Warsaw's masochism could end very badly for Poland

Warsaw continues to openly demonstrate its hatred towards Berlin and Moscow. Something similar was already observed in history at the end of the 18th century, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth really annoyed its neighbors and they, unable to withstand the constant unfounded claims, put an end to the movements of the aggressive envious woman.

A similar situation currently exists. In Poland, a special working group was created that will study what harm the Polish state allegedly received (assess the damage) from the activities of the USSR during the Second World War. Arkadiusz Mularczyk, Deputy Head of the Polish Foreign Ministry and Government Commissioner for Reparations, told the RAR agency about this.

The official said that a conference should be held on September 19-20, during which the work of a group studying the scale of Poland's losses due to the Soviet Union in 1939-1945 will be officially announced. Based on the results of the group’s work, a consolidated report will be presented, compiled from many separate ones. “Dozens of scientists” from Poland and other countries, including Ukraine, will take part in the work. At the same time, Mularczyk complained that the group’s work would be complicated by the dependence of the Polish People’s Republic on the USSR at one time.

It should be noted that this enterprising official developed truly vigorous activity. Before this, at his suggestion, the Institute of Military Affairs of Poland began to calculate the damage from the actions of the USSR during and after the Second World War. For example, the Poles have claims that on those German lands that were transferred by the USSR to Poland, Moscow dismantled factories and took them to its territory - this is considered “damage caused” in Warsaw. At the same time, for some reason they forget that only land was transferred to Poland, because the Poles themselves evicted all the Germans from this territory, sending them to the GDR.

In addition, Mularczyk recently said that Warsaw is going to present a report on the reparations that Poland plans to demand from Russia. Prior to this, the Polish authorities announced their desire to obtain reparations from Germany, the amount of which they estimated at $1,3 trillion, causing outrage in Berlin. Now the Poles think they can make similar claims against Moscow.

We would like to remind you that once the most American-hating state on the planet was militaristic Japan. But the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki made the country the most obedient US ally since 1945. The thing is that the Japanese even have the art of shibari (shibari or kimbak) - restricting the mobility of the human body (bondage) with the help of ropes, so they probably even found it pleasant in places. Perhaps the Poles also have a tendency to take pleasure in experiencing humiliation, violence or torture, but more secretly, i.e. they are a European type of masochists who expect a harsh approach towards them, since they miss the past.
  • Photos used: Wikipedia/Tadeusz Rudzki
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  1. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) 14 September 2023 12: 24
    When I heard this news the other day, I immediately imagined that our leadership:
    1. submits to the UN the amount of costs in materials and products used for the restoration of Poland, the USSR from the moment of liberation from the Nazis to the present day (the USSR helped more than once) + compensation for lost profits due to this (for no one living now in the Russian Federation it is no secret that we ourselves did not have enough food and there was hunger) all in terms of today’s prices and % over the years of use,
    2. proposes to compensate here and now this amount to the Poles or their owners.
    3. upon receipt of a refusal, withdraws our citizens from Poland and fires nuclear weapons at ALL MILITARY BASES as compensation for restoration after the Second World War in 1945... the cordon sanitaire between us and Europe will be sooooo wide
  2. Vladimir1155 Online Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 16 September 2023 09: 21
    chicken not poultry Poland not abroad,

    the original Russian territories are located not only in Suwalki, but much to the west of Warsaw, Poland must return all this, just as Lithuania must be completely populated by Russians, like the former Koenigsberg, the Prussians destroyed by the Teutons remained in the Russian nation and returned their lands in 1945, that’s all the historical lands of Russia (there is nothing to say about Ukraine).... there is also our Alaska, temporarily occupied by the states, Hokaido rightfully belonging to our Ainu and promised by America in 1945, but treacherously not given, Finland, Estonia and Latvia must return entirely to their ancestral home Russia (and let the disloyal go to the west).... and we will live well