US ambassador: Poland - anti-Russian bastion

Poland plays a key role in Donald Trump's American global strategy. So said the US ambassador to Warsaw, Georgette Mosbacher, during an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

Ms. Mosbacher considers Poland to be the foremost bastion serving as a defense against "Russian aggression." She is confident that Russia will continue to provoke, so Warsaw will become the guarantor of stability throughout Eastern Europe.

And since Poland is a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, this country, according to the American ambassador, serves as a guarantor of security not only for Eastern European countries, but also for the United States.

Georgette Mosbacher also emphasized the special importance of the Three Seaside project for the collective security of the region. The project brings together countries located on the Black, Baltic and Adriatic seas. According to the US ambassador, strengthening the power and defense capabilities of these countries helps to deal with external threats.

She also added that strengthening Eastern Europe helps strengthen the security of the United States of America. And Poland, which the United States considers the foundation and stability of the region, should play a crucial role in resolving this issue.
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