Shoigu: Russia has no other options but to win in Ukraine

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Rossiya 1 that Moscow has no other options but to win in Ukraine. This is how he answered the question whether Russia will win during the Northeast Military District.

We have no other options

Said the minister.

Shoigu also said that the Russian Armed Forces in the zone of the special military operation are holding an active defense, fulfilling their main task now - to knock out machinery and personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In mid-August, Sergei Shoigu addressed the participants of the Moscow Conference on International Security. In his speech, the head of the defense department noted that Ukraine’s military resource is almost exhausted. According to him, the North Military District put an end to Western dominance in the military sphere, and its ability to impose its interests in the world was significantly reduced.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the beginning of the so-called counter-offensive exceeded 66 thousand people. They also lost 7600 weapons, he said. Shoigu emphasized that in August 2023 alone, the Russian army hit 34 command posts of the operational-tactical control level of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with high-precision missile strikes.
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  1. strange guest Online strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 13 September 2023 14: 22
    Lvov and Uzhgorod should soon raise the tricolor. And in the photograph our Minister is inspiring. It’s immediately obvious - an eagle!
    1. Lisa Kerner Offline Lisa Kerner
      Lisa Kerner 14 September 2023 12: 17
      "Eagle", which is silent about Bandera's missiles and drones against Sevastopol and Evpatoria???
  2. Rhetorical Rita Offline Rhetorical Rita
    Rhetorical Rita (Rhetorical Rita) 13 September 2023 14: 54
    The North Military District puts an end to Western dominance in the military sphere

    Can you give more details?
  3. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 13 September 2023 15: 15
    Put on the shoulder straps of an army general - fight! But there should be victory in any case!
    1. strange guest Online strange guest
      strange guest (Strange Guest) 13 September 2023 16: 03
      After the Victory there will be no shame in appropriating a marshal.
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 14 September 2023 00: 34
        With such conduct of the SVO, he needs to remove his shoulder straps and send him where Makar did not graze geese. If you admit that you need to win, then you need to act accordingly for a quick victory. Knocking out equipment and personnel can only be done in this way by a subject completely removed from military science, because the losses will be significant. That is why we have a Strange Military Operation.
  4. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
    Vlad55 13 September 2023 16: 24
    I would like to clarify what he meant by victory. This is the biggest intrigue today, everyone can consider anything a victory, Shoigu, for example, will roll out a list of destroyed equipment and say this is a victory, we have significantly demilitarized the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO. Putin will freeze the conflict, negotiate a ceasefire and say we defended Donbass, created a land corridor to Crimea, this is a victory. The Kremlin does not say clear goals and what is expected at the end of the war, because victory can and should happen at any moment, preferably yesterday))
  5. golden knowledge (Gold) 13 September 2023 16: 58
    For victory (the liberation of all of Ukraine) it is probably necessary to mobilize another 2-3 million people in order to finish off the vermin of fascism in its lair
  6. Evgeny12 Offline Evgeny12
    Evgeny12 (Evgeny12) 13 September 2023 17: 10
    The question is posed directly, the answer is evasive. From his answer one can assume, they say, “whether we like it or not, we have no other options.” It is not serious for the Minister of War to give vague answers.
  7. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
    syndicalist (Dimon) 13 September 2023 19: 25
    Shoigu definitely has no options anymore
  8. Andrew13 Offline Andrew13
    Andrew13 (Andrei) 13 September 2023 21: 11
    Finally it dawned on him.
    How much trouble they have caused with their de-escalations and negotiations.
  9. TsarBomba Offline TsarBomba
    TsarBomba (Tsar bomb) 13 September 2023 22: 58
    d'une manière évidente l'Ukraine n'est qu'une tête de pont, c'est le pays qui va au casse pipe pour une cinquantaine de pays. En chef de guerre, faire la guerre qu'a l'Ukraine est très dangereux. Il existe une solution simple: faire un exemple. J'avais proposé de faire disparaitre l'île Zmeïny à titre d'exemple, mais cette île à une histoire et c'est à conserver. De plus l'exemple n'aurait peut-être pas été suffissant. Bref, c'est quand même pas difficile de faire réellement peur aux adversaires que représente cet occident collectif? Ils ont très peur de l'escalade et il me semble que c'est exactement ce qu'il faut provoquer pour stopper cette guerre! Ultimatum sur les villes de Kiev et Lviv, au premier janvier elles n'existeront plus, elles seront effacées par un principe de physique non encore utilisé ni dans une arme ni ailleurs...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  10. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 14 September 2023 00: 35
    On June 20, head Shoigu said that in the event of an attack on the peninsula, the Russian Federation would strike Ukrainian decision-making centers. Yesterday Sevastopol was attacked and two ships were destroyed. If Shoigu does not keep his word, then it will no longer be drones and copters flying through Russian factories and cities, but Storm Shadow and SCALP. Well, ATACMS in the future.
    1. Lisa Kerner Offline Lisa Kerner
      Lisa Kerner 14 September 2023 12: 22
      In the Ministry of Defense and in the government there are many, oh so many, colorblind people and people with Alzheimer's.... everyone talks and talks... while at the front guys are dying, and not only at the front itself!
      1. Rhetorical Rita Offline Rhetorical Rita
        Rhetorical Rita (Rhetorical Rita) 14 September 2023 12: 44
        Why did you decide that he is also colorblind?