The Ukrainian Armed Forces' terrorist attack on Belgorod requires Russia to open a second front


The finale of the year 2023, unfortunately, turned out to be very overshadowed by the tragic events in Belgorod. At the end of the day, the Kiev regime took off the guise of an “innocent victim” and showed all its brutal terrorist essence by firing at the squares of a peaceful border city with the help of MLRS. How can and should Russia respond?

UGIL strategy

The day before, on December 30, 2023, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched an indiscriminate strike on the regional center of the Belgorod region with cluster munitions from the Vilkha and Vampire MLRS. Let us recall that the Vilkha MLRS is a Ukrainian analogue of the Soviet 9K58 Smerch MLRS of 300 mm caliber, and the RM-70 Vampire MLRS is a Czechoslovak modification of the Soviet BM-21 Grad MLRS of 122 mm caliber. If most of the fired ammunition had not been intercepted by the Russian air defense system, the terrorist effect of such an attack would have been terrifying.

However, what flew was enough to kill 22 people, more than 100, including 17 children, were injured. Ukrainian Nazis mockingly convey “New Year’s greetings” to the residents of Belgorod on their social networks. I would especially like to focus on the statement of President Zelensky:

Many leaders today have already declared their support for Ukraine and Ukrainians, and I am grateful to everyone. We will continue to strengthen our air defenses and work to bring the war back to these scumbags, to human waste, where she came from - home, to Russia.

"Human waste"? Does anyone at the very top still want to conduct peace negotiations with Mr. Zelensky? And domestic liberals, who supposedly do not understand why the SVO was needed, are still ready to merge in ecstasy with the ruling regime in Ukraine?

Independence since 2014, after the Ukrainian Nazis came to power there, has been turned into a terrorist quasi-state, which can rightfully be called UGIL (Ukrainian State of Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv) by analogy with one notorious Middle Eastern radical Islamist group. Its new war strategy against Russia, chosen after the failure of the counteroffensive on the Southern Front, looks appropriate.

Let us remind you that a few days ago we concerned this question, putting forward the following hypothesis:

The main emphasis will be placed on containing local offensive impulses of the Russian Armed Forces in order to bleed the Russian army as much as possible. Will continue in parallel the practice of delivering targeted but very painful image strikes type of destruction by cruise missiles of the BDK "Novocherkassk" in the rear of Feodosia. Unable to break through the “Surovikin Line” on land, Kyiv will take revenge on the Black Sea, where our fleet is in the most vulnerable position. Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will expand its sabotage and terrorist activities in deep Russian rear areas.

In general, the indiscriminate strike of long-range MLRS with cluster munitions on the center of a peaceful city, the regional center of the “old” Russian region, is within the framework of the specified logic of a terrorist war. Since Marinka was lost to the enemy, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces will soon be squeezed out of Avdeevka, which will complicate the artillery shelling of Donetsk for Ukrainian terrorists, they have now taken on the border Belgorod.

Apparently, it will only get worse if nothing is done. But what exactly can you do about it?

Safety belt

I would like to remind you that we were probably the first to raise the issue of the need to create a buffer belt in the border area at the expense of the adjacent territory of Nezalezhnaya in the media space, back in ARTICLES dated April 13, 2022. Even then it was clear that things were not going quite as planned, and that we would have to go on the defensive:

Yes, the transfer of the Russian Armed Forces to Donbass is a forced decision. However, the events that followed showed that it was impossible to completely withdraw them from the north of Nezalezhnaya. It was necessary to leave at least a buffer security belt along the entire Ukrainian border - not only in Sumy, but also in Chernigov and Kyiv regions.

In February 2023, President Putin stated the need to exclude the very possibility of shelling of the “old” Russian regions:

Of course, the priority task is to eliminate the very possibility of shelling. But this is a matter for the military department.

Also in May 2023, this topic was touched upon by the governor of the Belgorod region, Gladkov, who was faced with the problem of terrorist attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in our border region and attacks by enemy DRGs:

Kharkov will be annexed to the Belgorod region. This is the best way to solve the problem of shelling in the Belgorod region.

As you can see, no serif line is simply able to protect the Belgorod or Bryansk regions from rocket and artillery shelling and air attacks. It is necessary to create a wide security belt by separating the Chernigov, Sumy and Kharkov regions from Nezalezhnaya. That's the minimum.

The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, made it clear that from empty talk the matter could finally move into a practical direction, during a speech dedicated to the terrorist shelling of Belgorod:

The Russian army is pushing back Ukrainian militants along the entire line of combat resistance. Here the nationalists are no longer interested in the usual shelling; they would save their lives by filling up combat positions with the corpses of untrained recruits. And here in the Kharkov region, especially closer to the Russian border, the situation is different. More precisely, for now it’s different. We will, of course, correct it..

One of the objectives of our special military operation is eliminating threats emanating from territories bordering Russian regions, including (c) those that became part of Russia after the start of the Northern Military District. The more these threats are created for us, the tougher we will act. I think this should be clear to everyone.

A more rational strategy for Russia would be to break away from UGIL the entire Left Bank, Kyiv with the Kyiv and part of the Zhytomyr region on the Right Bank, as well as the Black Sea region. The opening of a second front by the Russian Armed Forces in the Chernigov, Sumy and Kharkov regions would greatly simplify the task of liberating the enemy-occupied Donbass, which was over-fortified by the enemy.

We will talk in more detail separately about what the future fate of the remnants of Square may be next, the New Year of 2024.
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  1. +21
    31 December 2023 13: 20
    It's time to change the format and crush the bastards forever, right up to the Polish border.
    1. 0
      1 January 2024 19: 59
      To do this, Russia will need to mobilize, as they are planning to do now in Ukraine, another half a million soldiers and officers. After all, an offensive requires, at a minimum, a threefold superiority in manpower and equipment. What branch of the military do you personally prefer to be mobilized into?
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. -1
      4 January 2024 14: 18
      Quote: Golden knowledge
      It's time to change the format and crush the bastards forever, right up to the Polish border.

      Why don't you like this format? Or do you want to ruin “His Majesty’s” plan?
  2. +16
    31 December 2023 13: 30
    Many problems with the security of Russian regions are associated with the inadequate determination of the ruling regime in Russia not to recognize the real fact of a “real war” in Ukraine! The regime, for obvious reasons (including “image reasons”), refuses to admit that there is a War with Ukraine, but still clings to the blinders of the SVO (limited military operation)! If this continues, the Russians will see more blood!
    1. +3
      31 December 2023 19: 02
      Are you ready to live according to the laws of war? With general mobilization? You can introduce a curfew, military courts... Ration food... Do you have a car? Take it to the front... There's a hell of a lot of goodies there!... And more))) Explain to us non-Russians what “inadequate determination” is? Or only a psychiatrist can explain it))) Apparently you skipped school mercilessly....
      1. +5
        31 December 2023 19: 08
        "inadequate determination" - sounds like a NATO exercise))
        1. +1
          1 January 2024 02: 16
          Well noted) respect.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. +2
        1 January 2024 12: 14
        Don't overdo it. There is no need to take anything to the point of absurdity, including tightening laws against saboteurs and traitors. Or do you think that having destroyed the saboteurs, we will begin to starve, and we will need to introduce food rationing? I thought Vaikule was feeding us, but it turns out that Khokhlyak saboteurs are feeding us.
      4. 0
        1 January 2024 21: 48
        Why not introduce martial law?
    2. -5
      31 December 2023 19: 07
      He doesn’t like “MODE”....Tell me, how should it be? Write down, good man, a scenario of HOW TO LIVE for the illiterate? How to fight? Well, at least in general terms
      1. +3
        1 January 2024 15: 22
        No question, please: with such numbers, with such a length of the front, they don’t fight. This time, only “logs” go to the forehead, that’s two. These are trenches, pillboxes, etc., they are taken directly. Cities, even large ones it’s better to surround the villages and then clear them. War, if the front is not commanded by incompetents, is a set of actions to force the enemy to fight according to your rules. With a limited resource, you can only iron out populated areas. And here..if you pay attention to a number of “strange” inactions with sides of the command - bridges, tunnels, etc. key logistics hubs are still inviolable. "I am tormented by vague doubts" if the drug fuhrer and his entourage are not touched, missiles do not fly to the Kremlin! Now we move on, all the children of the Kremlin oligarchs who are "behind cordon" as hostages, is also a guarantee for the West. There, any "maniac" can easily hurt children. Now everything fits; all the questions disappear, why such a Strange VO. You can expect elections in March, and then "untie your hands." -it’s unlikely that anything will change. With this approach, the war will continue until NATO increases the production of power supplies. And they will do this by the summer. Belgorod should be evacuated to the Urals now before it’s too late. In Russia, there are no questions only for front-line soldiers.. .
        1. +6
          1 January 2024 20: 03
          These “vague doubts” began to torment all reasonable people in Russia after the Istanbul agreement.
        2. -3
          2 January 2024 07: 52
          The GDP manages to conduct the Northern Military District without introducing martial law, etc., despite, let’s say, not the most successful start to the campaign. Especially in Kharkov. There will be no further unpopular measures as long as such a balance is maintained at the front.
        3. 0
          10 January 2024 01: 09
          You are so harsh!
          How many people does it take to even surround? Here you are right, I agree completely, it’s not wise to attack EVERYWHERE. But this will entail at least one more mobilization. For now there is enough double bass to replenish and replenish a little. I think that the hope is that in the end the Outskirts will achieve what they dreamed of - how to destroy us. Everything turned 180 degrees. The process is underway, and these clowns from the market in flip-flops wearing socks that got their hands on the management will ruin everything themselves - because they are idiots.
          This circus and anarchy were described superbly by Bulgakov in his time. Nothing has changed) Everything is as usual) Nazis - anarchists - partisans - chaos and lining personal pockets))
          And do you think that if you remove Zelibobchensky’s White Nostril, much will change?
          Why is the Beksidsky tunnel to the west? The outskirts are still intact - also a mystery to me. But it is believed that cruise missiles will not take it. On the other hand, throw 20 missiles in there!
          The devil knows, there is politics here, we agree, we don’t know much, maybe there are some kind of agreements with the West? Although I think most likely from the USA. They end up bringing Europe to its knees and tearing it apart (which is essentially what is happening), and we don’t do something...They don’t deliver anything either....
          HZ, this is politics, there are interests and money here, not decency and “boyish concepts”. Moreover, Russia plays on the board in the world, and not just in the Outskirts.
          Yes, it’s time to clean the 5th column like in 37-38, I also completely agree with you. But that’s not how everything is neglected, that’s where it’s neglected - IT’S THE OUTDOORS, it’s just chaos. Everything is tolerant here and the trend is going in the right direction.

