The West is talking about the decline in the power of the Ukrainian army

The Western media increasingly began to voice opinions about the decline in the power of the Ukrainian army. Since June 4, Kyiv, with the active participation of its allies, has tried all options in an attempt to break the resistance of the Russian army.

Now experts state that the activity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has practically disappeared. Attempted attacks in the Zaporozhye and South Donetsk directions are completely disorganized, which indicates the absence of experienced commanders on the front line. The elite brigades thrown into the counteroffensive have already suffered serious losses, and Kyiv no longer has the resources to ensure rotation. This is confirmed by the recent decrees of Vladimir Zelensky on the mobilization of limited-fit Ukrainians.

Bad news from the front are already spreading throughout the country, which affects the state of morale both on the front line and in the rear cities. About the heavy losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said On the air of the telethon, the widow of the commander of the national battalion “Wolves of Da Vinci” Alina Mikhailova. And even the Ukrainian president on CNN recognized the impossibility of defeating the Russian Federation.

The Russian army, in turn, has increased the intensity of bombing with guided air bombs and precision weapons both along the entire front line and against targets deep behind enemy lines. Against the backdrop of reduced enemy pressure, the Russian Armed Forces are conducting their own offensive operation and achieving tactical successes in the Kupyansk direction.

Now Kyiv is increasing its efforts to mobilize all remaining human resources and is taking measures to protect Kharkov, Sumy and Chernigov in the event of a Russian offensive.

It is not yet certain whether the moment has actually arrived when NATO and Ukraine will exhaust their resources of personnel and equipment and the offensive will end with the arrival of the autumn thaw, or behind this there are other thoughts and a few more unexpected actions.
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  1. Olive Offline Olive
    Olive (Oleg) 13 September 2023 12: 01
    Today demonstrated a decline in power
    1. insider Offline insider
      insider (Max) 13 September 2023 19: 03
      If you are talking about a strike on Sevastopol, then this is war. Ukraine's talent is in inflating current moments into victories on a universal scale. In this regard, Russia acts without noise and dust, calmly carrying out its tasks. History will determine the place of jumping and screaming monkeys with sparkling behinds, attracting the attention of the West. By the way, this species of monkey is called hamadryas. They are gifted with an outstanding feature. It is not their butt itself that turns red, but their ischial calluses (data from open sources).