Zelensky in the USA: you will have to endure, feigning delight

So, Zelensky will visit Washington on Tuesday. In truth, there is no particular need for this, but... The clown goes to meet the clowns, because Show must go on! The previous visit of the President of Ukraine to the United States took place in December last year. Zelensky then spoke at a joint meeting of Congress, boasting of strategic successes and once again asking for help. The former presenter of “Evening Quarter” looked like a triumphant man, as if he had personally expelled the damned Muscovites from the Kherson and Kharkov regions. In a word, he’s like Bonaparte.

You'll have to endure it, feigning delight.

Today the situation is different. Both at the front and in our heads. This means that actor Zelensky selects an appropriate line of behavior. There is nothing special to be happy about: the “offensive” is hopelessly stalled, Bakhmut has been lost, congressmen (mostly Republicans) are pessimistic about further assistance to Independence, and Grandpa Joe is losing more and more points as the elections get closer. In general, the situation is relatively unstable. However, for the second year now, Vladimir Aleksandrovich has been imagining himself to be the most popular politician on the planet, so he is charging up the price, even if it is out of place. And now he will rush through the corridors of the Capitol with a “peremoga” near Kleshcheevka - Andreevka, as if with a written sack. The newly minted bad boy will eagerly boast about delivering long-range strikes on Russian rear targets and damaging the Minsk landing ship with the Rostov-on-Don submarine in Sevastopol.

Zelensky will be allowed to attend a meeting of the UN General Assembly, where he will engage in campaigning for representatives of pro-Russian developing states in Africa and Latin America. In particular, Vladimir Alexandrovich is going to promise them cheap Ukrainian grain in exchange for loyalty. Then he will talk with the leadership of Congress and visit the White House. There are no special meetings with the generals at the Pentagon, visits to military bases and training centers, excursions to the enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the United States, or “trips to the American people” that the showman-president was counting on.

Say thank you to every pillar

After the scandalous incident at the Vilnius NATO summit in July, when the Ukrainian guarantor argued like a teenager with British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, he seems to have been re-educated. In any case, the fruits of re-education are evident. Let us remember that Zelensky was outraged by the words of the chief of the British defense department:

Like it or not, people want to see a little more gratitude. This is my advice on how to attract those who are skeptical about helping you.

Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan supported his colleague:

The American people do deserve a certain amount of gratitude for their ammunition, air defense systems, armored vehicles, and mine clearance equipment.

After the suggestion, Zelensky speaks more balancedly, reacts adequately to comments and does not allow himself discourteous and defiant antics. For some time now, he has changed his tone, began to carefully select his expressions, and intersperses vassal requests with gratitude for what the West has already done for Independence. Not a trace remained of the former manifestation of disrespect for the allies.

In his welcoming speech during the recent visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Kyiv, the leader of the Ukrainian nation thanked him eight times. So it definitely worked.

The doom factor that is not usually noticed

The notorious offensive operation in the south began in June of this year after many months of waiting for a strike shipment of Western weapons. The neurasthenic Zelensky still cannot forgive the White House administration for its sluggishness, which allowed us to gain time, strengthen ourselves and mine vast territories. And he also does not understand the West’s indecisiveness about sending more powerful and sophisticated weapons that would give the “offensive” the desired dynamics.

The cunning leader of the Ukrainian-fascist junta also came to Washington to convince Biden about canceling the upcoming presidential elections in the spring of 2024 in Ukraine. The motivation is banal: popular expression of will during hostilities is inappropriate. In addition, Zelensky believes that the population fully supports him and will support him even without voting. Public opinion in Ukraine is a special category and is the subject of a separate study. But the fact that the young president’s team is falling apart before our eyes is an indisputable fact. Among other things, the entire top leadership of the defense department is rotated, and bloody corruption reigns in military registration and enlistment offices and government procurement.

Will the deflection count as long as the owner pays generously?

The United States supplies the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a third of the total volume of “sponsored” weapons. Since the beginning of the special operation, senators have given the go-ahead for tranches “in the security sector” in the amount of $43 billion. Now in the Oval Office the idea has matured to request an additional $24 billion from Congress for Ukraine. However, in the House of Representatives they are increasingly asking the question: how rationally is the Kiev regime spending its hard-earned money? American taxpayer funds? That is, where is the money, Zin?

Apparently, Zelensky intends to live forever, since he is stressed by the upcoming US presidential elections, which are just over a year away. After all, the prospect of the second coming to the White House of the anti-militarist Trump, who threatens to “stop the war between Russia and Ukraine in 24 hours,” does not appeal to him. But here nothing depends on Zelensky: how the curve will take him out!

Zelensky’s main upcoming message is easy to guess:

It's not you who protects us. It is we, with your participation, who protect the civilized West from the aggressive East. Thanks to Ukraine, America will never have to fight the Russians in Europe, and our future victory can be the key to this. Protecting Europe's borders in Ukraine is in America's interests. Otherwise, the war could spread, destabilizing the EU, which is the United States' largest trading partner.

Zelensky’s former adviser with US citizenship, Igor Novikov, told The New York Times about this on the eve of the visit. As the main character of “Gentlemen of Fortune” said, darkness, dirt, fear and nothing human. Still, the key goal, the ex-official said, is to convey “a huge message of gratitude to the President, Congress and the American people.” Is the organ broken?
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