          And BELGOROD doesn’t need to be evacuated anywhere, I live here and the air defense works 99%, but the barreled one doesn’t finish off.
    3. +1
      1 January 2024 16: 26
      The West is fighting against Russia with the hands of Ukrainians!
  3. +23
    31 December 2023 13: 44
    It is useless to demand, it seems that we have a chronic misunderstanding of who we are dealing with and how we need to react adequately so that the West at least understands something and shits its pants... I have repeatedly tired of writing what needs to be done and how Zelensky’s Bandera regime will behave.. ., this is what is happening and it will only get worse, people will die, and we will, like, strike back at hangars and some centers.... All this is Fig... on vegetable oil. The Bandera elite feels impunity and support from the West for any crimes. All Nebenzi’s concerns and accusations at the UN are arrogantly and cynically ignored... All Western accomplices in crimes who supply ammunition and weapons used against civilians and cities did not care about anything and everything, even the Czech Republic ignored the accusations of the Russian Federation. If at least one of our politicians RAISED the QUESTION of launching a retaliatory strike on Prague, London, then the Westerners would stir and start howling, and then it would be possible to raise the topic of shelling peaceful cities, but they can, but God forbid us ...And of course, the main thing, which I haven’t tired of talking about for a year and a half, until the Bandera elite is liquidated, everything will only get worse and worse, thousands more victims await us ahead, while ours play with decency and make promises to the bloody lawless people do not touch Zelensky and his gang. After Belgorod, the most adequate answer would be the complete demolition of the Verkhovna Rada into the trash at the time of their meeting. But none of this will happen, there will be further statements about powerful retaliatory strikes, etc., which we all heard a year and a half ago, they still don’t solve much in the grand scheme of things. Another year of chewing snot and our Black Sea Fleet will be completely destroyed, Belgorod, Kursk, Orel, Crimea, Donbass, as well as the territory of the Russian Federation in the depths, will be subjected to massive bloody attacks by long-range missiles from the USA and Great Britain and, as always, a chronic misunderstanding of what needs to be done in reality, to stop Bandera's lawlessness.
    1. -8
      31 December 2023 14: 37
      Quote from KLN
      If at least one of our politicians RAISED the QUESTION of delivering a retaliatory strike on Prague, London, then the Westerners would stir and start howling,

      And they would seriously raise the issue of launching a preventive nuclear strike on the Russian Federation.
      The effectiveness of attacks on our air bases showed that it is quite possible to be taken by surprise.
      Aren't the risks for our citizens too great?

      Now there are essentially 2 options.
      Both are bad.
      But still not as bad as the risk of nuclear war.
      First -
      War of attrition with the West.
      Extension reciprocal shelling through the LBS, with the forced resettlement of citizens further and further from the LBS, with periodic arrivals to more remote cities.
      Increasing costs for missiles, UAVs, air defense and liquidation of the consequences of arrivals.

      The second -
      Not much different from the first one.
      Freezing LBS with a “ceasefire”.
      There will still be mutual shelling, but less than in the first option.
      Production of weapons and strengthening of the Surikin line, the West is also accumulating weapons, but again less than in the first option.
      In 20 years, there will be more Muslims in the EU than Christians, China will become Taiwan, and no one will give a damn about the postponed conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and without Western help, Ukraine is not dangerous.
      1. +8
        31 December 2023 15: 32
        Quote from Nelton.
        And they would seriously raise the issue of launching a preventive nuclear strike on the Russian Federation.

        I dare to ask that Russia only has a couple of 1 Kt warheads? I’ll ask, why do you think the United States is so stubbornly discussing the issue of nuclear safety? Is it because they understand that Russia has parity with the United States in nuclear weapons. Therefore, the United States is DEATHLY AFRAID of a nuclear conflict with the Russian Federation. Because in this case, the very existence of the United States comes to the fore. And not some allied promises for NATO. The whole American pathos about protecting world democracy. Works up to a certain moment. And after that, not until fat.if I were alive.
        1. -4
          31 December 2023 17: 59
          Quote: Alex Pan
          Russia has parity with the United States in nuclear weapons.

          In terms of the number of warheads - yes.
          In terms of dispersal of carriers, in terms of control over enemy preparations - no.
          The Russian Federation has no chance of delivering a disarming strike.
          The USA does have it.
          For now, they assess the risk that at least one Borey will shoot back as unacceptable.
          This is incidentally related to the question of the second army of the world - investments in Boreas, Yars and Sarmatians do not seem to directly affect the LBS, but force the United States to be very careful.
          But once you start seriously threatening to use nuclear weapons, not to mention actual use, the risk profile for the United States becomes completely different, and the option of a preventive strike becomes quite workable for them.
          1. -3
            31 December 2023 21: 20
            But it’s worth starting to seriously threaten to use nuclear weapons

            As for the threat of the use of nuclear weapons in the United States, this is understandable, but if it is in Ukraine, it will be without a threat and immediately presented with a fait accompli. I think they will eat it and not go to war.
            1. -3
              31 December 2023 22: 08
              Quote: Alexey Lan
              I think they will eat it and not climb

              What if they don't eat it?
              There are risks that are excessive even at the 1% probability level.
              And don't underestimate US resolve.
              And most importantly, there is no reason to increase the level of escalation.
              The less movement there is on the LBS, the less desire the West has to pump Ukraine with money and weapons.
              No pumping - Ukraine becomes no longer dangerous.
              The Russian Federation is developing economically every year.
              Ukraine - there remains only the service sector for the development of funds sent by farmers and agriculture.
              The West-Asia ratio is also shifting in favor of Asia.
              Accordingly, the Russian Federation has every reason to drag its feet and not pump it up.
              1. -1
                1 January 2024 21: 54
                A new hegemon is growing - the dragon. Whether the world will be better with the new hegemon than with the old one is a difficult question.
            2. -1
              1 January 2024 21: 52
              They will eat it..and if not..? If you were the Supreme...Probably you took a risk wink ?
      2. 0
        3 January 2024 22: 42
        And in 40 years, the United States will go to war, Ukraine will surrender, Europe will flee, etc. But in any case, terrorist attacks will overwhelm Russia. And they will be carried out not in the Kremlin, not in elite places, but in public areas accessible. But as “guards” they work, just remember something similar in the past. EVERYONE WILL NOT FIT INTO THE KREMLIN!
      3. 0
        6 January 2024 13: 37
        As long as the current leadership of the outskirts exists, the meat grinder will continue. Only by disorganizing the management of Bandera’s followers can the course of events be turned around.
    2. +11
      31 December 2023 22: 56
      A small question. Who “us” has a misunderstanding? The population of Russia? Or is it still in the Kremlin? The next question arises, is this really a misunderstanding? Or something else?
    3. +2
      1 January 2024 00: 47
      I think it’s logical not to rush to strike Prague-London, but they will launch a nuclear strike on Lvov, with a warning that the next one will be Prague-London and Washington.... the sight of a radioactive crater on the site of Lvov will definitely sober up all the sponsors of the ukro-fascist regime
    4. 0
      1 January 2024 19: 38
      What did you expect from your “partners”? They are very glad that such crests were found to fight with Russia! And they provide the economic part, to the benefit of the outskirts and to the detriment of Russia. I would like to hope that the Kremlin is still working on some options specifically against supplies from the West. And it’s telling, right there.
    5. +4
      1 January 2024 21: 26
      What nuclear strike!? I don’t have the courage to break the bridges across the Dnieper, and you are a nuclear strike..
    6. -2
      1 January 2024 22: 02
      You are not aware of it. Strike Prague, etc....At the center of Geyropa....Shall we start a nuclear war?! It's nonsense, my friend, you are spouting some cruel nonsense. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain why, because it’s utter stupidity. Do you realize what will happen next?!
      Drink valerian and find out what politics means, at least in general terms.
      1. -1
        2 January 2024 09: 56
        There is an opinion that the United States and London will not be harnessed. France will not respond until it is hit. IMHO
        1. +1
          3 January 2024 16: 58
          Everything is so easy for you. Just like in the game, let's save and die. If anything happens, we’ll roll back later.
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. The comment was deleted.
  4. +11
    31 December 2023 13: 48
    So what did you do during this time?
    Where is the tik-tok AKHMAT, promising to stand on the border, with whom Gladkov took pictures when WAGNER was abandoned in front of Rostov, what the hell?
    There were just photos and statements... We received the result yesterday.
    I don’t understand at all, the war has been going on for two years, not only have Shebekino been destroyed, Tavolzhanka, other villages are being shelled every day, but they’ve even reached Belgorod.
    What, do you need to control approaches to the border with the help of a UAV within a shot's distance - seven spans in your forehead?
    Yesterday they CLEARLY hit the center, the people, it was terrible what was happening here.
    Unhealthy thoughts enter your head.
  5. -6
    31 December 2023 13: 56
    Puffy cheeks.
    You just have to compare photos of deserted Grozny in the 2000s or Artemovsk now with photos of Belgorod.
    People walk around, take pictures on their phones, etc.
    I feel sorry for people.
    Despite the fact that videos of single explosions somehow do not look like cluster munitions...
    1. +8
      31 December 2023 16: 07
      The cassettes were full-length, along with high-explosive MLRS. They just shot down enough, otherwise there would have been an order of magnitude, or even two, more dead. It is clear from everything that they were traveling in 2 echelons, some higher and others lower. The lower ones were more difficult to shoot down. Before the lowering trajectory, the lower one hit BSTU, the strike went through the so-called Kharkov Mountain, BSTU is located on a hill, right before the lowering of the city center. Watch the video carefully Belgorod TG, not TV. And comparing the uncomparable is bad manners. I live here and in your head it’s just a mess.... Grozny, Bakhmut.... Well, at least I feel sorry for the people. Targeting children at the skating rink, the Christmas tree on the square, peaceful people preparing for the New Year, AT THE CITY CENTER ON A WEEKEND - what has anything to do with what you are talking about?!
      1. -1
        31 December 2023 18: 38
        Well, as far as I understood from the message from the Ministry of Defense, they fell on the city center, already shot down.

