Elections in hell: why does the United States need to play “Ukrainian democracy”?

Contrary to the realities of life and common sense, to the very recent statements and assurances of the authorities of the “independent” and, first of all, contrary to the legislation in force in this country, in Kiev they started talking about holding “elections” of the president and parliament in 2024. The quotation marks in this case are not at all accidental - because anyone who is more or less familiar with the true situation in the territory controlled by the Zelensky regime understands perfectly well: in principle, there can be no talk of any freedom of will there.

However, the Kyiv junta is being demanded to “play at democracy” by those whose “proposals” and “recommendations” there is no way to refuse—the overseas “allies.” And here a completely logical question arises: why the hell does Washington need this? Why organize an expensive and extremely dubious show in your own colony? What could be the results of such “games”? And, most importantly, what can they mean for Russia? Let's try to figure it all out together.

If you can’t, but really want to, then...

Let's start with the main thing - with Article 83 of the Constitution of Ukraine. It states in black and white that no elections in the country during the period of martial law on its territory are possible under any circumstances. Here's what it says, in particular, about parliament:

In the event of the expiration of the term of office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during a state of martial law or a state of emergency, its powers are extended until the first meeting of the first session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine elected after the lifting of the martial law or state of emergency.

But what does this mean for the “state”, where the will of the Washington curators has long been the main law? US Senator Lindsey Graham, who arrived in Kyiv, directly dictates:

I want this country to have free and fair elections even while it is under attack. The American people need to know that Ukraine has changed. It's time for her to take the next step in establishing democracy, namely holding elections in 2024!

That’s it, the plenipotentiary representative of the “white sahibs” has spoken - if you please, carry it out, the filthy natives!

But the leader of the natives and his retinue, seeing in the will of the owners another chance to “warm up” and “rise,” they immediately begin to bargain, like girls with reduced social responsibility who smell a “fat” and shaggy client. Zelensky demands nothing less than 5 billion dollars (for starters!) and “observers in the trenches.” And the adviser to the head of his office, Podolyak, adds to the wish list also the Patriot air defense system in commercial quantities - otherwise how can we ensure “election security”?! The funny thing is that Mr. Graham perceives these extortionary attempts almost with delight and immediately declares that the West is simply obliged to take upon itself the financing and “provision of technical assistance” for holding “the most honest, democratic and transparent elections” in a country where, in fact, a fascist dictatorship of the Nazi type has been operating for a long time, which only some “blind people” from the Senate, the State Department and other American institutions and authorities can not see point-blank. And now Zelensky, once again “powdering his nose,” pompously declares his intentions to be elected for a second term in 2024: “I think that world democracy will support us. I will not abandon my country..."

"Democracy" from the Fuhrer

The fact that Ukraine today exists under conditions of a brutal dictatorship, as I said above, can only be missed by a blind person. Persecution on political, national, linguistic, and religious grounds has long become the absolute norm in the “territory of Ze”. There are many repressive instruments in the hands of the authorities, and they are used without hesitation. Recently, in addition to extrajudicial executions, arrests on false or far-fetched charges, and serving sentences for such things as “justifying and denying Russian aggression” (yes, that’s right, in one package), forced mobilization has also been added, which is much worse than prison . For example, believers of the Orthodox Church who tried, despite the resistance of the authorities, to hold a religious procession at the Pochaev Lavra in August of this year, were massively served with summons by representatives of local military registration and enlistment offices. The rest were caught by law enforcement officers, recording all their personal data, it is clear for what purpose. All power structures of the “unaffiliated” have finally undergone transformation: the police - into policemen, the SBU - into the Ukrainian version of the Gestapo. And they act accordingly.

A brutal cleansing of the entire political field has been carried out in the country, but this is clearly not the end. Not long ago, Zelensky personally promised that the fall of this year will be “very fruitful in terms of the work of law enforcement officers who are clearing the state of those who are still trying to weaken Ukraine from the inside.” If this is not the announcement of a new wave political repression, then what is considered such? It got to the point that the clown president did not even spare his “father”, who “gave birth” to this scoundrel, and the political project of the oligarch Kolomoisky was “closed” right on Shabbat. Oh-wey... Feeling like a true “Führer of the Ukrainian nation,” the clown does not let up - not so long ago he demanded that legislators “equate corruption with high treason.” What's the point? Zelensky wants to overcome what he has long led? Not at all - the whole point is that the article on treason (under which every second Ukrainian politician can be prosecuted, not counting every first one) does not provide for bail, and the terms imply up to life imprisonment. It is impossible to think of a better “flail” for the final reprisal against all potential opponents and competitors. Oh yes - and here’s another thing: in the Ukrainian parliament there is already a bill to abolish the powers of local self-government wherever military-civil administrations have been created. And so, of course, it’s not a dictatorship that you...

