Pais: after the failure of the counteroffensive, the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to speak respectfully about Russian fighters

The Ukrainian military began to speak respectfully of Russian fighters against the backdrop of their unsuccessful counteroffensive, the Spanish newspaper Pais reports. The publication interviewed a Ukrainian soldier, who identified himself as Vladimir, and his colleagues, noting that “he speaks respectfully about his enemy, like other soldiers interviewed for the report.”

Over the past few months, there have been changes in the Ukrainian military’s perception of the enemy. Until recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine pointed out that Russian soldiers are poorly trained, the publication notes.

We see that they are better trained, they are more experienced. And the worst thing is, they have better weapons

— Vladimir Pais quotes.

At the same time, the Ukrainian military called the first phase of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive catastrophic, recalling that it was marked by “meat assaults” and huge losses of armored vehicles, including those supplied to Kyiv by the allies.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced a change in the target of the counteroffensive. In an interview with CBS, he said that she is now is not in returning territories, but in “simply advancing.” The Ukrainian president said that the confrontation on the front line had turned into an artillery duel. According to policy, 40 thousand shells are fired daily from each side.
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  3. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 18 September 2023 21: 54
    So the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and captivity loomed ahead, so we need to prepare. Remembering the Second World War, since 1945 the Germans behaved quite correctly in front of the captured Red Army soldiers, because they knew that they themselves would soon find themselves in captivity.
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  5. Ostap Ibrahimovic (Ostap-Suleiman-Berta-Maria-Bender Bey) 19 September 2023 01: 02
    I don’t know where these fairy tales about a certain “beginning of respect” for Russian fighters come from. I will debunk another myth here on the site. From the field of regular wishlists or fairy tales. As they were called orcs, they continue to do so, and this is the “kindest” name of the RF Armed Forces .And there’s another bad word, but they’ll ban me. They usually call people of non-traditional orientation in a very rude form. The only thing is that the mood has become a bit sarcastic, like “we’ve got them now with one left” and they’ve really begun to think that the RF Armed Forces have learned a little it’s time to take this into account, and without aviation in the required quantities, it’s difficult to attack even against the extremely weak Russian army.
    The only one who is really respected and still very much feared is Wagner! Yes, yes! They are still considered very dangerous and those who really know how to fight. They think that even 5-7 thousand Wagner in Belarus is very scary, and the Poles are still generally hysterical.
    1. Wind_59 Offline Wind_59
      Wind_59 (ALEXANDER) 19 September 2023 05: 57
      You said everything correctly, I applaud. And the article is the author’s fantasy, just as they killed civilians and prisoners of war, they still kill them. Bandera’s beasts, which need to be exterminated to the roots. We will continue to reap the fruits of the unforesighted work of our thieving politicians for a long time to come.
      1. Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 19 September 2023 06: 39
        The Reds, Romanovs and Ruriks could destroy all the aggressive fauna of the ruins. but is Putin to blame? laughing
    2. Ksv Offline Ksv
      Ksv (Sergei) 19 September 2023 14: 12
      Everything is true, but I think what the author wanted to say is that Bandera’s eyes are beginning to open their eyes to the real state of things and they are beginning to think about their own lives. They were under the influence of their propaganda for a long time, and now they understand that it does not agree with reality.
      P.S. just as they hated us, they still hate us, maybe they’ve just started to be afraid now
    3. guest Offline guest
      guest 19 September 2023 14: 40
      Quote: Ostap Ibrahimovic
      They usually refer to gay people in a very rude manner.

      Well, actually, these are quite official on the other hand.