        The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that for the strike, Ukrainian forces used two Vilkha missiles in prohibited cluster ammunition and Czech-made Vampire multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). Both Alders and most of the rockets were intercepted. Several rockets and cluster parts from the downed Vilkha missiles fell in Belgorod, the agency reported.
        1. +8
          31 December 2023 19: 32
          If you're not too lazy, watch the Belgorod TG channels. There you can see explosions and land mines and hear tapes. But it will be difficult for you to construct a picture from the picture, but I live here. I speak with full responsibility - THE IMPACT WAS CONDUCTED IN THE CITY CENTER! BY PEOPLE! THE CENTER IS CLEARLY COVERED!!!
          Yes, some were shot down, but some were hit. The calculation was for maximum damage to PEOPLE on Saturday preparing for the New Year!!!
          Who do you have to be to plan this - I don’t have any foul words, shoot at children with their mothers. I think everyone has seen a baby stroller covered in scarlet, arterial blood...
          Regarding the messages of the Ministry of Defense - draw your own conclusions, there is too much to say - there’s nothing to do, an article for discrediting can easily arise
          1. -6
            31 December 2023 20: 22
            Who knows who to believe. You or MO...are completely lost.
            1. +4
              31 December 2023 21: 23
              Think for yourself. request
              You can write in a personal message, I’ll give an explanation if it’s not clear...
              And what is the difference between us and the official data? I don't see any significant differences
            2. +9
              31 December 2023 21: 46
              You are a literate person, the Ministry of Defense and the diplomatic corps will NEVER cause panic. Official statements at the state level are streamlined and diplomatic. You also need to be able to understand them, this is a whole science.
              This is where we can wave a saber in the chat.
              Although, I remember what the Czechs said about the use of their MLRS... Just a spit in our direction....
              It’s time to really raise the stakes... The same Houthis should supply anti-ship missiles... even through Iran, AT LEAST THROUGH THE HELL!!! And let a few Anglo-Saxon tanks sink to the bottom! What do you think?
              1. +4
                31 December 2023 23: 07
                And let a few Anglo-Saxon tanks sink to the bottom! What do you think? It’s tempting. The USSR during the times of Stalin and Brezhnev could have pulled off such tricks. Today’s Russia does not.
                1. +3
                  1 January 2024 03: 19
                  Well, at the moment we may not be able to, although most likely we don’t want to. What is the difference between NATO supplying weapons to the Outskirts and us, who can also supply weapons to the Arabs? Of course, I don’t have the political skills of the Kremlin. Maybe he said something stupid. But can I hear a reasoned objection?
                  1. -1
                    1 January 2024 03: 38
                    The Arabs have more than enough weapons. They have no interest. The West can offer them technologies that they do not have. And we can have the oil they have.
                    1. 0
                      10 January 2024 00: 34
                      Do we have no technology other than oil?! Really ??!!! How come we live under sanctions not like Afghanistan, S. Korea or Iran?! This is who is under wild sanctions. Let's take other countries that are not under sanctions, Shall we take Geyropa? What is Russia's place in the world in terms of economy UNDER SANCTIONS - 6th, let me remind you. bad, good, but going up. Besides phones and TVs, how do you determine the development of technology? Will you eat iPhones? Should I remind you how the West strangled the young Soviet republic and how it essentially perpetrated genocide on the peoples of the USSR, where they are now trying to make Stalin and the supposed “Holodomor” extreme? But the USSR asked for help from the League of Nations, but they sent it - ONLY for gold. And I had to rob churches, etc. etc. - to buy bread abroad.
                      Okay, I went to the side.
                      You said the same thing in the next thread, to which I recommended that you not read Solzhenitsyn and other evil spirits, but real scientific works of the country in which you live. "We don't have the technology." I’ll ONLY tell you about Belgorod’s air defense, which works “HURRAY”!!!, why this happened on the 30th - whoever needs to figure it out. I live here and I know that with such air defense technologies, we can sleep peacefully and have been sleeping for 2 years. Yes, it happens that knocked down debris falls on the suburbs, the city - sometimes, but this is not the demolition of houses to zero POINT(S)-U(s), then there were an order of magnitude, or even two more victims. Yes, it won’t protect you from the gun, but the gun doesn’t even reach Belgorod; Shebekino, Tavolzhanka, and others are ruined by it. points at a distance of 20 km from the border, you can see for yourself if you want to form your own opinion.
                      Maybe you should go to the west, it's good there. Just don’t disappear, in 5 years you’ll tell me how good it is THERE. Either to Germany (my brother lives there), or to New York.
                      Or what do you want to prove, what are you trying to argue about? Is it possible to get a clear answer right away? I will be grateful
              2. 0
                1 January 2024 03: 36
                The problem is that one power has already tried to start unlimited submarine warfare. It turned out so-so, to be honest.
              3. 0
                2 January 2024 10: 20
                German ones are possible. The Anglo-Saxons have nuclear weapons. I wouldn't risk it.
          2. +2
            2 January 2024 08: 04
            ...Thank you for the very valuable additional information...
            ...Honestly, if a similar strike (DURING A SIMILAR TIME BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS!) had been struck on a city in the USA..., or in Israel..., then the retaliatory strike would have been instantaneous in terms of timing and extremely destructive in terms of impact ...
            But to the Kremlin elite - the life of enemy subjects of the Ukrainian Reich is MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE LIFE OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS... And this is a cynical betrayal, which we have already been witnessing for the second year... A vile and cynical betrayal under the guise of hypocritical statements about some special humane method of conducting military operations Russian Armed Forces...
            Perhaps they really fear for the fate of their relatives and shameful women (mistresses) entrenched in comfort abroad... (After all, in theory, they should urgently leave for their homeland, in the Russian Federation! And they, for obvious reasons (Comfort!) - they want this least of all...)
            They say that the Kiev bloody clown personally gave the order to strike Belgorod...
            With this, it signed its own death warrant...
            But, unfortunately, all our inveterate politicians and media propagandists - all this horde - HAVE ALREADY TURNED into clowns (for quite objective reasons!) A LONG TIME A LONG TIME ago...
            Together with all his angry “denunciations” against the fierce enemy of Russia - the Kyiv regime and the military... Moreover, as impotent clowns...

            ...Putin, after the Belgorod tragedy, as the father of the nation, simply had to..., -
            Personally AND IN EXTREMELY STRONG, DEGRATING FORMULATIONS - BLAME this - Zelensky... and his whole pack...
            And announce to them a SENTENCE - DEATH...
            And give orders to start real algorithms for carrying out the sentence...
            After all, he is not just a Guarantor - he is the Father of the Nation...
            For in Russia - the Ruler is always more than the Ruler - he is also the Father of the People...
            This has always been the case in Russian history...
            But the president did not do this...
            By his inaction, he not only humiliated himself... and his authority among the people...
            But he also humiliated himself, his image, status (and therefore the Status of the Russian Federation) - IN THE WEST...
            Maybe they are afraid of Russian Military Potential... but they hardly respect Putin more than the Kyiv clown...
  6. DO
    31 December 2023 14: 37
    A more rational strategy for Russia would be to separate from UGIL the entire Left Bank, Kyiv with the Kyiv and part of the Zhitomir region on the Right Bank, as well as the Black Sea region.

