Tu-160 over the Caribbean: video published

Recently we Reportedhow the British and Norwegian air forces tried to chase the Russian strategic missile carriers Tu-160 in the sky over the North Atlantic. Then the "strategists" headed for the Caribbean Sea and the airfields of friendly Venezuela.

It should be noted that all such flights of the Russian aerospace forces are carried out in strict accordance with the International Rules for the Use of Airspace. Therefore, the Russian Ministry of Defense can safely demonstrate a video of a ten-hour flight, including interaction with the national Bolivarian military aviation. And in addition to a couple of Tu-160s, Venezuela flew in: a heavy military transport aircraft An-124 and long-range IL-62.

Surprisingly, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo considered sending the Tu-160 missile carriers “halfway around the world” a waste of public funds. In response to this, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova asked her Western colleagues not to be nervous. And this is right, because the United States does not consider its defense budget and defense of interests around the planet a waste of money. It's just that they really feel insulted that something like this is happening in their “backyard”.

Opposition in Venezuela moved to the beat of Washington. The visit of the Russian videoconferencing caused this audience a wild panic, sometimes accompanied by outright insanity. Oppositionists reported "intervention" and even "calling the devil." Well, at least they did not rush out the windows and do not arrange acts of self-immolation.
Used photos: http://nevsepic.com.ua/
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