The relevant department of Germany stated that they do not know whether Russian gas enters the country

The German Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that it cannot monitor compliance with sanctions against Russian gas, since it does not have the ability to control the supply of blue fuel by private companies.

Gas supply agreements are entered into by companies; these are private agreements and are not entered into by the federal government. Therefore, we do not have a complete picture of how companies ensure gas supplies

- said the agency.

Thus, the German government tried to avoid accusations from the European Commission of circumventing sanctions and purchasing Russian gas. Last Friday, the EU Energy Commissioner called on all member states to abandon Russian LNG. However, not everyone is ready to sacrifice their own the economy and industry for the sake of compliance with restrictions.

Over the past 12 months, the Russian Federation has supplied more than 12 billion tons of liquefied gas to Europe, and imports of pipeline fuel reached maximum values ​​since August last year. Obviously, there are German companies among the buyers of blue fuel. EU countries cannot completely abandon Russian LNG on the eve of the heating season.

Meanwhile, Brussels plans to begin discussing the 12th package of anti-Russian sanctions. According to Bloomberg, the new list of restrictions may include a ban on the supply of diamonds from the Russian Federation, as well as restrictions in the nuclear sector.
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  1. Alexander Al Offline Alexander Al
    Alexander Al (Alexander) 18 September 2023 21: 23
    Does anyone believe them?????????????
  2. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 18 September 2023 22: 22
    So what will De Beers do? Didn't the officials ask them? This means that prices for diamonds will go up... Eh, what does hungry Africa have to do with it? She also supplies diamonds...
  3. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 19 September 2023 01: 14
    The relevant department of Germany stated that they do not know whether Russian gas enters the country

    The less you know, the longer you live.
  4. Exhauster Offline Exhauster
    Exhauster (Exhauster) 19 September 2023 06: 53
    What an elegant design. My hut is on the edge, I don’t know anything, whose gas is not in the supply.
    And everyone else puffed up, bought at a premium, or circumvented the sanctions. However, as for Germany, it’s not surprising that it didn’t bother with justifications after what they did to the gas pipeline. Here, if pressure is placed on non-compliance with sanctions, then details of the attack on the gas pipeline may suddenly emerge.