    And what will this change? Shelling will continue from the remaining territories of the Ukrainian Reich - both the above-mentioned territories and the “original” Russian ones (with long-range Western weapons), and sabotage will continue throughout Russia, including the Far East.
    The bloodshed can only be stopped by the liberation of the ENTIRE territory of Ukraine and its annexation to Russia (perhaps partially to Belarus?).
    1. -2
      31 December 2023 20: 24
      Why does Old Man need this? He is trying to distance himself as much as possible from all this and has repeatedly stated that Belarus has no territorial claims against its neighbors.
  7. +9
    31 December 2023 14: 50
    Explain. Where to open a second front or another one? SVO is underway in Ukraine. Officially there is no war. If the issue is terrorism, then it is necessary to change the CVO to a counter-terrorism operation (CTO), i.e. all military operations will take place in accordance with the Law “On Countering Terrorism” dated March 06.03.2006, 35 N XNUMX-FZ.
    Our goal is the liberation of the territory of Russia occupied by separatists, the restoration of the territorial integrity of Russia, the reunification of peoples, the inclusion of the economy, population, and territory of Ukraine in the sphere of economic activity of Russia.
    There is only one solution regarding Ukraine in favor of the people of Russia. The state of Ukraine must cease to exist. The entire territory of Ukraine should return to Russia, in the form of regions. There is no need to ask anyone for permission, everything must be done unilaterally. There is no state, Ukraine, no debts, no Ukrainian government in exile, no legal Banderaites, no Ukrainian participants in various international organizations, no hostile state on the border of the Russian Federation. Russia will strengthen its economic and military-political influence in the world. NATO will no longer have the opportunity to use Ukraine against Russia. The northwestern part of the Black Sea will belong to Russia.
    1. -1
      31 December 2023 23: 33
      Putin's December 2021 ultimatum is not limited to Ukraine. Victory will be Russia's. Need time.
  8. +4
    31 December 2023 18: 12
    Demolish half of Prague with Calibers, etc., for supplying weapons to the Ukrainians! This would be a normal response, unlike the red, pink and blue lines!
    1. 0
      31 December 2023 23: 36
      You are reckless or stupid. Only a fool can start a nuclear war (the stone is not in your garden, reasoning). Russia will strangle the Western economic model. With allies, naturally. The military component is only a small part of the War for the redistribution of the World. That's how we win.
      1. +2
        1 January 2024 03: 32
        Will Russia strangle capitalism? Stormy applause.
        Russia has been in the Western economic model for a long time. If I wanted to fight, I would start. So far, all that is visible are attempts to lean on the side of this large table at which investment funds bank.
      2. +1
        2 January 2024 10: 31
        There will only be a stink for Prague. No more
  9. 0
    31 December 2023 20: 02
    That would be stupid and exactly what the AFU wants; the Russians need to collapse the AFU lines somewhere so the AFU has to start stripping the units it has guarding its birders, THEN and only then should the Russians attack from the north.
    1. -1
      31 December 2023 21: 29
      I think the calculation is that Ukraine will collapse on its own. Why go head-on if Ukraine is not a tenant without the West. She's a walking corpse. No production facilities, nothing!
  10. +7
    31 December 2023 21: 44
    Maybe it’s time to quickly pass a law on the infliction of mass casualties with weapons produced in the West, equate it to an attack and a declaration of war, and fuck with the factories that produce weapons for Ukraine, like by accident
    1. +1
      31 December 2023 21: 50
      Exactly! Straight to Lockheed Martin!
    2. +3
      31 December 2023 21: 55
      They, too, can do whatever you want by chance (Kursk") and not by chance (Nord Stream)... for example, sink a submarine in the Pacific Ocean.
  11. +5
    31 December 2023 22: 18
    why is it so veiled that “someone wants to negotiate”, this “someone” is well known to everyone and he himself has repeatedly said that we are open to negotiations and he is V.V. Putin.
  12. +1
    31 December 2023 22: 39
    They raised Nazis and sent them to fight against Russia. The first time in Germany, the second in Ukraine.

    What would have happened if the Germans had agreed with Russia back in the twentieth century? smile
    Ukrainians, are you fools?
    1. +4
      31 December 2023 23: 24
      All the same, for the first time, Hitler’s Germany fought with the USSR, with a country with a completely different ideology than today’s Russia. And as for the Ukrainians, they are rather useful, stupid people (imbued through and through with Nazism and Russophobia and this makes them even more dangerous).
      1. +5
        1 January 2024 01: 48
        You are right according to F. Nietzsche:

        Beliefs are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.

        But I will object to you, in the Outskirts - not all are stubborn Ukrainians. There are more than OUR people there... And many who don’t think are simply fooled.
        Especially in the East. Cut off the Westerners into a separate state, even if they pay off their debts and bleed the Poles, and let their own people go HOME!!! And everything will get better right away
        1. -2
          1 January 2024 11: 24
          But I will object to you, in the Outskirts - not all are stubborn Ukrainians. There are more than OUR people there...

          I can object to you, every night the number of these decreases. Ask why? Yes, because since September 1st there has rarely been a night without shelling from Russia. I live in the very north of the Sumy region, the border of the city is the border of the country, a mortar covers the entire town, they shoot at random, usually with the third mine the selected house lights up, the houses are mostly wooden). The town had a population of 7000, only 600-700 remained, area 3*4 km, from a hill on the territory of the Russian Federation almost the whole can be seen, to choose from, it was covered with “Grad” more than once, a couple of times the city was shelled with flechettes, once 50mm, once 40mm
          On September 1 (Friday, we have a market day) the city was shelled from 10 am to 12 noon, more than 60 Grad shells and mines from Vasilka flew into the center, more than 10 houses, a kindergarten, a library caught fire, five shells hit the Rossiya cinema ,to 2 schools. It’s impossible to list everything, there’s a lot that went into it. Sometimes the "touring" Ukrainian Armed Forces fire in response to the territory of Russia with machine guns, machine guns, the nearest village is 2 km away, they chatter and move, and in response there is a hail of mines in the city, the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not shoot at the military, the answer is maybe, but for pennies they can remain silent.
          At one time Arestovich said

          The population of the eastern part of Sumy region is waiting for the arrival of Russian troops

          Is he waiting? Every night from 00 to 1 o’clock there is shelling, that night “congratulations” also arrived from Russia..
          1. +4
            1 January 2024 17: 39
            I have relatives who live on the outskirts and see everything more than, I won’t name the locality, just in case, but it’s very close to Belgorod. And Sushka accidentally dropped a bomb into the yard, and the glass flew out. And they treat everything philosophically and with understanding. And they are waiting for Bandera and the Nazis to be buried like cattle in pits.
            What are you talking about - HZ, I POSSIBLY would have believed it - war, but to tell us here that we, the villains, are firing at pensioners with guns and MLRS, and in our direction ONLY shooting from the poor fellows - you tell this to schoolchildren. You realize and think about what you have given us here. If there had been only infantry, they would have taken the city long ago. Don't you find it?
            In general, writing fairy tales is not your thing.
            1. -2
              1 January 2024 21: 32
              Come if you are in Ukraine, if you are in Russia I will tell you where to come, see, listen with your own eyes/ears.
              It's a pity that you can't post photos or videos.
              1. +1
                2 January 2024 02: 47
                What's wrong with the video? There's nothing to film it with? So right now everyone is their own director, Belgorod was covered with MLRS, so after two hours the cart was full of video, from all angles, there is a camera in every car
              2. +1
                10 January 2024 00: 55
                In Ukraine

                Literate people write - IN Ukraine
          2. +1
            2 January 2024 10: 40
            Tales of Uncle Remus, from the series “I won’t say in which village the man was pregnant” am , such a disaster is happening and no one is even excited? And didn’t blame Russia? No, except for Nike of course.... In short, it stinks of chicken am
    2. 0
      31 December 2023 23: 32
      What prevented the Germans from reaching an agreement with the Russians under Kaiser Wilhelm? Under King Frederick? All this happened before the advent of Nazism. Russophobia among the Germans is historical.
  13. -2
    31 December 2023 23: 29
    The main goal is to return NATO to its original 1998, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to create a black hole from Ukraine, which will suck resources from the West. The main War for the redistribution of the World is going on on the economic front. The Khokhloreikh front must hold out, otherwise the maintenance of the salo terrorists will fall on the shoulders of Russia. A safety belt is definitely needed. But the Nazis will be pushed back slowly so that the war continues. I don’t know how many Russians are left in the Kharkov region, Sumy and Chernigov, but in order to open a front of such width, and most importantly to deoccupy Russian lands, a group of troops of half a million bayonets is needed, plus the rear. Russia does not have such forces now. Pushing the border away from the Belgorod region by 50 km will not achieve anything, but it is necessary to move it back. They will fire with Points or something longer-range. We will have to wait another year until they recruit volunteers and contract workers. I could be wrong, I'm just an armchair strategist. Blazer. Victory will be ours.
  14. +6
    1 January 2024 01: 10
    Even from my vantage point, it was clearly visible how the Russophobic reptile grew in Ukraine for decades while our wise leader proved to the West his bourgeoisie. Judging by the policy of the Central Bank and, in general, the state of affairs on the main economic front, it continues to prove. Why should the surrounding limitrophes integrate themselves into the tail of a secondary bourgeois power when there are healthier and richer ones? With such remote, open-ended, uncontested elections, everything on all fronts will continue to go against the wind.
    1. +1
      1 January 2024 16: 47
      Why should the surrounding limitrophes integrate into the tail of a secondary bourgeois power when there are healthier and richer ones??

