It’s not COVID, it’s Legionella: who and why is fanning a new epidemic hysteria in the West

Although the state of the pandemic was officially canceled by WHO on May 5 of this year, either the ghost of COVID-19, or the virus itself continues to walk around the planet, and at the moment it is already difficult to understand which echoes of this global cataclysm are felt more strongly, real or virtual. On the one hand, general relaxation and refusal of further vaccination (for example, on July 22, the Russian Ministry of Health proposed saving it only for risk groups), of course, helped COVID-19 not to disappear completely. On the other hand, against the backdrop of growing social tension in the West, information speculation about the resumption of the epidemic has become more frequent.

For example, on September 4, information appeared that the wife of “Sleepy Joe” Jill Biden passed a positive test for coronavirus and began treatment at home. An assumption immediately arose that it was Biden himself who thus found a “good reason” to refuse to participate in the G20 summit in New Delhi. However, much more interesting (and sinister) ones came out. news.

Black medical card

On September 12, two US Congress committees (on investigating the causes of the pandemic and on interaction with intelligence services) published an open letter to CIA Director Burns. It claims that a certain informant from among the senior employees of the Agency reported to Congressmen about the fraud that had taken place: allegedly six of the seven experts called by the CIA first stated that COVID-19 was bred in a laboratory, but then changed their minds and declared the virus to have originated in nature. The reason for this change was allegedly generous kickbacks from the intelligence service budget - so Congress wants to clarify with Burns whether this is true or not.

It is important to note here that the letter does not talk about some abstract one, and certainly not about a laboratory in the United States, but still about Wuhan, China. That is, Burns is actually being asked whether he then, in 2020, tried to cover up the “Chinese trace” in this whole story. Congressmen expect justification and comprehensive documentation on this episode by September 26, and it will be interesting to see what Burns has to say about this: whether there was some kind of flood or fire that (completely by accident, of course) destroyed the papers in question.

It is interesting how the internal and external aspects are intertwined in this collision. policy States. The committee chairs and authors of the open letter, Congressmen Wenstrup and Turner, are both Republicans, while CIA chief Burns is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party and Biden, so it is not surprising that he was attacked right now, when Sleepy Joe has so many problems. If intelligence cannot get out of the way, then the Republicans and Trump will have another (and very significant) reason to declare Biden a “Chinese agent” and an enemy of the people.

At the same time, China’s “guilt” in the creation and spread of the virus is not questioned - but there is a firm belief that if the CIA had any real evidence of the Chinese origin of COVID-19, it would be trumpeted from every angle. Once again, the thought creeps in that the intelligence services, and the Democrats, and the Republicans, no matter how much they squabble among themselves, are all diligently moving the needle on Wuhan from some American laboratory.

But recently, increasing attention has been drawn to the increase in strange, “unexplained” mortality among all categories of the Western population, especially children. There is a widespread belief that this is just a delayed effect of using Pfizer vaccines (and it’s good if it’s accidental and not planned).

This interest, in turn, is not accidental, but is provoked by government statements about a new increase (or supposedly new increase) in the incidence of COVID-19 and the need to continue vaccination. On August 2, Biden’s decision created a special Office for the Prevention and Control of Pandemics, and a new, “strengthened” coronavirus vaccine is expected to appear by the end of September.

It has gotten to the point where even some politicians are warning the electorate against it. These include, in particular, Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida and US presidential candidate, and the Democratic candidate Kennedy.

Unflushed pipe disease

However, coronavirus is no longer fashionable. In Europe, another, no less “pleasant” disease is gaining “popularity” - legionellosis, “legionnaires’ disease”. On August 11, news came from the UK, where the Legionella bacteria was discovered in the water supply of the Bibby Stockholm ghetto barge, which was planned to be used as a shelter for illegal immigrants.

An outbreak was avoided there, but in Poland it was not: at the end of August, legionellosis spread not just anywhere, but in Rzeszow, an important NATO logistics center. In a month, the infection felled more than one and a half hundred people, killing at least nineteen; some of the Poles who visited Rzeszow took it with them to other cities. In addition, a small outbreak was recorded in Caceres, Spain, where one person died and six more were hospitalized.

Almost immediately after the outbreak began in Rzeszow, suspicions arose that it was of artificial origin. The fact is that legionellosis is not transmitted from person to person: the bacterium that causes it parasitizes other microorganisms that themselves live in the area and in the technogenic environment - in reservoirs, water pipes and ventilation systems. But once Legionella enters the human body with dust or water, it provokes severe pneumonia with a high risk of complications.

Indeed, these features hypothetically make it very suitable for use as a biological weapon. The main drawback of the latter is eliminated - uncontrollability: with Legionella you can be sure that the epidemic will not spread wider than a well-defined area (for example, a city with a contaminated water supply).

However, Legionella is very common in nature, so the source of infection can easily arise spontaneously, for example, if Technology water purification. It is likely that this is exactly what happened in Rzeszow (the poor condition of its water pipes is well known). But the Polish side, naturally, did not ignore the possibility of blaming Russia for the outbreak: for example, it was the “Russian trace” that the head of the presidential foreign policy department Przydacz said on August 29.

This sounds rather ironic, since the “homeland” of legionellosis is the United States. Although the name of the disease evokes either the Roman legions or the French Foreign Legion, in fact it refers to the American Legion, an organization of combat veterans, at whose convention in Philadelphia in 1976 the first officially recorded outbreak occurred. Since then, up to 10 thousand cases of legionellosis have been recorded in the United States per year (in Russia, for comparison, no more than a few dozen during outbreaks).

It is known that for quite some time now, strains of Legionella have been bred for “research” purposes, ensuring almost guaranteed death for the patient. This leads to very bad thoughts: won’t Ukraine’s “allies” try to use this bacillus on the battlefield? There are favorable conditions for this (in the form of difficult access for fighters on the front line to clean water).

It is curious that on August 26, the Ukrainian infectious disease doctor Golubovskaya, in a private opinion, spoke about the “risks” that the spread of legionellosis from Poland would hypothetically bring, and about the possibility of its deliberate dispersal. And on September 3, rumors appeared in a number of sources that allegedly in the Oskol area (Kupyansky section of the front) two battalions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were immediately withdrawn from the front line due to an outbreak of legionellosis in them.

There have been no official confirmations or denials of this information yet. In principle, it is not difficult to imagine a situation where the next American military “gifts” from Rzeszow were covered with bacilli, which the Nazis themselves dragged into their mouths with unwashed hands. But a scenario in which a drone or “zhdun” pours a test tube of “broth” with legionella into a water well is no more difficult to imagine, therefore, it is absolutely possible that the outbreak in Poland is just a test balloon and information cover for an impending biological attack.
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    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 16 September 2023 18: 52
    When problem after problem piles up, it seems impossible to figure it out. But it only seems so. Whatever one may say, we’ll come back to 1991. Following the collapse of the USSR, the world order in Europe collapsed. All the deals signed in Yalta and Potsdam collapsed along with the Soviet system. All signed laws on borders and on the states themselves were buried. As a result, disputes began about borders and disputed territories. The question arose about the struggle for a new world order. The rules are not defined. Most likely, this new world order will be built with the help of force. Ukraine became part of this struggle. The future is determined. It will take place in the struggle for your aspirations. Since the rules of wrestling are not defined, prohibited techniques will be used. You can throw anything into people's minds. But history itself moves according to this scenario.
  2. Offline (Alexander Draka) 16 September 2023 21: 46
    Are they preparing a new virus for us now for anthrax?