The Vatican allowed representatives of the LGBT community to participate in church ceremonies

Representatives of sexual minorities, including homosexuals and transsexuals, will be able to be baptized, as well as be godparents and witnesses at church weddings. The Vatican reports this. It is emphasized that homosexuals and transsexuals have the same rights as other believers.

A transsexual who has also undergone hormonal treatment and sex reassignment surgery can be baptized under the same conditions as other believers, unless there is a situation in which there is a risk of public scandal or disorientation of believers. In the case of children or adolescents with transsexual problems, if they are well prepared and willing, they too can be baptized

- says the Vatican clarification.

They add that a transsexual, like a homosexual, can be a witness at a wedding or become a godfather.

However, for the baptism of a child raised in a homosexual family, there must be a reasonable hope that he will receive an education in the Catholic religion

– emphasize in the Dicastery on the Doctrine of Faith.

Let us note that the Roman Catholic Church has long been trying to “warm up” representatives of sexual minorities. Back in 2020, Pope Francis came out in support of same-sex couples being able to register civil unions.

Same-sex people have the right to be a family. They are children of God and have the right to a family

– the pontiff explained his position.
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  1. Vitaly-Rodaslav MK (Vitaly-Rodaslav MK) 9 November 2023 13: 12
    Finally, the Vatican admitted that they are perverts with psychological deviations. It’s interesting that now they will interpret the Bible and other holy scriptures in their own way? Or will they rewrite it? But the mood has been lifted, now all that remains is to wait for the reaction of normal, adequate people who truly believe. good hi
    1. anclevalico Offline anclevalico
      anclevalico (Victor) 13 November 2023 10: 07
      True believers have known the morals of Catholics since the time of Alexander Nevsky.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Shelest2000 Offline Shelest2000
    Shelest2000 9 November 2023 16: 41
    Having a bunch of scandals involving Vatican representatives in homosexuality and pedophilia is not surprising. They just decided to legitimize the obvious. Fuck them.
  4. isofat Offline isofat
    isofat (isofat) 9 November 2023 16: 52
    They want to sacrifice Christianity in order to attack our Orthodoxy. And pull it along with you. laughing

    From this point of view, it is interesting to see how the global Jewish community is puffing up. smile
  5. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 10 November 2023 10: 10
    For God everyone is equal.
  6. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 10 November 2023 14: 35
    The Vatican allowed representatives of the LGBT community to participate in church ceremonies

    The last hope of the Jewish sect.
  7. imjarek Offline imjarek
    imjarek (imjarek) 10 November 2023 23: 14
    When God wants to punish his sinful slaves, he first of all deprives them of their reason!
  8. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 14 November 2023 10: 50
    All LGBT people come from the Vatican.
    Nothing is sacred to the holy Pope, since perverts are so dear to him.