      A key question that has no answer. With the same socio-economic system.
  15. -1
    1 January 2024 02: 07
    From the very beginning it was necessary to talk about the division of the so-called. Ukraine. Let supporters of the West and Bandera live in the western part, and normal people in the eastern part. Based on the results of all the voting, it turned out to be approximately 50 to 50. It is unlikely that it is possible to redo the entire other half, and it is not worth it. Let them twist the tails of the cows. They are not capable of more. However, they should not have the army and military bases of the West. And close their access to the east. Otherwise, the terrorist attacks will never end.
    1. 0
      1 January 2024 18: 52
      What shouldn't they have? They were intended as bases. And the population was going to work at these bases, and with pleasure, because there was nowhere else. The Tribalts have the same thing, except that they also catch fish, sprats.
  16. +3
    1 January 2024 06: 44
    Our entire country is actually under attack. And the worst thing is not this blow, but the sanctions and actions of the comprodor elites to collapse the country, including through the use of corruption.
    There are few areas of life in Russia that have not been robbed by them. And for a long time, corruption should be equated with treason.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. +4
    1 January 2024 09: 12
    IMHO, the article is “worthless”, repetitions of well-known facts and wishes, an empty candy wrapper for society. I repeat, IMHO.
  19. +1
    1 January 2024 10: 50
    To open a second front, additional forces are needed. It is not known how many of them we have accumulated. This is supposed to be a secret. I think everyone at the top understands this. If there were opportunities, they would open up. And of course, an attack from the north suggests itself.
  20. -3
    1 January 2024 11: 04

    The end of 2023 after the attacks on Belgorod shows that control over the conflict is being lost and the process of escalation of this conflict will inevitably increase. Since the United States and NATO are interested in prolonging this conflict for an indefinite period of time, with the aim of shackling and weakening both the political, economic and military potential of the Russian Federation through the supply of weapons, economic sanctions and the use of human resources of Ukraine, which will inevitably lead to an increase in human losses as among the RF Armed Forces and the civilian population of the Russian Federation, then the Russian Federation faces the question of minimizing losses of both human and economic resources.
    Are there ways to solve this problem? If on the issue of economic sanctions there remains only the possibility of searching and creating alternative options, then on the issue of limiting or completely stopping the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the subsequent defeat or capitulation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, such an option exists!
    First of all, we must proceed from the moment that Russia is a nuclear power and the outbreak of a military conflict on its borders is the first such precedent in world history. All previous military conflicts involving nuclear powers did not in any way affect the territories of nuclear states: the war in Korea, Vietnam, Israel, Iraq, Yugoslavia, etc. and so on. All conflicts involving nuclear powers supporting opposing sides usually took place on neutral territory.
    As already stated above, this is the first such conflict that directly affects the interests of a nuclear power - through the creation of threats at its borders and not only of an existential nature.
    One of the main problems at the moment in the implementation of the SVO is the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by NATO countries and their satellites. The possibility of blocking arms supply channels by sending the Russian Armed Forces to the borders of Poland and Romania at the present time means huge losses for the Russian Armed Forces, which is not an effective solution. So what is the best solution?
    Use of nuclear weapons!
    How and in what way?
    Creation of an exclusion zone! That is, launching nuclear strikes in the depths of Ukraine along the perimeter of the main and side logistics routes for the supply of weapons from Western countries for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine along a conditional line: Ivano - Frankivsk region, Ternopil region, Rivne region. In this case, the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces is more competent - how and where it is better to carry out such nuclear weapons strikes, taking into account the opinion of the Belarusians. Poles and Romanians should be interested in not launching nuclear strikes on logistics routes for arms supplies, taking into account the possible consequences of infection, taking into account the wind rose, etc. and stop any supply of weapons, including small arms.


    1. Warning the civilian population and military personnel living and stationed in these territories about nuclear weapons strikes in order to create an exclusion zone with the opportunity to leave this territory. Our goal is not mass murder, but the creation of a buffer zone.

    2. Conducting the necessary consultations with the leadership of countries that sympathize with us and bringing to their attention our strategy for the use of nuclear weapons, not for the purpose of destroying the population and even the military, but for the purpose of creating an exclusion zone through which few would dare to penetrate between the conditional West and Ukraine, and stopping the supply of weapons to APU.

    3. In the event of the resumption of arms supplies along these logistics routes, nuclear weapons will be used again.

    4. In the event of a threat of retaliatory strikes from NATO, the start of a full-scale war with NATO with unpredictable subsequent results.

    5. Development of this concept and bringing it to the leadership of NATO countries: either they stop supplying any weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or this plan is being implemented.

    6. On the basis of this concept, which will be implemented in the event of refusal of the terms of surrender by Ukraine or the subsequent defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces left without weapons, develop an algorithm for Ukraine to transfer the territories of the entire left bank of Ukraine, plus the Kyiv, Odessa, Nikolaev, Cherkasy, Kirovograd regions.

    7. The remaining regions form a new absolutely neutral Ukraine with its own mentality, way of life, language, etc.

    8. Taking into account the fact that the existing population of Ukraine is divided into several parts: pro-Russian, neutral, waiting people and stubborn people, this will make it possible to squeeze out waiting people and stubborn people (it is useless to re-educate both of them, and from the principles of humanism it is not our task to dispose of them) in the future to this new territory of Ukraine!

    When will this concept be implemented? Definitely not tomorrow - it requires the deepest study and there is a certain chance that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will crumble on their own in 2024, but the fact that it needs to start being worked on now is certain.

    Does such a plan have any costs? Yes, definitely too! But here the question is to work out all the nuances, and this is the prerogative of: the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, the government of the Russian Federation, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and those structures whose competence these issues include. The main thing is that it doesn’t turn out like at the beginning of the SVO - at random!
    This is just my private and subjective opinion, but I believe that there is a rational grain in it!
    With respect to the readers S.B. (Tangara News)
    1. -4
      1 January 2024 12: 03
      Tango is a dance that two people dance together. The creation of one exclusion zone in the Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions does not in any way interfere with the creation of an exclusion zone with the help of the same nuclear weapons along the Kharkov-Nikolaev line. On the same territory of Ukraine. An equal exchange - and perhaps warriors on both sides will find this result quite acceptable. Double PCB is always better.
      1. +2
        1 January 2024 13: 14
        Perhaps you are right, but we need all of Ukraine, the only question is that we need to eat the elephant little by little - perhaps the territory I declared is redundant. Therefore, the second exclusion zone - announced by you - will come to us!
        Do we need this?
        The question here is in the concept itself: what is not quite right in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is understandable! The Armenians surrendered only because they had 30 shots left per gun! Also in the case of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, their understanding is: either simply surrender and save people, or defeat, mass death of people and still capitulation! And defeat means, not least of all, the lack of weapons. The RF Armed Forces have already completely destroyed the heavy equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces once, and they have been supplied with them again! How long will this last? People are dying here too, they are becoming crippled too!
        Therefore, when on the other side of the so-called West they understand that without the goal of a massive loss of life, nuclear weapons will be used in order to create a buffer zone, they will understand that they are on the brink of a third world war. They will have to answer!
        Do they need this?
        The Americans used their nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, among other things, because their use was supposed to save the lives of 120-150 thousand American soldiers. And the fact that after this use of nuclear weapons a lot of people died was the paradigm of that time. Now there is no need to use nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine or destroy cities with them - you can defeat the Ukrainian Armed Forces with conventional weapons. But, taking into account the supply of weapons from the West, this will also be done, but at great expense.
        As I voiced above: warn the population of these areas about evacuation, for those who are especially dull, detonate nuclear weapons in space over these territories. Ukraine did not capitulate - start creating an exclusion zone!
        War is also work with a rational approach!
        If Americans and Europe do not understand, then this is only their choice!
        We ourselves and they need to understand one simple thing - the Russian Federation is a nuclear power, and no one has the right to dictate conditions to us and create anti-Russia right next to us!
        The games are long over! We are at full-fledged war for the second year! And the West, without risking anything, writes off crests and our soldiers as scrap! Do we need this?
        The stakes for the West should be raised to this level - you supply weapons - no problem - we can exchange nuclear strikes in this case!
        Sincerely, S.B. (TN)
        1. 0
          1 January 2024 13: 57
          We ourselves and they need to understand one simple thing - the Russian Federation is a nuclear power, and no one has the right to dictate terms to us

          The states generally think the same way. In your quote, replace the Russian Federation with the United States and think about why Russians and Americans cannot understand each other. The Russians fully consider themselves entitled to dictate terms and issue ultimatums to the United States. Americans consider themselves entitled to treat the Russian Federation in exactly the same way - to dictate conditions and put forward ultimatums. Russians consider it obligatory to take into account their national interests and at the same time they absolutely do not care about American ones. Have you ever heard from the leaders of the Russian Federation their willingness to take into account American national interests? Any suggestions on this matter? Why should Americans think and do differently? They think exactly the same.
          1. +4
            1 January 2024 15: 20
            I said earlier that war or any confrontation is also work and a rational approach is also required here.
            To draw any conclusions about the USA, you need to live there for more than one year and understand the basic mentality of Americans. Therefore, my arguments about the similarities or differences between us and Americans will be completely groundless.
            But, in this case, it’s not us who are setting the Canadians or Mexicans against the United States, and it’s not our battalion standing somewhere on their border, like the American one in one of the Baltic countries. The starting points are completely different. So who in this case should take into account the interests and whose, are we American or they are ours?
            As far as I know, if you break into a private home in America, you can legally be shot! So, Ukraine is Russia’s garden, and the fact that she, out of her stupidity, decided to go into bed with a brave cowboy as a cheap fool, does not mean at all that the cowboy has any rights to her. She slept for three hundred years in the arms of another man who groomed and cherished her, and quite legally issued her bills for payment. But the cowboy decided to play a gentleman and protect the rights of a cheap whore. But, by and large, the slut is on his side, but the inheritance of this slut, which came to her undeservedly and by chance, is of great importance for her former roommate, to whom the cowboy broke into his house.
            This may not be a very good example, but let's leave it at that for now!
            On neutral territory, there’s no problem competing with someone who has something longer and thicker! But, you climbed into someone else’s garden and they naturally say to you: “Guys, you haven’t gone crazy! You can hang medals on your chest about victory in the Cold War as much as you like! This won't hurt us! But, know your place! Sit on your ass straight, otherwise you’ll end up playing the game - Russians have one important quality - they take a long time to harness, but they go fast!”
            Sincerely, S.B. (TN)
            1. -2
              1 January 2024 16: 29
              Where does our garden end and someone else’s begin? Ukraine is ours, and Kazakhstan is ours? Is Belarus our garden? What if suddenly the Belarusians decide that it’s not ours, but theirs – Belarusian? What to do about it? What about Finland, Poland, the Baltics, Port Arthur? What are the criteria? Our garden? And which ones are American? And which ones are Chinese? Is it our garden in Cuba and Venezuela? And in Syria? And in Africa? What about Mongolia?
              And yes - we are trying our best to pit the US neighbors against the US. Due to your capabilities.
              1. +4
                1 January 2024 17: 05
                First, open the maps of the Republic of Ingushetia and the USSR, then read the USSR Treaty of 1922, the USSR Constitution of 1936, the end of the Treaty on the Formation of the USSR in 1936, the Helsinki Agreements of 1975, the USSR Constitution of 1977, the USSR Law of 3 April 1990 No. 1409-I “On the procedure for resolving issues related to the withdrawal of a union republic from the USSR.” Also read about the referendum in the USSR, on the basis of what documents new states appeared on the territories of the union republics of the USSR, how the UN legitimized these new states with the help of NATO, etc. After reading, perhaps you will determine the territories of your gardens and understand that the USSR was killed by external enemies with the help of the national mafia.
              2. +3
                1 January 2024 19: 19
                Well, at least Finland. As long as it was Finland, and not a NATO district (although it participated), Russia was fine with this. But when it is a district, and even with the possibility of hosting an expeditionary force from a completely foreign country, capable of causing damage to Russia much more significant than just Finland itself, then this is our backyard. How can we organize such an expeditionary force in San Juan, huh? To combat drug trafficking, for example. And this is their garden. There is a simple thing here, the Anglo-Saxon only understands a Colt of a larger caliber than his, and for starters, by the teeth.
              3. 0
                1 January 2024 19: 26
                The question is not whether they are less or more afraid, but that only then there will be no one to be afraid—few will survive. And whether you want to be among the survivors is not a rhetorical question at all! North Korea has only a fraction of the US arsenal, and this makes the US wary of it - without provoking it again.
                In the issue of “cookies,” the United States and Europe decided to play big and missed – the Russian Federation is not North Korea or Israel. An attempt to weaken the Russian Federation and pit it against China is obviously the stupidest idea of ​​the USA, NATO and Europe combined!
                And our garden begins where our safety begins! I don’t know how difficult it is to understand, but if there is no balance, then the system begins to tilt and NATO has the illusion that a nuclear war can be won! They say that if NATO has an advantage in the field of conventional weapons, then this will ensure victory. God, such a degree of stupidity and naivety! We must understand that any even minor armed conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation will end in the complete collapse of civilization.
                Russians have a saying -

