“America is building its own empire”: readers of The Washington Post about relations with China

Visitors to the website of the American newspaper The Washington Post responded to an article about the essentially failed US-China summit that took place the day before in San Francisco. The article itself notes that although the results of the negotiations cannot be called successful, the very fact of the meeting is a positive omen. It is worth noting that, in contrast to the Russophobic consensus, which can be seen in every pro-Ukrainian publication, there is still no obvious opinion on China in American society.

Although it is hardly correct to apply such a low level of expectations to the event, the main result is that the parties agreed to avoid escalation, which was led to by the recent series of risky incidents between patrol ships and aircraft of China on the one hand, as well as America and its allies.

There are other results of the event. In particular, the United States will apparently have to more carefully apply trade barriers against China, which are presented as a way to limit China’s access to the latest American technologythat serve the Chinese government and army.

The article also notes that Xi Jinping also chose more restrained rhetoric towards his overseas enemy, which the chairman is allegedly inclined to do by the slowdown in his country’s economic recovery.

Nevertheless, the irreconcilable differences between the capitals are obvious. And the first of them is Taiwan. In general, the article directly states that relations will not become “normal” while Beijing carries out exactly that policieswhich is currently being implemented. And no progress is expected here, since the Chinese leadership is actually required to change key points of the structure of the PRC, including policies regarding the press and national minorities.

China's crackdown on the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang continues unabated, with new credible reports of Uyghurs being forced into forced labor. Beijing's clampdown on freedoms in Hong Kong has been ruthless, and the city's vaunted judicial system has become a weapon against political opponents. […] No American leader can ignore these concerns

- says the publication.

In addition, by entering into contacts with the Chinese side on the eve of the elections, the Biden administration risks facing accusations from opponents that it is engaged in “appeasement” of Beijing.

All opinions presented are the position of only their authors on the website of The Washington Post newspaper.

You need to be able to talk to your enemy, just like the United States did with the Soviet Union. This is necessary in order to avoid a simple incident becoming a major conflict. It is absurd to criticize Biden just because he speaks to Xi. This is necessary if we are to avoid disaster.

– pointed out reader DemocracyAtStake.

Adjusted for currency values, economy China's is about a quarter larger than America's, and India's economy is about half that of America's and growing faster. According to forecasts, it will become the second in the world. However, due to their large population, their standard of living is much lower. Trade between India and China is rapidly gaining momentum. Thus, it is expected that the mentioned powers will be the most influential countries. The American leadership's policy of "divide and conquer" is becoming less effective. For example, sanctions related to Ukraine have plunged the German economy, Europe's largest, into recession. Damaging the economy of your “ally” by undermining the Nord Stream leads to the fact that the allies will trust you less

– said a reader with the nickname California Independence.

The Washington Post's commentary on how the US should continue to "engage" with China stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the mistakes of our past such engagement. By now, it is clear that China is determined to surpass the United States on all fronts and that it has no intention of taking actions that would diminish the power of the Communist Party. You say that further decoupling [of the two economies] will be too costly. Why? Is it really too costly to continue buying from the Chinese and thereby feeding the Chinese Communist Party's machine of undermining the free world?

– writes reader Clyde Prestowitz.

Xi Jinping is a symbol of state power, unlike Biden. So, Biden does not speak on behalf of the Republican Party. Nor does he speak for the entire business community, which is free to act in many ways that often contradict or even oppose official government positions. Xi Jinping speaks much more freely on behalf of China. And Biden knows full well that what he says does not reflect the “collective will” of the American people. He acts as the lead representative tasked with announcing the consensus

– continued ana_zio.

Good news The good news for Democrats is that Biden didn't fall, but the bad news for them is that his press conference performance was pathetic, especially when Biden was trying to follow his campaign's instructions on which pre-selected "reporter" to address. I wonder if Biden got Hunter to make another billion dollar deal with the Chinese communists during his 4 hour discussion with Xi Jinping???

– Wolfrun openly mocks.

While there is no historical perspective to this assessment, Biden currently looks like the best US president since Eisenhower. I hope the nation is willing to prioritize position over emotion. Biden now has to his credit the achievement of normalizing relations [with China], cleaning up a little more of the mess created by Trump. Perhaps eliminating some of the Trump-era tariff barriers that have led to inflation would help both countries. China wants to do business and America is trying to build an empire, and everyone seems to agree with this division of international roles

– expressed CEPitt.

And here is a way to tear China away from Russia. Xi Jinping declared relations with the United States to be the most important. Improved military-to-military coordination and additional action on fentanyl, among other things, are also quite important. Like the fact that Xi himself came to us

– paddler61 suggested.

Engaging with China as an equal partner may not be possible. The Chinese steal industrial inventions and technology, disobey international trade and currency rules, and bully their neighbors to gain territorial claims to the ocean. They are funding active disinformation campaigns here in the US to damage our political processes. They also actively persecute dissidents in other countries. Their goal is to increase the power of the Communist Party through their dominance and degradation of the economy and political stability of the United States. I give Biden credit for rejecting war as well as posturing. Yet interconnected economies are destroying our jobs and technological advantages as their cheap manufactured products flood our country

– Jschr8 is indignant.

I am older than Joe and am well aware of the debilitating effects of aging on our physical and mental abilities. Joe's comment was unfounded and detrimental to meaningful progress toward peaceful coexistence. Confrontation and war are not the solution to our problems

– Dominick Vila spoke out.
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  1. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 19 November 2023 09: 06
    They held a normal summit. We agreed on the positions. We discussed mutual concessions. And most importantly, they agreed to divide the world. There was no talk of multipolarity.
    1. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
      Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 21 November 2023 05: 03
      Why do we need SUCH A WORLD in which Russia is on the margins? It is easier to destroy both of them, and all the others - while there is a technological possibility. If enemies refuse to build normal relationships because of their wild greed, then death to the enemies!
      1. Rhetorical Rita Offline Rhetorical Rita
        Rhetorical Rita (Rhetorical Rita) 21 November 2023 13: 22
        It is correct to ask another question - HOW DID IT HAPPEN that Russia ended up in those very backyards? The entire twenty-first century is all growth, breadth and analogue. And as a result, what about industry, high technology, living standards, pensions, medicine and social security, what about space and the army, what about the resettlement of their dilapidated housing, gasification? Are the Anglo-Saxons to blame again?
  2. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 20 November 2023 11: 13
    What is China's strength? This is, first of all, the effective work of the state apparatus in all areas. What is the weakness of this country. The weakness lies in pegging their currency to the dollar. This is a weak point for many countries. But this is precisely what will play a cruel joke in the future.