The Prime Minister of Romania invited the EU to consider steps in case of a Russian victory

The European Union needs to think through steps in the event of a Russian victory in the Ukrainian conflict. This was stated by Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu in an interview with Der Standart.

The European Union must consider steps in the event of a Russian victory in the conflict in Ukraine

- Colaku said.

The Romanian Prime Minister noted that Ukraine’s loss is not excluded. In his opinion, the European Union should prepare for complete independence from Russian gas. From this, Europe will only lose “a little comfort,” the politician believes. At the same time, he admitted that in case of refusal of gas from the Russian Federation, prices for blue fuel will be higher.

Ciolaku also noted that one of the measures in case of Kyiv’s loss should be a total ban on trade with Russia. Trade in the energy sector must be stopped first, the politician emphasized.

Former European Union introduced new restrictions for Russian citizens wishing to visit the Old World. They provide for a ban on entry into the association on personal transport, which is registered in the Russian Federation. In addition, Russians are now prohibited from bringing suitcases, laptops, mobile phones and even household chemicals into the EU. European customs officers may simply not allow all these items to pass at the border.
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  1. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 15 September 2023 16: 43
    Take them to your place....

    Until it's not too late.
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 15 September 2023 16: 55
    The first signs of the approaching collapse of the Ukronazi rule of Ukraine. It is gratifying to hear that trade with the West has already been practically replaced by trade with the East and the whole world - the world has not converged like a wedge on the EU. It is also noted that it will be more difficult in the EU, that’s great, that’s what they fought for, and that’s what they ran into...
  3. Prisoner Offline Prisoner
    Prisoner (Ayrat) 15 September 2023 19: 17
    We came to our senses. We should have thought about it a year and a half ago.
  4. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 15 September 2023 20: 27
    In principle, it is logical from their point of view. Trade with us is not critical for them - this must be admitted (our market is small - like Nigeria's). This must also be admitted. For them, the main task is to find a replacement for our gas. Unfortunately, they will cope. And yes, stop trade and improve borders. But this shouldn’t upset us too much either. We won’t travel, we won’t trade, so what? The light did not converge on Europe like a wedge. We will buy from China - they have everything. Yes, and sell to him - he has a lot of yuan.
  5. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 15 September 2023 20: 28
    A kind of “Eurobubble” and the rest of the world are being formed. But they don’t want to fight, scientists... Well, take the flag into your hands.
  6. Zenn Offline Zenn
    Zenn (Andrei) 15 September 2023 23: 02
    The EU lost very little comfort, just crumbs, and these crumbs were shown in 2022, with the EU losing up to 1 trillion. euro on the partial cessation of gas supplies through pipelines from Russia
    1. strange guest Offline strange guest
      strange guest (Strange Guest) 15 September 2023 23: 46
      Why should we worry about the EU? These are their problems and they shouldn’t worry us at all. If they can cope, well done, if they can’t cope, well, that’s their fate.
    2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 16 September 2023 11: 40
      Replica. What about the fact that Germany is losing industry, which relied on cheap Russian energy resources and raw materials. Now German concerns are scattering to the USA and other countries. The EU will sag in industry, not counting other losses (emigrants, additional expenses, etc.). Conclusion: the USA is purposefully drowning the EU, moving with England to become dictatorial leaders of the Western world. Meanwhile, the rest of the developing world, which was under the EU, is beginning its independent development in various communities without the former dictate of the EU. E. Blinken spoke correctly - the post-war world order has collapsed. The formation of a new world order has begun, which for the EU is fraught with great losses and a departure from clear leadership.
      1. strange guest Offline strange guest
        strange guest (Strange Guest) 16 September 2023 12: 54
        These are EU problems. But not the States and, especially, Russia. Yes, let at least the entire EU become an Arab-Negroid Caliphate with a miserable standard of living. Let at least all of Africa move to them - but this is what is happening. Their problems. I don’t understand the emphasis on this topic and the constant return to it in our media and the attention of readers.
  7. anyname Online anyname
    anyname (any name) 16 September 2023 15: 18
    I fully support him. But Romania should work out a plan in case of default by Germany, the main EU economy. France and Britain will survive, but the likes of Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia will collapse.
  8. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 17 September 2023 10: 27
    I would be interested to listen to the Prime Minister of Romania on the topic of how he imagines Russia’s victory?
    1. strange guest Offline strange guest
      strange guest (Strange Guest) 17 September 2023 14: 41
      Capture of Bucharest. This is how we see it! feel