                Don't be too loud while it's quiet!

                We will help Ukraine defeat Russia, we will crush you with sanctions - this is the pronounced cretinism of a madman who is playing with fire while sitting on a keg of gunpowder!
                Once upon a time, twenty or more years ago, I found myself in such a situation - I stopped on the highway to buy something to eat and there was a bear nearby - a pistol. He was purely symbolically attached and the women who were nearby told me: “Don’t be afraid, go pet him!” I stood in front of this bear for about twenty minutes and internally struggled between the decision to show courage and pet the bear, and we understand that this is a wild animal and he can tear off his hand at one moment, and who then needs my courage! I made the smartest decision then!
                So, in today's conflict in Ukraine: NATO, led by America, decided to play courage with an unpredictable wild animal - a bear and not a gunman!
                Sincerely, S.B. (TN)
                1. -1
                  1 January 2024 21: 17
                  our garden begins where our safety begins!

                  It is completely accepted. And I fully admit that the American garden begins where their security begins. In the era of intercontinental and space weapons, I don’t quite understand where whose garden begins. It is not clear to me where the line is for any state before which it does not have sovereignty and the choice of means and methods to ensure its security, and after which they appear. Nuclear weapon? Apparently, this is the only way to have at least some kind of sovereignty and the right to independence. Sometimes I envy people like you, for whom everything is easy, simple and clear.
                2. -1
                  1 January 2024 22: 52
                  I am not against the defeat, capitulation and humiliation of the West (and the USA in particular) by Russia. I just understand that life won’t end there. And even in this case there will be a desire for revenge. The whole story is about this. And the Treaty of Versailles, and the collapse of the USSR...
            2. +1
              1 January 2024 16: 52
              And most importantly, where do you get such confidence that Americans are more afraid of nuclear war than we are? Are those on whom this decision depends? What is your confidence in this based on?
          2. The comment was deleted.
          3. +2
            1 January 2024 17: 52
            And who imposes their vision of the world on whom? Russia - USA or maybe vice versa? Are our bases in Mexico and South America? Do you realize the difference? Just don’t say that Russia could....When it happens, then you’ll give an example. Russia hasn’t really been going anywhere for a long time; it has plenty of its own. World resources at 25%. And 2% of the world's population lives.
            Should I explain further? I don’t see the point, you know everything yourself, I just don’t understand what you want to prove to whom
            1. -3
              1 January 2024 21: 07
              Russia has its own vision of the world. The USA is different. Is this normal or not?
              1. 0
                2 January 2024 06: 20
                Only for absolutely narrow-minded people everything is easy and simple: a rocket here, a rocket here, and even better with a nuclear head!
                Our planet is very small and there is a joke when two frogs are sitting on a rail and one says to the other: “Move over!” So, with regard to the conditional America (USA), its basic policy is aimed at complete dominance in the world, I emphasize - complete! That is, everyone must move - an aircraft carrier group is entering territorial waters! Fall and do push-ups - everyone is happy! We won the Cold War - medals for our uniforms! In short, clowns!
                Trump, despite all his exaltation, is still a businessman and he understands that when trying to embrace the immensity, you will inevitably overstrain yourself, and he tried to get away from this paradigm. Whether he succeeded or not is difficult to judge!
                But the question is still different - balance! If the balance is disturbed, then the desire to take advantage of it inevitably arises, which is what happened in 2014! Just don’t rant here about democracy and democratic freedoms - which civilized countries bring to outcasts! All this is nonsense! The more diversity a planet has, the more resilient it is. Again - “Don’t meddle with your charter in someone else’s garden - they’ll sort it out without you!”
                And in 2014, an attempt was made to wrest the stool from under Russia: its elite is weak and incompetent, the dominant comprador bourgeoisie, etc., as they say - “It’s a sin not to take advantage!” Moreover, there is Ukraine, distraught from the freebie that has fallen on its head, and since there are single-celled creatures there who believe in the bright future of democracy and are ready to publicly pose in a classic pose for cookies, then we will take them into service - as slaughter carcasses. The balance was completely upset! And then, while the United States, due to its natural self-confidence and natural stupidity, upset the balance, China quietly fired! And the USA was overextended! There was one major problem - now there are two!
                And therefore, it is urgent to force Russia to side with the United States in the fight against the yellow threat. And if not, here’s a war in Ukraine.
                Return to balance! It is better to have intelligent people as opponents who understand the interests of the other side than to nurture odious nationalist ciliates - and here the need goes far - the Taliban in Afghanistan. By analogy - “Army! Mova! Veera!
                And so the final or possibly preliminary conclusions:
                - the degree of competence of the leadership elites, both in Russia and in the USA, is at an extremely low level;
                - Coca-Cola’s policy of superiority no longer evokes the reverence of the past;
                - communism as an ideology is currently almost on its last legs;
                - China has nothing to offer the world except consumer goods.
                Of course, you can erase the existing civilization into dust, but maybe it’s worth stopping and gaining a little wisdom - and everyone!
                Sincerely, S.B. (Tangara News)
                1. +2
                  2 January 2024 10: 27
                  China has nothing to offer the world except consumer goods.

                  I partly agree. So Russia has nothing. That's the paradox. I'm not a fan of the West. I'm realist. And I see that the West has much more to offer the world than anyone else. This applies to ideas, science, technology, and art. That's where his strength lies. This can be denied simply out of contradiction. But look around...
                  1. -2
                    3 January 2024 17: 15
                    Art of the West?! Are you seriously? Which? LGBT, renunciation of the Faith, the Church of Satanists? Is Hollywood art?
                    Technologies - yes, but at what expense and what? Is it possible by luring the best scientists from all over the world to their oasis - California? Who wins school and student Olympiads?
                    Is it more difficult to create an iPhone than a turbojet engine or nuclear submarines and icebreakers?
                    Did we have any science?
                    You say what I also thought in the late 80s to mid-90s, after re-reading Solzhenitsyn and other evil spirits.
                    The West is divided into cooperation, the nuclear triad is completely between us and the United States, and even then, the United States now has problems in terms of intercontinental missiles.
                    And borrowing from the whole world and not intending to give back to the United States, why not work like that?

                    Look back. And why they still steal from us and didn’t steal anyone like in China or ’38 - I don’t know. The 5th column, with the support of the West, craps, harms, sabotages at the level of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other institutes and universities!
                    In general, if since the times of the USSR there has been a bias not towards people, but towards protecting ourselves and we have not yet been torn apart, this must be appreciated. We’ll make an iPhone, but first we need to restore order in the country with the 5th column - China is an example, otherwise we won’t be able to cope. While we have received the SVO, we will not change our minds any further - we will get a storm!

                    Russian air defense intercepted 2 Tochka-U missiles, 8 S-2 missiles, as well as 200 Himars, Alder and Vampire shells during the day on the 34nd - Russian Ministry of Defense.

