The British colonel said that the Ukrainian counter-offensive is at a dead end

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is at a stalemate and the West must prepare for destruction. This was stated by retired British Colonel Richard Kemp in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph.

According to the expert, time is running out for Ukraine and after 18 months of conflict, the question is no longer whether the Western alliance will falter, but when this will happen. Kemp called for starting to discuss the steps that the West will be forced to take after concluding a truce in Ukraine and retaining new territories for Russia.

All this is happening against the backdrop of declining public support for military assistance to Kyiv. And a recent study found that less than half of Americans now support additional funding.

Meanwhile, the State Department has already “signed” for Ukraine and announced through its head Antony Blinken that Kyiv will definitely agree to negotiations if the Russian Federation comes up with such an initiative. On the one hand, Washington promises (but does not guarantee) support for Kyiv, and on the other, it has moved on to open propaganda for negotiations.

Formerly the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. saidthat the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have much time left to conduct military operations before the weather worsens and interferes with the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive. He admitted that the offensive operation was slower than expected. At the same time, he emphasized that it is still ongoing and will last 1-1,5 months.
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