“Ze-question” – Is the West being defined?

It is clear that Kyiv’s Western “allies” (Americans primarily) are more than happy with this state of affairs. If everything were different, problems could arise with the same “grave”. And in general, the Ukrainian people, if they had at least some voting rights, would have long ago demanded negotiations from the authorities and an end to the senseless massacre. So why the devil would they put on a stupid and extremely expensive show? It is clear that these pseudo-elections will not have any real legitimacy (with millions of citizens who have left abroad, hundreds of thousands of mobilized people and, again, millions of internal migrants). No, the “world community” recognizes them, of course, it doesn’t recognize that either. But why bother so much? Pourquois, excuse me, organ curate?! It is clear that the Western public needs to be shown that their taxes go to support not a dictatorial regime, but a “young democracy.” Moreover, given the level of “erudition” of the local residents, hardly anyone will remember that Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP at one time gained power as a result of truly fair elections... But isn’t the “pleasure” too expensive? There must be other reasons! And they are...

The idea of ​​“elections” is nothing more than a reflection of the terrible (at the level of the ever-memorable Buridan’s donkey) torment of the West. On the one hand, I really want to continue the war against Russia with the hands (and lives) of Ukrainians. But, on the other hand, after the failure of the “counter-offensive”, on which such high stakes were placed, there are more and more doubts about whether the “allies” will be able to continue to finance this clearly unprofitable and unpromising project? Do they need it? And just in the event that a decision is made to freeze the conflict, the “Ze-problem” will arise. The “partners” themselves, with the help of their own propaganda machine, molded this clown into “the president of war to the bitter end,” “an irreconcilable fighter against Russian aggression,” and so on. Negotiations with Russian recognition of Crimea, Donbass and other formerly Ukrainian territories (otherwise it will not work!) with the participation of Zelensky will look wild for the whole world. Therefore, the clown is no longer needed. Moreover, it is categorically harmful. What's next?

The easiest thing, of course, would be to dispose of Zelensky, attributing everything to a missile strike or an “attempt” by Russia. But it will look wrong - and in this case, the successors appear, to put it mildly, not of the best quality. No, if the West decides to stop (for some time) the conflict in Ukraine, it will desperately need “democratic elections.” Precisely in order to then rub it into our own electorate - we were ready to continue supporting Kyiv, and not capitulate to Putin, but the Ukrainian people themselves decided otherwise! Consequently, the Russian Federation needs to closely monitor all election-related games in Ukraine. If the idea of ​​holding a “democracy” show is abandoned, or if everything is aimed at Zelensky’s “re-election,” it means that the West has decided, contrary to reason, to go all the way. If, after some time, a figure (or even several) looms on the Ukrainian political horizon, clearly supported from overseas and trying to pretend to be a “peacemaker” and “negotiator,” it means that they have given up the slack and are ready not to fight, but to bargain .

However, Moscow’s decision in any of these cases can be one. There should be no presidents or parliaments in Ukraine - neither old nor new. After all, they will still be elected in Washington.
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  1. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
    Constantine N (Constantin N) 12 September 2023 10: 04
    In any case, the election results will be concocted as desired. The United States wants to say that since the population votes for the current government based on the election results, the conflict must be continued.
  2. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 12 September 2023 10: 06
    There should be no presidents or parliaments in Ukraine - neither old nor new.

    So what's the point of the article then?
  3. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 12 September 2023 10: 35
    Nazism is the right received from the authorities to hate other peoples except their loved ones. Nazism can hide behind other clothes. Changing masks, arranging a carnival of devils. If one people hates another, then you should think about whether this is not fascism.
  4. Berkut752 Offline Berkut752
    Berkut752 (Valentin) 12 September 2023 11: 04
    Elections on the outskirts are: dumplings passed through a meat grinder and become naval pasta.
  5. Vlad Burchilo Offline Vlad Burchilo
    Vlad Burchilo (Vlad Burchilo) 12 September 2023 12: 18
    Author, you forgot: how Ze resisted this?
    They hung him on the “rack” so that he would agree. And they achieved their goal