                    This is not Kyiv on fire. And this is in one day, and we have been hammered every day since the 30th.
                    Can you imagine what would happen to the city if it fell here?!
                    For me, let it be money for air defense, not telephone numbers. How many lives were saved? And the elemental base there is 80 percent ours. 3 nm. there's no use there
                    Do we need this? These would be efforts in the development of electronics. But they don’t let us live normally, right?
                    1. +1
                      4 January 2024 01: 32
                      What art? Well, at least from the Renaissance to the present day. Until modern. The fact that someone doesn’t like it.. Likewise, the Impressionists were not considered art in their time, for example. And mass ones too. Yes, and Hollywood - what it is. Can we offer better? Technology - what is your strange juxtaposition between a telephone and an aircraft engine? We are also lagging behind in terms of engines. And very, very strong. About twenty years. I speak as a technician. Compare the performance of the failed PD-35 and the Rolls-Royce UltraFan with a thrust of 50 tons. The West builds boats no worse. There is no need for icebreakers yet - they will have to be built, I think. In pharmaceuticals, the gap is simply catastrophic (I know what I’m talking about - half of my relatives are doctors. And not the worst doctors). In nuclear weapons - yes, we are slightly ahead. But this is such a product... you can’t sell it/transfer technology to everyone.
                      I have no reverence for the West. And I see his shortcomings from the inside. But it’s just real - what can we offer better? Previously, we promoted the idea - and someone was attracted to it. And now - what? Better than the West? For some country to refuse cooperation with the West and China in favor of Russia? Cheap resources? Yes. But this is not enough for a country that wants to move forward.
                      1. 0
                        5 January 2024 18: 45
                        Useless conversation. You really know your country less in all aspects and are not at all interested in it than in the West.
                      2. 0
                        5 January 2024 21: 09

                        Beliefs are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies!

                        It was said by F. Nietzsche a long time ago, but you clearly fall under this definition. Because there are 0 facts, only text. It is pointless to argue with a person who operates with emotions and beliefs. You are a potential enemy of the country. Perhaps not now, perhaps never, but potentially.
                        I see no point in arguing with you anymore.
                      3. -1
                        5 January 2024 21: 20
                        ABOUT! You are a Nietzschean. Your company is good...
                        V.S. Solovyov is closer to me:

                        “The bad side of Nietzscheanism is striking. Contempt for weak and sick humanity, a pagan view of strength and beauty, assigning to oneself in advance some kind of exceptional superhuman significance - first, to oneself individually, and then to oneself collectively, as a select minority of the “best,” master natures, to whom everything is allowed, since their will is the supreme law for others - this is the obvious fallacy of Nietzscheanism
              2. -1
                3 January 2024 17: 04
                This is normal, people should be able to negotiate or not interfere in each other’s internal affairs. USA (West) - Russia, who is interfering with whom and not allowing them to live normally? I repeat once again, are we in Mexico or the West (USA) on the Outskirts?
                1. -1
                  4 January 2024 01: 47
                  The West is not only North America. But also Europe. And Australia. Now there is a conflict in Europe. Does he worry Europeans? Worrying. It was in Europe that two World Wars began. But no one wants to talk to them about this.. And European countries also have their own national interests - which we may also not like. And about security guarantees for Europe..
                  Is there Russophobia (fear of Russians) in Europe? Eat. The Russians took Paris, Berlin twice, Warsaw, were in Switzerland and Italy... This is history and this also needs to be understood...
                  Now in Europe there is an opinion - if only they could create a buffer zone/iron curtain with Russia and live in peace. Even without Russian resources. Let's fiddle around and find a replacement for them. To simply not see the Russians in the eyes, not hear anything about them, and not have anything to do with them... Such sentiments are very strong in Protestant Europe, at least...
                  1. 0
                    11 January 2024 18: 48
                    BY WHOSE TECHNIQUES are you quietly and sweetly trying to prove to us that the Russians are to blame ALL AROUND? Everything is clear to me now, as clear as day. Don't be encrypted, say everything openly. The last answer was more than bloody.
                    I don’t understand how others haven’t yet understood what you stand for and on whose behalf you are essentially writing?!
                    Wars started in Europe by whom? Who was going to conquer Russia? I'm waiting for a detailed answer.
                    USA where? Are they with us or are we with them?
                    Who got rich from 2 world wars? Name the countries.
                    And who suffered the most from the 2nd World War, and the 1st too.
        2. 0
          2 January 2024 08: 41
          ...The Americans used their nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, among other things, because their use was supposed to save the lives of 120-150 thousand American soldiers...

          What’s interesting is that many Japanese not only do not blame the Americans for the barbaric testing of nuclear weapons over peaceful Japanese cities, but also consider themselves OBLIGED (GRATEFUL) towards them...

          The logic is simple - if the US Armed Forces would storm the islands using conventional methods and means, then taking into account the innate military tenacity and fortitude of the Japanese soldiers multiplied by their samurai ideology - the losses of the warring parties (both the Americans and the Japanese) would be simply - COLOSSAL...
          (Like our (and German) losses during the liberation of Europe...)
          Surely the count would probably be in the millions... Both civilians and military...
          Since the carpet bombing of Japanese cities would have increased by an order of magnitude (the liberated strategic aviation from the European theater of operations would, without a doubt, be transferred to the Pacific theater of operations) - the degree of their destructive consequences would have been terrifying...
          Most likely, all the cities of the country would have been either burned or destroyed... It is quite clear what would have happened to the civilian population of these cities...
          In addition, WWII would have continued, perhaps for another couple of years... (If not more!)

          And I simply would not have been born!

          So, quite sincerely..., - said one of the Japanese interviewees... (A survey was conducted among citizens of this country, the topic: “Your attitude to the Nuclear bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?”)
          But draw your own conclusions...
          1. -2
            2 January 2024 10: 30
            Will the death of residents of Lvov and Ivano-Frankivsk in a nuclear flame stop the escalation... And save others - that is the question. Or it will become the first domino...
        3. 0
          6 January 2024 16: 09
          ..The Americans used their nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, among other things, because their use was supposed to save the lives of 120-150 thousand American soldiers...

          Is this from the US manual?! You are a complete ZERO in history or a Cossack sent to tell tales to the uneducated. When the USSR entered into the liberation of China from the Kwantung Army and the war was a foregone conclusion - the dropped bomb was supposed to show the USSR what the United States was capable of, but this development would continue in the Korean War. And not what you are telling here with a blue eye. Japan would have capitulated there too.
    2. 0
      2 January 2024 08: 43
      ...Everything is gradually “sliding” towards something similar!..
  21. +1
    1 January 2024 11: 15
    Prague should be wiped out for the supply of Vampires! So that it would be distasteful to others! And we are still drawing pink lines through Lavrov’s mouth(((There is no point in fighting with crests, the main enemy is in Washington-London-Brussels...
  22. +1
    1 January 2024 13: 22
    It’s high time to raze Lvov and its outskirts to the ground; this “nest of Bandera’s supporters” must cease to exist forever...
  23. -2
    1 January 2024 13: 54
    It seems that Marzhetsky did not learn anything from the example of Ukraine.

    To carry out such an operation requires strength. Huge powers. Where can I get them from? The example of Ukraine showed that forced mobilization is simply sending men to slaughter. What does Marzhetsky offer? Repeat? Twist people around in the streets, beat them, pack them into buses in packs? Or what? Whoever wants to, goes and so on. Volunteer.
  24. +1
    1 January 2024 15: 53
    Yes, he is not “terrorist”. There is a war going on and the crests are trying in every possible way to cause damage to Russia. This is fine. There is only one question. When Russia starts striking the places where the Ukrainian leadership sits.
    1. 0
      3 January 2024 16: 00
      where does the leadership of Ukraine sit?

      Do you know (a rhetorical question) where it sits? And what will this change? There is no tsar there and in a “day” there will be another president who will hate Russia even more.
  25. 0
    1 January 2024 15: 58
    Why doesn’t Russia hit the residences of Zelensky, Poroshenko..? A deal? This is exactly the impression that Russians have. Is the money shared? I wouldn’t like to think... But there are no other thoughts.
    1. -1
      1 January 2024 18: 12
      Hardly anyone lives in these buildings. You can’t destroy them, but what will it give?
  26. +1
    1 January 2024 16: 00
    And if there is an agreement with the Ukrainian killers... Then damn you, sellers of the Motherland!
  27. -1
    1 January 2024 16: 49
    It's high time to open a second front!
  28. -3
    1 January 2024 18: 09
    Our leadership needs to either regularly send the army into Ukraine or carry out another larger-scale mobilization, approximately one million soldiers. First, gather specialists, and then additionally train and arm several hundred thousand to the teeth and move on
    1. +3
      1 January 2024 21: 43
      What is needed is not a million, but smart military leaders; there were not a million Wagnerites, but they did the job perfectly, but the owners of big stars in the house on the embankment were afraid of losing their bread-and-butter places and did their best to remove them.

      Fight not with numbers, but with skill.

      Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov
      1. The comment was deleted.
  29. +2
    1 January 2024 21: 27
    I didn’t specifically look for it, but never once, neither in comments nor in articles, did I come across the question - from what kind of hangover did mass celebrations take place on the main square of Belgorod, and not in the depths of the Siberian ores? Before any imbecile parties, we need to figure this out - is it stupidity or treason?
    1. +1
      2 January 2024 03: 03
      So we made it... In the “old” Russian cities, don’t gather for more than three... In the “new” ones, of course, too. Have you forgotten last year’s, also New Year’s, story with our mobilized people? Who still doesn’t understand that there is a war going on, even if it’s called SVO? The border is still permeable, only now at least not for everyone, and even air defense has been installed, but how many shellings have there already been? Surveillance on the other side is still not organized, come up and shoot. Like this. And that Bandera’s people will kill is their essence.
      1. -1
        3 January 2024 00: 22
        And that Bandera’s people will kill is their essence.

        Last winter they hit Ukraine with missiles, and then why did we do it? Someone has SVO, but in reality there is a war. That's why it will fly. Again, in Rostov they killed their own. An “unusual missile derailment” from the airplane occurred. came off the guides and the engine turned off. You also need to get used to this. Both to strangers and to our own.
        The spillikins ended when the blitzkrieg failed.
        1. -1
          6 January 2024 16: 32
          Where will you get the spillikins now?
  30. 0
    2 January 2024 04: 38
    ...If it is not possible to “treat” stubborn, violently insane, and even bloodthirsty Ukrainian schizophrenics in “normal conditions” - medical treatment centers, mental hospitals, etc., then they should be “recovered” by other means..., i.e. with weapons...
    But on a much larger and “sensitive” scale...

