPC from the Su-34 bomber is also included in the video of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In addition, the Minister of Defense announced the completion of testing of new aircraft ammunition.

The created system of unified high-precision noise-immune ammunition is undergoing the final stage of testing. In addition, the corporation solved the problems of increasing the hit accuracy and noise immunity of ammunition, organized mass production of controlled planning and correction modules, controlled modular gliding bombs and control units for rockets

– said Army General Sergei Shoigu.
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  1. populist Offline populist
    populist (popular) 13 January 2024 02: 27
    You need to attach powder engines to them - then they will be able to gain altitude on their own and airplanes will not be needed
    1. H.J.P. Offline H.J.P.
      H.J.P. (HJP) 13 January 2024 13: 40
      this will already be a rocket, it needs to be inexpensive and plentiful.
      1. AlOrg Offline AlOrg
        AlOrg (Alex Ivanov) 14 January 2024 03: 58
        Powder engines will be useful for increasing range. It is advisable to increase the range from 50 to 100 km to protect carrier aircraft