    The framework of the NWO will have to be expanded... The Belgorod New Year's Tragedy SHOWS THIS WITH ALL OBVIOUSITY...
    The subjects of the Ukrainian Reich (the overwhelming majority) have not only nothing sacred... but also elementary common sense...
    And this is the most dangerous thing... They are the zombies of the West... Capable of ANY WAR CRIME OF ANY SCALE...

    Ukroreich now looks like a badly wounded animal... Heavily wounded - BUT NOT FATALLY...
    And a wounded, embittered animal is capable of much... if it is not finished off...
    1. +1
      3 January 2024 00: 25
      The subjects of the Ukrainian Reich (the overwhelming majority) have not only nothing sacred... but also elementary common sense...

      They didn’t start the SVO. And they got it. And on New Year’s Eve, a couple of houses in Kyiv were destroyed.
      Don't get hysterical. In war, as in war. It doesn't happen when one shoots and the other doesn't.
      1. 0
        8 January 2024 00: 14
        Igor, the Ukrainians who decided to drive out the Russian Ukrainians, even seized power, then elected President Zelensky, who are they? laughing love
        P.S. Drive away the evil spirits and the troubles will end.
  31. 0
    2 January 2024 10: 35
    I propose, together with the presidential elections, to hold a referendum on the issue of declaring WAR on Ukraine! With all the ensuing consequences. And it will be easier for Putin to take responsibility for such a decision, and the six-year program is realistic.
    1. -1
      2 January 2024 12: 03
      And Finland!
      1. 0
        3 January 2024 00: 32
        And to all of NATO
        1. -1
          3 January 2024 01: 15
          Decrepit NATO, please note.
          Just put it up for a referendum - the world belongs to Russia! Do you agree or not? So as not to get up twice. And from this, so to speak, build on.
          1. -1
            8 January 2024 13: 26
            The Zionist wants to conquer the world with someone else's hands. First impression from your comment. laughing
    2. -2
      3 January 2024 00: 33
      Have you already got yourself a helmet? Otherwise there is not enough for everyone.
    3. 0
      8 January 2024 12: 31
      Scharnhorst! We already agreed with the collapse of Ukraine when we recognized Donetsk and Lugansk. Everything we need is back. The SVO will continue until there are no more non-Russian Ukrainians who cannot live with Russian Ukrainians. But that's their problem. Yes
  32. +2
    2 January 2024 12: 49
    How can and should Russia respond?

    The destruction of Zelensky and Co. is how Russia should respond. This should have been done a long time ago!
    1. 0
      3 January 2024 00: 30
      Quote: Sergei N
      Destruction of Zelensky and Co.

      So, elections will be announced there and it will be even worse. There are no kings there and they very rarely last until the second term.
  33. 0
    2 January 2024 13: 23
    A lot of smart stuff has been written here, both in the article and in the comments. Soon it will be two years since the Northeast Military District war continues in Ukraine. Many questions arose. Why do other countries have legal documents establishing territorial claims, disputes, and actions, for example, the PRC regarding Taiwan, but the Russian Federation does not have them.
    The SVO in Ukraine was launched in accordance with Resolution of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation dated February 22.02.2022, 35 No. 51-SF “On the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation” and Art. 7 Part 51 of the UN Charter. Link to Art. 7 of Part 1991 of the UN Charter is not correct in this case, since Ukraine is part of the territory of Russia, captured and seized by the separatists in XNUMX.
    There are no documents from the Russian Federation that define the status of the SVO in Ukraine, where the definition of the SVO is given.
    There is no Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, no Law of the Russian Federation or other legal document on the basis of which the SVO is carried out in Ukraine.
    How can you win if? The enemy is not identified. No target specified. It is not indicated what the Russian Federation wants. No strategy. In tactics there are extremes, shying away. How will the SVO end? Just questions, no answers. It's time for everyone to understand that this is not a computer war, but a war with the military-political NATO bloc, which has the goal of destroying Russia as an independent state. To win, you need a political decision from the leadership of the Russian Federation.
    1. -2
      3 January 2024 00: 31
      Quote: vlad127490
      ...Ukraine is a part of Russian territory, captured and seized by separatists in 1991.

      Search around and you will find that the Russian Federation recognized Ukrainian territory in more than one document. There are also GDPs signed personally. Or are you just enriching yourself with knowledge from the zombie box?
      By the way, the Russian Federation is also separatists. Can you be annexed to Ukraine? I'm afraid they won't want to.
      1. -1
        3 January 2024 10: 41
        The boy is a master of his word. If he wants, he gives, if he wants, he takes away.
      2. +1
        3 January 2024 12: 53
        The unilateral appeal adopted on December 5, 1991 by the Supreme Council of Ukraine “To the Parliaments and Peoples of the World”, by which it announced that “Ukraine considers the 1922 Treaty on the Establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with respect to itself null and void” is void, since in 1936 a new The Constitution of the USSR, with the entry into force of which the Constitution of the USSR of 1924 ceased to operate, including the Treaty on the Formation of the USSR of 1922. The Treaty on the Formation of the USSR of 1922 did not exist as an independent legal document.
        The withdrawal of the Republic of Ukraine from the USSR was possible only with a positive decision received at the USSR Referendum and the implementation of the USSR Law of April 3, 1990 No. 1409-I “On the procedure for resolving issues related to the withdrawal of a union republic from the USSR”.
        The USSR Constitution of 1977 was adopted by all the peoples of the USSR, and only the entire people of the USSR could give permission for Ukraine to leave the USSR.
        The exit of Ukraine without a nationwide referendum in the USSR and the failure to comply with the law of April 3, 1990 No. 1409-I is a criminal offense that has no statute of limitations.
        The Treaty "On Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between the Russian Federation and Ukraine" dated May 31, 1997 ceased to be valid on April 1, 2019 due to its denunciation by Ukraine. The termination of this Treaty releases the Russian Federation from any obligation in relation to Ukraine.
        Something like this, if you have numbers of laws and documents, please provide them.
  34. The comment was deleted.
  35. -1
    3 January 2024 00: 04
    Why is there so much noise? War is always two-sided. It flies in both directions. In this exchange, the Russian Federation is more vulnerable, because There are not enough people for such a territory, let alone air defense. This little Israel can at least somehow hide behind itself. But the Russian Federation shouldn’t even dream.
    The energy system is scattered over vast expanses. Many power plants are located many hundreds of kilometers from consumers. It is more economically profitable to transmit by wire than to load the road with wagons of coal. This makes the entire system very vulnerable. cheap drones can tear it up in different places every day. And the Russian frosts will be stronger.
    Another vulnerability of the railway road. Ukraine has transferred almost all military supplies to vehicles. The Russian Federation is not even worth dreaming of when tanks from storage facilities travel thousands of kilometers to repair plants and logistics can be interrupted for a day anywhere. One and a half dozen explosions a day at some stops and supplies will be paralyzed.
    And there are a lot of such vulnerabilities.
    All this is restrained by the danger for the civilians, but if it escalates...
  36. -1
    3 January 2024 09: 45
    Quote: Hippo 31
    The subjects of the Ukrainian Reich (the overwhelming majority) have not only nothing sacred... but also elementary common sense...

    They didn’t start the SVO. And they got it. And on New Year’s Eve, a couple of houses in Kyiv were destroyed.
    Don't get hysterical. In war, as in war. It doesn't happen when one shoots and the other doesn't.

    Didn't they start the SVO?
    But they started the ATO and have been waging it against civilians in Donbass for 10 years now. And they also cut off the supply of water and electricity to Crimea. And they are also pursuing a policy of ethnocide against Russians.
    And so, yes, “innocent victims of the SVO”
    1. +1
      4 January 2024 14: 12
      Didn't they start the SVO?

      Our wishes are of little interest to them. Eat the eggs while they're being served. And at this time, a competition will be held in Ukraine for those who are lucky enough to participate in theirs.
  37. -3
    3 January 2024 11: 15
    They'll figure it out without you, the armchair warriors are cackling))) scripts are being written, issues are being resolved. When it is necessary, then they will finish it. The lords fight, and the slaves' forelocks crack.
  38. +2
    3 January 2024 15: 45
    There are victims in Kyiv too. Do you think that they will not dare to answer? But the Russian Federation is large, and the air defense is not rubber. Those. everything to a depth of a thousand kilometers could be under attack.

    It was necessary to leave at least a buffer security belt along the entire Ukrainian border - not only in Sumy, but also in Chernihiv and Kyiv regions.

    Judging by the epic battles for the forester's huts, there are clearly not enough troops for larger-scale actions.
    The small victorious war for the electorate clearly did not become victorious before the elections. And it brought nothing but losses.
    1. 0
      8 January 2024 19: 58
      Flying across the border of the Outskirts is unrealistic. Take any region, Bryansk, Kursk, Belgorod. We were able to do this in the summer, but now it’s unrealistic. You completely take your soldiers for fools.
      And for thousands of km. what kind of equipment will fly? Just don’t now go around in one place and tell us that copters will be launched from Russian territory. Even if they do, your previous statements will be far off topic.
  39. The comment was deleted.
  40. 0
    4 January 2024 21: 17
    What forces are going to open the *Second Front*? Or as usual: *There will be no second wave of mobilization! * , and then..... Bam! and mobilization. Well, something like this: *As long as I am President, there will be no increase in the retirement age! *, and then bam! ..... Well, then you know
  41. -1
    4 January 2024 21: 21
    Quote: IMHO
    They'll figure it out without you, the armchair warriors are cackling))) scripts are being written, issues are being resolved. When it is necessary, then they will finish it. The lords fight, and the slaves' forelocks crack.

    Correctly noted about slaves!